Chapter 9 - Back from the Dead

  Yao and Feng Zirui are resting, and Sister Sun is waiting beside them, afraid that she will get hot, slowly fanning the two mothers.

  Feng Yu Heng is at ease with Sister Sun, but the carriage driver is not at ease with her. Especially the few whips that smacked Xu in Xiping Village, it shows that this person is by no means a good person.

  "Sister stay in the car, I'll go outside to get some fresh air." The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

  The coachman didn't expect her to come out and froze for a moment, then greeted her with an unnatural smile, "Second Miss."

  This is the order of the Feng House, above her there is an older sister, Feng Shen Yu, it is the one who stepped on Yao's shoulders to leap to the throne of the head mother Shen born. Nowadays, that is the proper first daughter of the Feng House.

  "It's so hard for Uncle to drive all the way." She leaned back and rested her back on the carriage, her right hand reached into her left sleeve and gently turned a few times on the phoenix birthmark.

  "Second young lady said nothing, this is all the old slave's duty." The carriage driver tugged at the reins, not noticing the strange tone in Feng Yu Heng's voice, the carriage drove faster again.

  Feng Yu Heng picked her lips, "The underlings of the Feng House are indeed loyal servants."

  "That's natural." The carriage driver laughed with her twice and didn't pay much attention to her. A twelve-year-old girl, it is really impossible to give birth to doubts.

  However, many things often do not develop according to common sense, just like Feng Yu Heng who was ignored by the coachman.

  "It's a pity." She said quietly, "It's a pity that the loyal servant doesn't know the way, if we go on like this, we won't be able to reach the capital in this lifetime."

  "En?" The coachman was suspicious and turned his head to look at Feng Yu Heng, the original simple face gradually showed a distortion, and a brilliant light shot out of his eyes. "What does Second Miss say about this?"

  Feng Yu Heng also looked at the other side, four eyes on each other, the twelve-year-old girl's aura is not at all lose this nearly forty years old strong man.

  "I said, this road is not the road to the capital at all."

  The driver's hand pulled the whip a little tighter, "Then where does the second young lady think we are going?"

  "How should I know." She leaned back on the carriage again, "If you want to kill someone, you have to make sure it's clean and that no one can see the flaw before you do it. The Feng House has no shortage of experts, but the fault lies in the fact that they think too little of us three." She said while laughing to herself, "It's ironic to say that even to die, that so-called father refused to give me a better opponent."