Chapter 71 - Feng Yu Heng's love rival

  The first daughter of Emperor Ye Rong, the first concubine of Prince Wen Xuan, is known to everyone, but Ye Rong had a sudden illness was saved by Yao Xian, not many people know this, Feng Jin Yuan was not married to Yao, and naturally did not know. {This site has a new URL, shorthand method:, . .com]

  Now once you hear this, the left minister thought of another layer of meaning - the Ye family as a benefactor of the Yao family, why when the Yao family was convicted of the Ye family and did not plead for it?

  The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing.

  Feng Jin felt that the back of his neck was whooshing with cold air, it is not possible that the Ye family knew that the crime could not hurt the foundation of the Yao family?

  The old lady obviously thought of this layer, she and Feng Jin Yuan hastily glanced at each other, both from each other's eyes saw the regret.

  The decision at the beginning was too rash! It was really too rash!

  "Minister Feng." Wen Xuan Wangfei spoke again, but no longer mentioned the previous words, only said: "I have not seen Qianrou for many years, there are many thoughtful words to say, Qianrou mother and son three will take my car. Feng Xiang, do you have an opinion?"

  Feng Jin Yuan did not dare to have an opinion, he wanted Yao to say a few good words for him, but then he thought that Feng Yu Heng was going to follow him, so he was immediately discouraged.

  The first thing you need to do is to take your sister with you to my carriage."

  Maoyang smiled and nodded, "Excellent, excellent."

  Two teams of people can finally get back on the road, delayed for a while, the time is also a bit late, the carriage drivers speed up the speed of the carriage, full speed towards Pudu Temple.

  The girl, Xuan Tiange, is a familiar face, and when she got on the carriage, she pulled Feng Yu Heng to complain: "Sister Heng, you are the worst, when I was a child, my mother always said that Aunt Rou's family also has a particularly good-looking little sister, so I thought and hoped, hoping that one day Aunt Rou will come to my house again to bring you along. You don't know, I'm the only flower in my family surnamed Xuan, and I've been playing with those bald boys since I was a kid, and I'm sick of it. But you don't even come once." She said, began to her two fingers, pitiful to the heart.

  Feng Yu Heng felt that Xuan Tian Ge's nature was very much in line with her temper, especially when she scolded Shen for those big words, which sounded much more comfortable than the ancient people dragging words and phrases. Then there is nothing to take into account, hooked Xuan Tiange's neck and began to exchange feelings.

  The destination of this line Pudu Temple finally arrived, Xuan Tiange is knocking Feng Yu Heng's knee with his head: "So you are the girl that Jiu brother fell in love with, Ah Heng I really admire you too!"

  Pudu Temple is a royal temple of Dasun, located at the halfway point of Pudu Mountain, forty miles away from the capital, and there is also a Pudu Nunnery at the top of Pudu Mountain, with the same strong incense.

  When the two powerful families came to Pudu Temple to pay incense, the temple attached great importance to them and allocated manpower to arrange food and lodging for them respectively.

  After Feng Yu Heng said goodbye to Xuan Tian Ge, she immediately dragged Zi Rui to Yao's side, handed Zi Rui to Yao's hand, and then asked Huang Quan to follow, while instructing Yao: "There are many people in the temple, mother keep an eye on Zi Rui."

  Yao laughed at her for being too nervous, but still nodded her head and agreed: "Don't worry."

  Feng Yu Heng re-sterilized her wounds and applied some topical medicine, deliberately leaving her in the house to clean up, and only taking Huang Quan with her to follow her family to the outer hall for a fasting meal.

  This is the first meal after the Feng family arrived at Pudu Temple, the old lady saw that everyone had arrived, then opened her mouth and said, "Today's journey is tiring, the temple host has arranged for us to enter the incense tomorrow, and also to burn the long light to ensure peace." While talking about the arrangements for the trip, she glanced at Feng Shen-Yu and Feng Zi-Hao, and was somewhat unhappy in her heart, saying in a deep voice: "You must strive! As first sons and daughters, you have to set an example."

  Feng Jin Yuan also interfaced and said, "Zi Hao still needs to go to the academy after he has recovered from his injury, and father will take care of it for you again." He said while looking at Yao, his gaze with some prayers.

  But Yao's head was still hanging low, completely unmoved.

  But Shen, who had also joined the table, became excited and said in a loud voice, "Yes, we must do it properly, we can pay whatever money we want, as long as Zihao can have a good career." While saying that, she grabbed Feng Zihao's hand, "Mother is depending on you and Shen Yu."

  Feng Jin Yuan let out a cold snort and turned his head to the side in disgust, unwilling to look at Shen's face that was beaten like a pig's head.

  In the same way, Feng ShenYu also cold face, the heart has a few calculations.

  Even Han's habitual giggles were blocked out by Feng Jin Yuan's need to pay attention to virtue in the temple.

  Finally everyone was full and put down the dishes, as if liberated, all let out a long breath.

  After the meal, each dispersed, Feng Yu Heng walked a little slower, have noticed a group of people who came in after the meal. The head of a man and a woman called brother and sister, and I do not know if she is too sensitive, but I always feel that the two looked at her side with obvious hostility.

  Feng Yu Heng searched for these two people in the original owner's memory, but found nothing.

  After lunch, Xuan Tian Ge nestled in Feng Yu Heng's room and pestered her about ways to conquer the Ninth Prince, but Feng Yu Heng remembered the two siblings she met earlier, so she asked Xuan Tian Ge: "Is there another noble family in the temple today to offer incense?"

  Xuan Tian Ge froze for a moment when he saw her ask about this, and then asked, "Have you seen them?"

  Feng Yu Heng frowned: "Who are they you talking about?"

  Xuan Tian Ge told her dryly, "It's the only king with a different surname in our Dasun Dynasty, the county princess and nephew young master of the King of An Ding family."

  At the mention of the King of Anding, Feng Yu Heng had an impression, she remembered that on the day Madam Zhou came to place a bride, she had mentioned that the only daughter of the King of Anding had fallen in love with Xuan Tian He, and as a result, Xuan Tian He had burned down the King of Anding's residence with a fire.