Chapter 75 - Heng Heng, come here

  "Mother!" Just when Shen's spoon was about to touch her lips, she was suddenly called out by Shen Yu. [eye fast reading book new domain name . .com, initials, previously registered accounts can still be used]

  Shen was startled by her, and when she looked up again, she just saw Shen Yu's anxious and worried look, so she could not help but advise her: "Good daughter, don't worry, your uncles will not let Feng Yu Heng go, she will definitely not live to be married at fifteen!"

  Feng Shen Yu's heart was reeling and her eyes were torn, she so hoped that her mother would never again become a stumbling block to her ascension to the phoenix throne, but still stopped Shen when she was about to drink the bowl of soup once again: "My daughter just remembered that I forgot to put salt in the soup, mother wait before drinking, my daughter will go and reboil it." She hurriedly snatched the soup bowl from Shen's hand and left the room as if she had fled.

  Shen still did not understand what was going on, just looked at the background of the sinking fish left murmured: "My good daughter, all the good things in this world should be yours. All that money of mother's is reserved for you."

  This night at midnight, Ban Gao came back.

  He put something in front of Feng Yu Heng, who picked it up and looked at it; it was an old hairpin.

  "That grandmother has a fifteen year old granddaughter who is the ninth concubine of the third lord of the Shen family. My subordinate took one of her hairpins, the style is old, like something from the past."

  Feng Yu Heng nodded her head, it was really like that.

  She thought that there must be some reason for Sister Sun's betrayal, otherwise the Sister who followed Yao from the Yao family to accompany her, how could she have transferred to another person after only three years.

  The only thing is that this Sun Sister has hidden her little granddaughter very deeply, raising her to the age of fifteen, Yao actually did not even know.

  She handed the hairpin back to Ban and instructed him, "Send this hairpin to Sister Sun this evening."

  "As you command." Ban Gao nodded his head and wanted to say something else, but suddenly his expression moved, and then he said, "The temple is coming." After the words, his body shifted and disappeared.

  Feng Yu Heng was stunned and frozen on the spot, forgetting Chuan smiled and pushed her: "Ban Gao said that the temple is coming, Miss quickly go out to see."

  Only then did she react, she hurriedly got up and ran two steps outside, but then stood still and turned back to ask Forgetting Chuan: "Is my dress still okay?"

  Once the words were out, she despised herself. When did the man with a purple lotus on his brow start to tug at her heart so much?

  Perhaps this question will never be answered, but in fact she knows in her heart, on the night she first came to this world, at the moment she waved goodbye to him, the heart, has begun to linger.

  "You look good in anything." A voice came from the back window, and the girl who hadn't turned back yet pursed her lips and laughed.

  Follow the voice to look back, through the open window, just a short distance away under a large tree, there is a purple-robed man sitting in a wheelchair, still the same gold mask covering the face, but she could immediately see through that small hole the purple lotus.

  "Hon, come here."

  This voice was like magic, compelling Feng Yu Heng to run to the window, her body lightly leaping over the window, carrying the hem of her skirt and running towards him.

  "Why are you here?" Her eyes were crystal bright, with a spiritual sparkle, looking in Xuan Tian Hei's eyes, like the starry night in the sky, blinking and making people's hearts flutter.

  "I came to see you." He took her hand and brought her to his body to sit on the handle of the wheelchair, and then with one hand, the wheelchair flew up directly, running in the direction of the mountain top and scampered out.

  Feng Yu Heng only heard the whistling wind in her ears, the whole person is like in a flying carpet in a wonderful journey.

  She wrapped one hand around Xuan Tian Hei's neck, the other hand spread out, excitedly ruffling the branches along the way, just like a child.

  Xuan Tian Hei had never seen her like this before, and felt amazed while feeling like a twelve year old child's appearance.

  The two of them on such a night, in the mid-air by using the light power up in the air, four eyes facing each other, looking out of the tenderness a few.

  Finally reached the top of the mountain, the wheelchair landed steadily, he was lucky to collect his energy, his forehead slightly saw sweat.

  She subconsciously raised her sleeve to him to wipe, Xuan Tian Med froze for a moment, but did not hide, until Feng Yu Heng are wiped he said: "The first time I saw a girl with a cuff to wipe sweat."

  "Uh …… should use a hanky right?" She felt towards her body, "Didn't bring a hanky." Turning not to continue this topic, heartily exclaimed, "Too cool! Xuan Tian Med, this is what you call lightness, right?"

  He enjoyed the feeling when she called him Xuan Tian Hei, a name that belonged to him but was extremely unfamiliar, and finally found a sense of belonging again when she called it.

  In this world, she was the only one who called him that, Xuan Tian Medi, eh, it was good.

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. The only thing left in his eyes and heart is his ink hair that rises with the wind, and the purple lotus that looms under the moonlight at night.

  She thought, a girl first like a boy, should be considered a loss, right? I remember my partner in a previous life telling her that in love, whoever moves first loses first.

  But now she is, however, convinced to lose.