Chapter 77: Is Fourth Miss confessing her love to

  The Feng family also took Shen with them when they left, but they came back without a trace. {This site has a new URL, remember the method:, . .com] Feng Jin Yuan said what he had said in the temple with the family's subordinates again, and soon everyone knew that the doctor had good intentions and had voluntarily stayed in Puduan in order to pray for his family.

  Feng Yu Heng did not want to bother with the Feng family, so she dragged Yao and the subordinates to go back to Tong Sheng Xuan, but as soon as she turned around, Feng Jin Yuan called her back.

  She knew that Feng Jin had something to say to herself, so she asked Yao to take Zi Rui back first.

  When she saw Yao and the girls walking away, she turned back to Feng Jin Yuan and bowed shallowly, smiling and asking, "Father called for Ah Heng, is there something wrong?"

  Feng Jin Yuan looked at his daughter and did not say anything for a long time.

  Twice, twice he had sent his secret guards out, and the news he got in return was related to this daughter.

  He believed that the secret guards' information would not be wrong, but still couldn't understand what Feng Yu Heng wanted Xiaozhou's dozen little girls to do, let alone understand that more than 20 Yan Palace assassins not only didn't hurt her, but actually all died in her hands.

  Since Feng Yu Heng returned to the capital, the Shen's suffered one after another, the Shen family to get rid of Feng Yu Heng, he naturally understand the reasoning. The company is also aware of the high price of the Yan Palace assassins, if not the Shen family such a wealthy family, it is difficult to pay that fee.

  No matter what he thinks of Feng Yu Heng, the Shen family spent money to buy a murderer to kill his daughter Feng Jin Yuan, this account must also be settled.

  The only thing is that this daughter, he also had to prevent.

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. She didn't bother him, she just stood quietly, calm and collected.

  "Ah Heng." Finally, Feng Jin Yuan opened his mouth again, but said, "I hope you can think more about your family, after all, if the Feng family is good, your face will be honored in the future."

  "Oh?" Feng Yu Heng thought he would ask about the bandits that night, but she forgot that her father never had anything but himself in mind, only the future of the Feng family. She also cold down her face, her gaze now cold and resolute, "I never take the initiative to cause trouble, only ask things not to provoke me."

  "You are a child of the Feng family, you must have the appearance of a daughter of the Feng family!" Feng Jin Yuan felt that this daughter was simply oily.

  "Then please ask father to behave like a father first too!" She stared straight at Feng Jin Yuan, harboring a belly full of fire, "Please father when the child is hurt, first from a father's point of view, to care about the child's well-being, rather than open-mouthed Feng family Feng family! When one day all your children are killed, I will see where you can get a home!"

  She threw down these words, turned around and left.

  Feng Jin Yuan was so angry that he shivered, his two hands clasped and loosened, and then clasped again and again, but he was still defeated, and only shouted at that back: "Tomorrow I will arrange an enlightenment teacher for Zi Rui."

  She heard it and waved her hand behind her, not saying anything.

  Back to the same life Xuan, a group of subordinates are very happy, have gathered around to ask: "Second Miss all is well? Second young lady has not eaten the temple food is not used to? Second young miss, the servant girl has made some delicious food and will bring it to you.

  For a moment, the mood that was slightly affected by Feng Jin Yuan's indifference immediately returned.

  See, her Tong Sheng Xuan, her own subordinate, was still very good.

  While eating, she told Zi Rui, "Father will invite Mr. Enlightenment to the house tomorrow, and Zi Rui will start Enlightenment."

  The child was very happy and excitedly said that there were many books and pens and ink in the study in his courtyard and he was eager to be able to read and use them soon.

  Yao and Feng Yu Heng were both delighted with the child's enthusiasm for learning, and Yao gently stroked Zi Rui's head and said, "When you grow up, you will go to the Yun Lu Academy in Xiaozhou to study, and in the future, you will also get a scholarship."

  But Feng Yu Heng thought differently from her: "It doesn't have to be a gongming exam, Zirui is active and likes to practice martial arts, and I support it."

  Yao said helplessly, "You just spoil him."

  "Boys!" He patted Zi Rui, "Whether it's making a name for yourself in the exams or fighting in the sands, as long as you're doing the right thing, my sister will support you."

  Feng Zirui was very happy that his sister could say this and couldn't help but say, "I like to read military books, can I study military arts, sister? I also want to learn kung fu, after I learn it well I can protect sister and mother, no one can bully you."

  "Of course you can." Feng Yu Heng a bite to answer, "father invited the gentleman responsible for your enlightenment, learn to read and write you can feel free to read military books, there is no understanding, sister then specifically for you to ask the military law of the gentleman okay?" Think again, and Zirui, "If you want to learn kung fu, you have to get up early every day, can you do it?"

  The child nodded vigorously, "Yes!"

  "Good then." Feng Yu Heng looked at Huang Quan and said, "From tomorrow onwards, twice a day in the morning and evening, you are responsible for teaching Zirui kung fu. Start with the basics, don't be in a hurry, be down-to-earth."

  Huang Quan immediately answered the errand, "Miss do not worry, slave servant took note of it."

  "The specific time you discuss with Zirui two, en, I also need to practice, muscles and bones always need to move."

  Yao's look at Feng Zirui's fist-rattling little appearance is cute, so it does not care whether he is doing learning or practicing military arts. She now has special trust in Feng Yu Heng, as long as Feng Yu Heng says it is possible, Yao will not have doubts.