Chapter 87: Introducing Feng Shen Yu to someone

  Feng Shen Yu this noise, let her instantly become the focus of the whole scene again. The book gods www.YAnKuAi.COm

  The king of Ding'an has long been aware of her own thunder being stolen by Shen Yu, and now seeing her in trouble again, she can't help but sink her face again.

  The Qingle County princess sitting next to her twisted her finger and muttered viciously, "The Feng family is really all bitches."

  The fat woman, who was pointed at by Shen Yu, couldn't hold her face any longer and said to Shen Yu, "You are the Miss of Feng House, but my husband is also a third-ranking official of the court. I see that you look good, which is why I kindly want to give you a good marriage. My son, who is ranked in the top fifty in the Yunlu Academy every year, may be able to get a scholarship in the next year's examination.

  Feng Shen-Yu was so angry with her that her face turned blue, she wanted to say that your son would be able to squeeze into the top fifty and want to get the first prize? Even if he gets the top prize, my father will still be the prime minister, and your family will never be able to turn over a new leaf!

  But the words are to the mouth, but a glance, I saw a white-robed figure from the garden and the front yard to meet the corridor came over. The words that came to his mouth were swallowed back, and his face was replaced with a strong aggravation, tears were spinning in his eyes: "This kind of thing is about the parents' orders matchmaker's words, although the lady said it was a good intention, but after all, Shen Yu is an unmarried girl, the lady mentioned this kind of thing with me like this, so where can I put my face?"

  Shen Yu, the Bodhisattva's face on the pearly rain, immediately captured a piece of sympathy.

  People think, also ah, people a big girl, you want to matchmaking you go to people's homes and adults to say ah, with a girl directly talk about this, this can not be the rules.

  What's more,…… a good fighter lady spoke up for Feng Shen Yu: "Mrs. Tian." She called the fat woman: "Whether your son can get the first prize is still unknown, Miss Feng is the daughter of the prime minister, you are a third-ranking official who wants to climb the first-ranking officer's family, is it too ungrateful."

  "I shucks!" The fat woman was not happy, "You are a fourth-rank official's housekeeper, who has the right to dislike my family's small official?"

  "Yo!" The lady who was fighting for justice added: "Mrs. Tian, you forgot that my husband was just promoted to the third rank by the emperor yesterday, which is a cut above your third rank!"

  The noise from the bottom finally made King Consort Dingan couldn't stand it anymore, and with a bang, she slapped the table in front of her, causing the melons and fruits to scatter. The singing and dancing also stopped because of the princess's sword anger, and for a time, the scene was silent.

  "What the hell are you doing here?" The king consort glared at Feng Shen Yu with a black face, "Miss Feng, I advise you to cover up your face when you go out in the future, so as not to cause people to think about you." Without waiting for Feng Shen Yu's reaction, she turned to the two quarreling women and said, "Your master's grudges in the officialdom, go home if you want to make trouble, don't try to show off your authority in the Ding An Wangfu!"

  Once they saw that the King Consort was angry, the two official ladies also lost their anger and got up to salute and apologize: "The King Consort is right."

  Shen Yu also opened her teary eyes and bowed to King Ding An: "It's all Shen Yu's fault, please punish your Highness."

  But at that moment, I heard a gentle and elegant voice saying, "How can we talk about chastisement on King Consort Ding'an's birthday?"

  People have to follow the sound to look, see the garden path, there is a fluttering male with two guards, is with hands, a white robe, head bunch of white jade hair crown, face with a gentle smile, so as elegant and gentle, let a glance, the heart followed the quiet down.

  Feng Shen Yu eyes flashed a trace of yearning, that Ding An Wang Fei has stood up and pulled Qing Le County princess is about to walk down the main seat.

  But I saw the man waved his hand and said to the Ding'an Wangfei: "The king is here to congratulate the Ding'an Wangfei on behalf of the royal family, the Wangfei need not be polite."

  Qingle county princess also tugged on the sleeve of Ding'an Wangfei and whispered, "You are not lower than him, why do you have to lower your posture?"

  Only then did King Consort Ding'an settle down and said with a smile, "Thank you, Your Highness King Chun, for your presence, it really makes King Ding'an's residence shine!

  The person who came was none other than King Chun Xuan Tianhua.

  Feng Yu Heng looked at Xuan Tian Hua, and then looked at Feng Shen Yu, and felt that at this moment, Feng Shen Yu finally had some of the shyness that a fourteen-year-old girl should have, and it was not as hard to pretend as it was in the past.

  I can't help but sigh, Feng Shen-yu fell in love with Xuan Tian-hua, I don't know if this sentiment is found by Feng Jin-yuan, and how will do feel. Shen Yu's task is to be the queen, this Xuan Tian Hua …… with the throne on the side?

  The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into.

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

  And at this time, all the ladies present rose again in unison and began to salute Xuan Tianhua.

  She had to put down the fruit in her hand and also stood up, following the crowd and saying, "Your Highness King Chun is a thousand years old, a thousand years old, a thousand years old." Then with an oblique glance, she seemed to see a piece of young girl's heart captured by Xuan Tianhua.

  Xuan Tianhua had long been accustomed to such scenes and was not moved at all. He only slightly raised his hand and said in a gentle tone, "Get up."

  The people got up, and those ladies who were usually reserved could not care less about their faces at this moment, and they all threw their hot eyes at Xuan Tianhua. There were even some daring ladies who also followed the hilarity and brushed discharges at Xuan Tianhua.

  Feng Shen-Yu looked at these people and almost didn't shout out the words she was holding in her heart - "You are so shameless!" Unwillingly, she took the initiative to take two steps forward and gave Xuan Tianhua a shallow salute, saying in a delicate voice: "I haven't seen you for many days, how is His Highness King Chun doing?"