Chapter 119: Invitation to the Palace Banquet

  The Feng House people turned around to see, it is true that the carriage is running straight to the direction they are driving over, just in front of the Feng House door slowly stop. The latest chapters of the perfect world, go to the eye fast bar.

  Then the car curtain lifted, there is a palace dress girl out of the paragraph.

  The reason why the old lady recognized this carriage, because almost every year at this time the palace will have to send the name stickers of the carriage driving to the capital's major government doors, the carriage is also a water of the young palace maid, the name stickers sent, is buckled with the Queen's phoenix seal Palace banquet invitation stickers.

  Generally speaking, this kind of sticker will be sent down as a family unit, the family grandmother, first mother and first son and daughter have a share to participate.

  The Feng family was basically represented by the old lady in previous years, and Yao had been there before, but I don't know who was invited on this year's posting.

  The old lady was a little excited to welcome the front, and took the initiative to greet the young courtesan: "Yo, this year to the Feng family to send the name sticker or this girl, a year has not seen, the girl really grew more and more beautiful."

  The little palace maid immediately put on a bright smile, got off the carriage and bent down to salute the old lady: "Slave maid to meet old lady Feng, meet Lord Feng."

  The old lady hurriedly reached out to help herself, "Don't be polite."

  Feng Jin Yuan also nodded with a smile: "The Feng family is having a happy event today, they just sent their second son to Xiaozhou to pay homage to the head of Ye Rong Mountain as a teacher, and the girl has sent her name sticker here, why don't you come to the house and have a cup of tea before you leave?

  When the court lady heard this, she hurriedly gave Feng Jin Yuan a good welcome: "Master Ye is the benefactor of His Majesty today! The second young master of the Feng family is really lucky, and I think Lord Feng has taught him well in the past.

  Everyone loves to hear good words, and there is no maid from the palace who does not know how to say the scene, a few words will coax the Feng House people to smile.

  But she refused to enter the house to drink tea, only handed a name sticker to the old lady: "This is a sticker sent by the Empress herself, this year's Moon Eve Palace Banquet Feng family also invited a few more, the old lady early preparations." And then rushed Feng Jin Yuan said: "According to the custom, the Empress only sent the name stickers of the women, the adults or in the courtroom by the emperor personally invited."

  The old lady took the name sticker and exchanged a few pleasantries with the palace maid, before sending the other party away.

  When the palace carriage was far away, the old lady held back her curiosity and did not open the name sticker, but only said to the people: "You all follow me to Shu Ya Yuan, Jin Yuan, you go and get busy, the backyard children's affairs do not need you to worry about."

  Feng Jinyuan nodded and raised his steps to go back to the Pine Garden. The rest of the group followed the old lady all the way to Shu Ya Yuan.

  The rest of the people followed the old lady all the way to Shu Ya Yuan. Only when they entered Shu Ya Yuan and sat down one by one did the old lady open the name sticker.

  The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into.

  The last three years, the invitation is the old lady and sinking fish, Shen is always no one care, but sinking fish also because of the Feng family's hiding and did not go to the palace.

  The rules are such that the Empress has a name to invite people, can find some reason not to go, about the Empress is also polite and polite, to give officials a little face, as for you to come or not, so many people, she did not have time to think about one by one. But if you are not invited people, it is not allowed to go, not to mention the palace door can not enter, even if you go in, if people are now, it is a big crime.

  Today, the old lady opened the name sticker, but was a little shocked by the name on it.

  It was not only her, but also Feng Yu Heng and Feng Xiangrong.

  The most important thing is that her two granddaughters were directly pointed out to put their names on, instead of just saying "Inviting the grandmother and first daughter of the Feng House to the palace to attend the banquet" as in previous years.

  Generally speaking, the posting is only written with the words grandmother, first mother and first daughter, but today, this one is written with the words "Inviting the grandmother of the Feng House, second daughter Feng Yu Heng and third daughter Feng Xiangrong to the palace for the banquet", which means ……

  The old lady cast her eyes towards her two granddaughters, to say that Feng Yu Heng was invited, she was not very surprised, but even think Rong was invited, what does this mean? When did you get a name in the palace?

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. But An's saw that the old lady also paid attention to think of Rong, so she sat back a bit and asked tentatively: "Old lady, what does the posting say?"

  The old lady came back to her senses and said, "As in previous years, the old body was invited to go to the banquet, and …… also specifically named Ah Heng and Xirong to go with her."

  "Named?" The person who asked the question was Shen Yu, she did not understand the meaning of the name, "is that to let the concubine daughter into the palace?"

  The old lady didn't explain, and handed the name stickers to Sister Zhao, "Pass them around and take a look."

  Sister Zhao showed the name stickers to everyone in turn, and only after reaping the astonished expressions of everyone did she return them to the old lady.

  "Have you all seen and understood?"

  The people nodded, some were happy, and some were not.

  Those who were pleased were naturally Yao and An, as well as Wishing Rong, Jin Zhen only showed freshness, after all, it was none of her business. The ones who are not, are definitely Shen Yu and Han.

  Because of Shen's reason, Shen Yu was punished for five years not to enter the palace. Previously, she never went to the palace banquet in order to maintain the mystery. And this year she really wanted to go, but it was too late.

  "Ah-hang and Thinking of Rong just get ready." The old lady put away her doubts, she watched and An's and Wirong's expressions, it looked like they also didn't know why Wirong had been named. If you think about it, I heard that Feng Yu Heng and Xirong are very good friends, so there is no guarantee that Feng Yu Heng has asked the ninth prince to put in a good word, if that is the case, then there is nothing wrong with it. It is always good for the Feng family to have one more child to be valued by the palace.