Chapter 120 - Entering the Palace

  The thing that Shen Yu can not enter the palace, Qing Le is aware of, but she does not understand why Shen Yu must enter the palace. The fastest update go eye fast

  "Although the moon eve of the palace banquet is grand, but it is not necessary to go, you have not been there for so many years, why must go this year?"

  The first time I've ever attended a palace banquet, even if I prepared carefully, there are always oversights, not to mention, this oversight can be in our hands. The first time I saw her, I had to go to a wedding.

  Feng Shen Yu's words succeeded in provoking Qing Le's interest, Qing Le thought about it, to really gave her an idea: "Moon Festival day, you will paint your face black, pretend to be my servant girl, I can risk taking you into the palace."

  The company is very excited and nodded in agreement: "Don't worry, I have my own way."

  Qing Le warned her, "If you are recognized, I will not protect you."

  Shen Yu nodded: "Never involve the county master."

  The two of them have agreed that on the day of the moon eve Shen Yu went to the outskirts of the capital Ding An Wang's farmhouse to wait in advance, before leaving and thought, reminded Shen Yu a: "The Queen Mother is most afraid of cats."

  Shen Yu silently note down.

  The moon eve is coming, just when Feng Yu Heng is still thinking about a good opportunity to take a closer look at Xuan Tian Med's legs, Yao told her: "Tonight is the moon eve." At the same time took the two garments held in Qingling's hand: "Originally, the two fancy dresses you and Xuan Rong had were good, but after all, Shen had just passed away, so it's not good for you to wear such gaudy clothes. These two pieces are made by me and your Aunt An, one in water green and one in moon white, you can wear them just right."

  Feng Yu Heng counted the days, today is the 15th of August.

  Yao told her, "The palace banquet is in the evening, so the house reunion banquet will be held at noon, I see that the old lady's side is not prepared, I think she is not going to attend this year, so only you and Xuerong are left. Have you memorized all the rules of the palace that I told you before?"

  Yao was not sure and reminded her, "You are good friends with Tian Ge, so you should stay with her when you arrive at the palace, and your Aunt Lan will also guide you in any matters."

  Hearing Yao's mention of Prince Consort Wen Xuan, Feng Yu Heng also remembered, so she advised Yao: "Mother, you should go out more often during the week, around Zirui is not at home, you have nothing to do, why not let Huang Quan accompany you to the Wen Xuan Wangfu, I think Aunt Lan also misses you."

  Yao smiled bitterly, "I am a concubine after all, where can I go out of the palace just by saying so."

  "Mother can say that she is going to take care of the store, or simply say so, I am afraid that the old lady would like you to go to the Wen Xuan Wang's house more often."

  Yao nodded her head, "Let's talk about it after the moon eve."

  The two sisters tried on their clothes before they went to the Shu Ya Garden together.

  The first thing you need to do is to go to the garden, because the old lady said that Shen's spirit hall was built in the peony courtyard, so she thought it would be a mistake, so she simply did not go there.

  When everyone was seated, Feng Jin Yuan looked at the regular meal and said, "I don't think it's as good as the medicinal meal prepared by Ah Heng that day."

  The old lady agreed: "Why don't Ah Heng make it again another day?"

  The first time I saw it, I was able to get a good look at it.

  The old lady also heard this reason, can't help but blame Shen again: "If it wasn't for that Shen's trouble, should have been good to eat. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity has been wasted."

  Feng Jin Yuan said, "Forget about the past, at least that Mr. Mo did not say to the emperor, otherwise, I'm afraid our Feng family still have to eat offense."

  The old lady sighed repeatedly, An's hurriedly rounded up: "Today is the moon eve, let's not talk about this."

  "Right." The old lady also responded, "The two children will go to the palace tonight, we can not affect the mood of the children." While saying that, she asked Feng Yu Heng, "Are you all almost ready?"

  Feng Yu Heng replied, "Don't worry grandmother, Aunt Yao has talked to me and Xurong about all the rules in the palace, and the Moon Eve gifts for the Empress, as well as the gifts for Consort Yun and her granddaughter's good sisters' families are all prepared."

  Feng Yu Heng is very careful, once in the palace, it is always wrong not to go to see Consort Yun. In addition, the last time Shen's funeral ceremony, Xuan Tiange four people came to the Feng House, each of them are generous, gifts were sent to the old lady, but in fact it is for her to give the fight for face, but also hope that the old lady of the Feng family can look at these things, from now on to treat her better. So she met with them again, can not show nothing.

  Of course, she can not get such good things to, the Feng family has never given her anything good, she is holding all those objects are Xuan Tian Hei sent to the door.

  The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.

  "Ah Heng is really attentive." I heard that not only did they prepare gifts for the Empress. The old lady was very satisfied when she heard that not only the gifts for the empress but also the gifts for Consort Yun and other sisters had been prepared, but she couldn't help but ask: "Did Ah Heng pick something out of the dowry? I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that.

  The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're looking for. It's a token of appreciation that Ah Heng has prepared some herbs for health and wellness in the pharmacy, so I'm sure Your Majesty won't mind." The first time I saw a woman, I was a little bit of a nuisance. It's just that she didn't want to tell the people of the Feng House.