Chapter 149: This is the first daughter of my Feng

  After passing the Shen family barrier, the Feng family and his party soon entered Fengwu County. See the latest chapters of the perfect world, go to the eye fast bar. Feng Jin Yuan thanked the Feng Wu county magistrate for the banquet and took the family straight to the Feng family ancestral home.

  Those of the Shen family at first silently followed the Feng family caravan, still angry, but when approaching the Feng family ancestral home took a detour and did not follow.

  Feng family ancestral clan is not grand, simple and plain small courtyard, but with a bit of bookish atmosphere.

  When people arrived, the ancestral home side of someone already standing at the door waiting to receive, Feng Yu Heng looked towards that person, and saw an old man said to be eighty years old, a navy blue tunic, head eyebrows and beard all white, but not like the Shen family that two uncle ancestors that hunched over, but to the face of the red hall, the body upright.

  Feng Jin Yuan and the old lady two quickly step forward, to the old man directly kneeled down, said: "Patriarch."

  The Feng family hurriedly followed and kneeled down, calling out in unison, "Patriarch."

  Feng Yu Heng came in the past ten days to listen to Yao tell some things about this side of the ancestral home, it is said that since Feng Jin Yuan's lineage became a Beijing official, the Feng family members have been seeking high jobs, leaving few people, basically all the old and weak.

  Now the patriarch is over eighty, is Feng Jin Yuan's grandfather generation, in the Feng family is extremely prestigious. It is said to be a very fair and strict person, the younger generation's affairs he basically do not care, but once by his hand, there is no bias bias can be said.

  In between thoughts, I heard the patriarch say: "Jin Yuan, you are the prime minister of the dynasty, according to say, should not make this big salute to me. But the rules of the Feng family cannot be broken, you are returning to your hometown to pay respect to your ancestors, so you should not lose any of the proper etiquette."

  Feng Jin Yuan said, "The matriarch is right."

  "En." The patriarch nodded, "All of you can get up."

  Feng Jin Yuan was the first to get up, and then helped the old lady up, followed by all the people in the Feng family who stood up in a flurry.

  Feng Yu Heng noticed that the patriarch's gaze seemed to sweep towards her, but did not linger, and then looked towards the sunken fish, but only a glance, and then retracted. Finally, it fell on Jin Zhen.

  Feng Jin Yuan remembered that the clan did not know about Jin Zhen's admission, so he hurriedly explained, "It's my grandson's new concubine."

  The old matriarch waved his hand: "There is no need to inform the clan of such a trivial matter, concubines are not allowed to enter the clan tree, you can make your own decision. Please follow me in."

  After he finished, he turned around and paced into the mansion with his hands folded. A subordinate led the carriage driver to settle the carriage at the back of the mansion, and the Feng family members followed one by one into the courtyard.

  If the clan members go back to the ancestral home, if they go back every year, there are fewer rules, but if they are like Feng Jin Yuan, who has not been back once in many years, then there are many things to say.

  They didn't even wait for them to rest their feet, and before they could even share their rooms, they heard the old matriarch speak again: "The ancestral hall has been opened, Jin Yuan, you can help your mother, your wife and first daughter to follow me to the ancestral hall."

  As soon as these words were spoken, Shen Yu wiped her tears again and said aggressively, "Matriarch, my mother has passed away."

  The old matriarch glanced at Shen Yu and asked Feng Jin Yuan in confusion, "Which of your concubines gave birth to this daughter? Such ignorance of the rules?"

  Feng Jin Yuan was embarrassed: "This is Shen Yu, not born to a concubine, but the eldest daughter of my grandson."

  "First born?" The old matriarch looked at Shen Yu and pondered for a long time, "Yes, I have some impression, your eldest daughter is called Feng Shen Yu, but your eldest daughter is not the first born, the second daughter is the first born!" Said and looked at Feng Yu Heng, waved at her: "You are Ah Heng? Come, come to Grandpa Ancestor."

  With a smile on her face, Ah Heng stepped forward and bowed to the old patriarch: "Ah Heng has met grandfather."

  The old patriarch gave her a hand and said, "This is the first daughter of my Feng family."

  The tears in ShenYu's eyes gushed out, and she shot aggrieved glances at the old lady and FengJinYuan, but the old matriarch was standing here, and the old lady had become a junior, so what could she say?

  The presence of Feng Yu Heng is becoming more and more of an eyesore to her, and she cannot throw this person into the mountains to feed the wolves.

  The people of the old family are old-fashioned, and he did not want to be too much with the patriarch at this time, so he said to Yao: "Let's go, you go in together with this minister."

  Yao was silent, Feng Jin Yuan and the old lady walked in front, she followed behind, expressionless, even after passing by the old matriarch, did not say one more word.

  After they entered the ancestral hall, they knelt down, and then a servant came up to distribute the incense, three sticks in each hand, all of which were lit.

  A person in charge of the clan's ancestral ritual sang for a while, and then commanded the people to keep knocking. Finally a set of procedures ended, the old lady took the lead to insert the incense into the incense burner, this is officially finished worship.

  The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the actual website. But Feng Yu Heng is a bit difficult, if not for the subordinate command, she really do not know how to do, even so, still some actions are not standard, causing the person singing rituals to look at her several times.

  She did not care, and after the incense was inserted, she took the initiative to apologize to the patriarch: "Ah Heng has lived in the mountain village for a long time, and has not been exposed to the rules of the mansion, so please forgive me for any rudeness."

  Feng Jin Yuan was so angry that he wanted to slap her, mountain village, mountain village, she never forgot to mention the mountain village everywhere, afraid that others do not know that she lived in the mountain village is what?

  The expression on his face was clearly seen by Feng Yu Heng, could not help but secretly laugh in his heart.

  This time know this kind of thing is good to say bad to hear? When the concubine spoiled his wife, what did he think? You have done your own shameless things, and still think that others will give you back your face? I not only do not give you to find, I have to give you more to tear down a few layers to call it enjoyable.