Chapter 161: Outsiders are interested in love, are

  Xuan Tian Hei's carriage traveled for many days and soon approached the capital, while at the same time, the Feng family's caravan was also slowly marching towards the direction of the capital. The fastest update to the eye fast

  The reason why the line is slow is because of the big mourning, the whole caravan of all the carriages are covered with white cotton cloth, even the horses are with white cloth tied into a large flower, people carrying streamers, along the way to raise a sprinkling of paper money, mournful, sad, saddening.

  Yao sat in the carriage accompanied by Huang Quan and forgetting the two, sneering at the white cloth curtain: "A son who is worse than an animal, what else can be sacrificed."

  Huang Quan skimmed his mouth, "but people say there is also the second young lady's share of it, are not afraid of the second young lady in the future to strangle them alive."

  Yao's heart was "thumping" again, hurriedly asked again: "Are you really sure that Ah Heng did not die?"

  Forget Chuan smiled and patted the back of her hand: "Madam, don't worry, it's really not coaxing you, the news that Ban has personally delivered back, the Second Miss is now in His Highness's carriage, the Seventh Highness is also there, counting the days, should soon arrive at the capital."

  Yao let out a long breath, "Then I am relieved. The Ninth Highness is still capable, we have searched for these days but have not been able to find him, as soon as he came Ah Heng is safe."

  Huang Quan said with a smile, "He is looking for his own daughter-in-law, of course he is more attentive."

  Yao was also amused by her and just sighed: "Back when I was the head mother of the Feng family, I finally did something for my daughter."

  Forget Chuan said with her: "Miss returned to the capital with His Highness is a secret matter, the public only announced that the second young lady and the young master of the Feng family both burned to death in the fire, Madam still have to pretend in front of people, we have to help the young lady to sing this play to the full."

  Yao nodded: "I know, we ……" she had not finished speaking, the carriage jerked to a halt, but the good thing is that it was going slowly, the people in the car were not too surprised, but also confused. "What's that noise outside?" Yao frowned and raised the car curtain to see, "It seems that someone is coming."

  Forget Chuan accompanied Yao's side, Huang Quan got up and went out of the carriage, and then came back in a short while later and said with them, "Someone has blocked the road."

  Yao also saw the door, pointed at the car window and said to forget Chuan, "I don't know if you recognize the people of the Bu family, look at that, does it look like Bu Cong?"

  Forget Chuan often follow Xuan Tian Hei, naturally know the person Bu Cong, although not seen for many years, but the impression is always still there.

  She just took a look and nodded: "Yes, it's Bu Cong."

  The two of them had just recognized Bu Cong when they saw that Bu Cong had actually rushed forward without saying a word and ran straight towards the Feng family's caravan.

  The people who saw it subconsciously shouted in unison, but Bu Cong did not stop moving, he actually carried the lance in his hand, and picked at a carriage in front of him.

  The carriage in front of him was like nothing, he didn't even see him exert much effort, a gentle pick, the roof of the carriage was instantly overturned.

  This is Feng Jinyuan's carriage, he had gotten the news that the roadblocker is that step cong, the intention is to hide in the car is not willing to see, but did not expect, suddenly overhead will be a cold wind blowing, and then look up to see, but only see the clear sky, the carriage roof has long flown.

  "Feng Xiang! Still not come out?" The first time I saw the car, I saw the car.

  Feng Jin Yuan was so angry that he got out of the carriage with a bend and pointed at Bu Cong, "You call yourself this general? Then do you remember that this minister is a first-ranking official in the court? You want to rebel, are you not?"

  With the word "rebellion", a great charge was placed on Bu Cong.

  But Bu Cong didn't care about this, "You can say whatever you like, Feng Jin Yuan, this general is here today to see if your daughter is sad after her death?" He said while shaking his head, "Unfortunately, your son is also dead, the sadness on your face is in tribute to your son, and has nothing to do with Ah Heng."

  Feng Jin Yuan's face turned blue with anger, especially after hearing that this Bu Cong was actually holding for Feng Yu Heng, he was even more suffocated.

  "Bu Cong, are you meddling in the family affairs of my Feng House? Who gave you the authority?" In the end, it's just a matter of reasoning, Bu Cong's lance is still facing Feng Jin Yuan's head, but an arm's length away, which makes Feng Jin Yuan no way to ignore the pressure caused by that lance to him. Even if there is anger in his heart, he can't say anything ruthless.

  But just because he didn't say it doesn't mean that Bu Cong didn't say it either, so I heard the man say, "Feng Jin Yuan, don't let me know that Ah Heng died unjustly, or I, Bu Cong, will lead my troops to level your prime minister's residence even if I have to rebel!"

  When Feng Jin Yuan was surprised, the dozens of soldiers following behind him raised their bows in unison and loaded the strings, and the arrows were aimed at the Feng family's caravan.

  There were screams from the women in the back, one after another, even Feng Jin Yuan was more than shivering.

  "You …… what the hell are you doing?"

  Bu Cong coldly laughed, "If I say murder the court officials, do you believe?"

  The first thing you need to do is to take a breath of cold air, the tip of the arrow is aligned, what else does he not believe? The past many years ago hastily remembered, when Feng Yu Heng was only six years old, is his precious first daughter in his heart. The family of the centralized step Cong proposed marriage, was he cold words according to ……

  "Bu Cong." He face hostile color relieved some, "I know your feelings for Ah Heng, but the ancestral house fire, this is no one can predict things ah! Not only did Ah Heng, but even my eldest son, Bu Cong, died in that fire, so how could this be what I wanted?"