Chapter 162 - Her Grandfather is really awesome!

  Feng Yu Heng smiled, "Yes, dead, and alive again. Look at the latest chapter of the perfect world, go to the eye fast bar."

  Tian Wu raised his eyebrows: "Why?"

  "Because there are still a lot of things left to do."

  "Can blame your family?"

  "Blame, but there is no way, who let the body flowing their blood."

  The more Tian Wu looked at her, the more he found this girl very interesting, so he asked her again: "If you are given back the position of the first daughter of the Feng family, what should you do?"

  Feng Yu Heng shook her head, "My daughter-in-law doesn't care."

  This answer stirred up the gossip cells in Tian Wu's body and he couldn't help but straighten up and continue to ask her, "I heard that your eldest sister was born with a phoenix destiny?"

  Feng Yu Heng smiled, "Big sister is a child of the Feng family, indeed her surname is Feng, there is no mistake about that."

  "When your family returns to the capital, how do you want to meet each other?"

  Feng Yu Heng inclined her head and thought, "If the Yao family returns from the Desolate State, my daughter-in-law will be very happy."

  Tian Wu was delighted, "No wonder Consort Yun likes you." Then got up and waved at the three: "Since you are here, sit with me." After saying that, he led the way to the kang couch in the warm pavilion. "Don't think I don't know what you guys came into the palace all night for, outside rumors are rife that hongya was killed by fire, to keep the truth from being known too early, it's safer to stay in the palace."

  Xuan Tian Med nodded, "Father is extremely right."

  Tian Wu gave him a blank look and sat down on the couch, "Hua'er is also right, following your brother's nonsense."

  Xuan Tianhua also gave a smile, "I'm not as happy as the Feng family."

  Tian Wu grunted, did not continue to discuss, but pointed to the other side of the bed table to Feng Yu Heng said, "Sit, play chess with me."

  Zhang Yuan immediately brought up a game of Go, divided the pieces, and stood to the side again.

  Xuan Tian Hua also found a seat and sat down, Xuan Tian Hei came to Feng Yu Heng's side and asked, "Do you know how to play?"

  Feng Yu Heng stroked her forehead, "Yes, I can, but I'm not very good."

  The first thing that I did was to get to the end of the day, and I was not even able to get to the end of the day, so I looked at Tian Wu beggingly, "Father, aren't you also unfulfilled?"

  Tian Wu nodded his head, "Your level is too bad." But that's what he said, but the seeds in his hand kept falling.

  Feng Yu Heng had no choice but to take the moves, but also let her break through a few more levels.

  As she played, there was a subtle change in the game, with white discs outside and black discs inside, seemingly all surrounded, but if black discs wanted to resist, there was still a chance to kill a piece of heaven and earth.

  However, Tian Wu stopped his attack and slowed down to give Feng Yu Heng a chance to breathe.

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

  The room was very silent, except for the sound of falling pieces, even the breathing of several people slowed down.

  Xuan Tian Med looked at the general chess pieces, the corners of his mouth flooded with an evil smile. He knows this father too well, for no reason will find Feng Yu Heng play chess? He knew that she was not playing well and could hold on for so long and refused to win in one fell swoop? It is clear that there is an ulterior motive.

  As expected, when Feng Yu Heng broke a dead end again, Tian Wu spoke up: "Do you know that there are four countries on the border of Da Shun?"

  The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.

  Tian Wu and fell a piece, blocked Feng Yu Heng killed the blood road, "these four countries seem to be Fan, but in fact, each have their own intention, just like the white pieces on this chess, the black pieces inside tightly enclosed. And these black pieces, is my Da Shun."

  Feng Yu Heng stared at the board for a while, and arranged her black pieces neatly, without trying to break the defense again. She was not good at Go, and had actually lost this game a long time ago.

  "What's the point of enclosing." She spoke softly, "My Da Shun occupies the most fertile piece of land in the 6, it is normal to be coveted. The four countries are separate, if the four as one naturally have the capital to compete with my Dasun, or two as one, can also stir my Dasun border turmoil. But in fact, Dasun but they will be separated from each other, no one can see who. In their periphery, either the snowy mountains or the boundless sea, the only way to interconnect must go through Dasun, the wise man should know that the strength of the line, only back to Dasun, in order to protect their people can have a better life. If I were these four small countries, I would not have a rebellious heart."

  Tian Wu sighed, "Unfortunately, not everyone can think as you do." He pushed the pieces together, "No more. I am more tired of playing chess with you than grading a stack of folders."

  Feng Yu Heng was very embarrassed, hurriedly got up to apologize: "Let father tired."

  Tian Wu smiled bitterly, "It's just that, to see you return to the capital safely, my heart is finally down. Although I do not believe that you will really die in the fire, but the rumors out there are well documented, and do not believe in the heart also have to calculate a few points." He said while glaring at Xuan Tian Hei, "It's all your doing."

  Xuan Tian Hei shrugged his shoulders: "The Feng family is indeed holding a funeral, but not for Heng Heng, but for their son, Feng Zi Hao."

  "En?" Feng Yu Heng froze, "Feng Zi Hao is dead?"

  Tian Wu also wondered, "Feng Jin Yuan's first son, although untalented, but at least the first son is so one, how come he died?"