Chapter 176 - Third Brother, are you willing to no

  Tian Wu looked at the reaction of the Feng family kicking below with satisfaction, the heart felt very enjoyable, and then think about it, and spoke: "Feng Aiqing is a first-class officer, is the most relied upon by me left prime minister, but the main mother of the Feng family actually did not seal the grant, which is really an oversight of mine. Catch up with the novel where fast go eye fast"

  The first time Feng Jin Yuan heard, this is also to Yao's enjoin?

  Just, as long as the emperor does not pursue the side, want to seal it, about the glory of the Feng family, in his case there is no harm, is ……

  He glanced at the sunken fish and sighed in his heart.

  What Feng not Feng life, without the blessing of the first daughter of the Feng family position, you have seen who is the queen of the concubine?

  "Zhang Yuan, prepare the good man brocade, with jade shaft, prepare the enjoining instrument. Entire Yao Xian's daughter Yao ……" Tian Wu said halfway through the shell, turned his head to ask the Empress: "What is her name Yao?"

  The empress hurriedly told him: "Yao Qian Rou."

  "Oh yes!" Tian Wu rejoined, "Make Yao Qian Rou, the daughter of Yao Xian, a first-rate ennobled lady, and insinuate the treasure of the ennoblement, and make it known to the world."

  The Feng family bowed collectively, "Thank you, Lord, for your kindness."

  Only then did Tian Wu smile a little, "Yes, that's right, how can my daughter-in-law be a concubine, get up!"

  A few people can finally get up from the ground, Shen Yu had to rely on Yi Lin's support to barely stand up, a pair of aggrieved eyes looked at Feng Jin Yuan, her father did not even bother to look at her.

  Yao Qianrou, the daughter of Yao Xian? Why did the emperor not say Feng Jin Yuan's wife? For a while, he couldn't figure out the emperor's mind again.

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

  The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do.

  "It's a pity that fourth sister couldn't go back to her hometown to pay respect to her ancestors." She didn't say she wanted to nor did she say she didn't want to, but only threw in such an ambiguous sentence, so that Fan Dai couldn't figure out what she was thinking. Especially the cat held in her arms, the eyes of the powder Dai how to see how to feel afraid, can not help but take two steps back, simply hide behind Feng Shen Yu.

  At this time, heard someone "Huh", said: "Someone else!"

  People looked at the lake, and there was another boat docked on the shore, and a fancy-dress noblewoman stepped out of the boat and came straight to the scene.

  "Congratulations to my sister-in-law for being crowned county master, and also to Madam Yao for being enjoined." The woman stepped forward and smiled sincerely at Feng Yu Heng before she knelt down and bowed to Tian Wu: "My daughter-in-law kowtows to Father and Mother, and wishes Father and Mother good fortune and longevity."

  This is the first time people realized that this is also a royal concubine, but in the end the appearance is really strange, for a while also called people can not quite match the number.

  At this time, originally sitting in the pile of princes a look at the good show Xuan Tianyi suddenly got up, looking at the kneeling in the middle of the woman wide-eyed, face can not hide the surprise.

  The Queen Mother looked at Xuan Tianyi and asked inquisitively: "What is the night child doing? Why are you so surprised to see your own daughter-in-law?"

  Only after hearing the Empress's words did people realize that this woman was actually Consort Xiang? But wasn't it said that the Princess was a sickly child who couldn't even get out of bed? This person did not look sick at all?

  Xuan Tian Ye thought the same thing! He knew very well what kind of body his daughter-in-law was in, not to mention that this illness was mostly caused by him. The Queen suddenly declared her into the palace, although also said to find the palace eunuchs to adjust the body, but Xuan Tianye simply do not think that the palace of those waste eunuchs can really cure. Even if there is a slight improvement, people can not live in the palace for life, as long as not completely cured, he always have a way to make this woman can not stand up again.

  However, what is the situation right now?

  This woman not only stood up, and the face is rosy, qi pulse stable, move freely, a stoop a kneeling is not seen panting, this is clearly not related to the word sick.

  He could not understand, only a few days into the palace, in the end what was born can make this woman all of a sudden become like this?

  "Get up! You have just recovered from a serious illness, so you should take care of your health." Tian Wu opened his mouth and invited Consort Xiang to get up, then looked at Xuan Tian Ye and said, "What, did you not hear your mother's question?"

  Xuan Tianyi reacted and hurriedly took a few steps forward and bowed to the empress, "Mother, please don't blame me, I was so surprised that I lost my words and actions. Pao Ru has been sick for so many years, my son has not seen her like this for a long time."

  The empress nodded, "Then are you happy, or are you not happy?"

  Xuan Tianyi's brow was slightly wrinkled, a little impatient, "My son is naturally happy." The empress had no children in her life, and these imperial sons were not her own, so they did not have the same feelings for her as they did for their real mother. A person like Xuan Tianyi can at most ensure that the surface are getting by, it is somewhat difficult to make him a few more patience. The good thing is that the empress is usually not annoying, less talk, less things, but this time, it was her decree to proclaim the Xiang Wang Fei into the palace, Xuan Tianyi heart naturally to her head.

  The Queen is not stupid, Xuan Tianye perfunctory and bored by her eyes, but does not care, but also chased a sentence: "Is it? I don't think so." Then turned his head to ask Tian Wu: "The emperor see it?"

  The emperor and the empress are together - "I do not look like it either."