Chapter 178: Someone is stealing my daughter-in-la

  Step Nishang was so scared that she did not dare to say a word, the blood from her fingers kept flowing, the more she flowed the whiter her face. The latest chapter of the perfect world, go to the eye fast bar.

  Feng Yu Heng looked at her, reminded the palace people around: "Quickly take Miss Bu down to rest, remember to call the doctor, too much blood will faint."

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

  Today, she was the only one who came to the house of the step family, the step Shang Shu died, the step Guifei disabled, step Cong has not returned to the capital since he went out to look for Feng Yu Heng, his father step Baiqi afraid of what happened, early in the morning took leave to find his son. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing.

  "As soon as the palace banquet step home to see blood, really annoying." Someone muffled roar so a voice, already quiet palace banquet scene because of this sentence more seem to have a few seeping panic.

  The people looked for the voice and saw that the person who spoke was looking at Feng Yu Heng's hand and said, "Girl, go and stay with your Aunt Lan, she misses you both so much." It turned out to be Wen Xuan Wang Xuan Mou. "Your mother usually does not come out and walk around, I really do not know what your father really means, it is difficult to lock the courtyard door to shut people up?"

  The only brother of the current emperor, he spoke the weight of anyone would not dare to ignore, even the left minister Feng Jin Yuan heard the King of Wen Xuan so talk, but only helpless - "the king of words, words heavy. Then he hurriedly said to Feng Yu Heng: "Quickly go and talk with Wang Fei!"

  Feng Yu Heng smiled and bent down at King Wen Xuan, turned around and walked towards King Consort Wen Xuan.

  I heard someone in the crowd behind me say: "This leg is really good thanks to the medicine given by Ah Heng last time, Feng Jin Yuan, this is how you treat the benefactor of this general?"

  Feng Yu Heng did not stop, the corners of her lips hooked upwards, she could hear that the person who spoke was General Pingnan, that is, Ren Xifeng's father.

  The previous has sent him a tube leg wound ointment, think it is used well.

  Before hearing Feng Jin Yuan's answer, the right minister Feng Ping also opened his mouth: "Once upon a time, I only knew that minister Feng was ruthless in court affairs, but I never thought that he would be like this to his family."

  Feng Jin Yuan did not dare to be angry with the royal family, and he had scruples against General Pingnan, but he was not afraid of Feng Ping at all. The two have been ministers in the same dynasty for many years and have always seen things from opposite sides. A matter, Feng Ping said one, Feng Jin Yuan custody said two; Feng Jin Yuan said east, Feng Ping is also sure to say west. The emperor is happy to see the two of them fight, anyway, in the end, will always give a good result to the problem fight, this is also his mastery of people.

  Now when Feng Ping opened his mouth, Feng Jin Yuan immediately quit and turned to him and said: "Is Lord Feng very indulgent to the younger members of the family?"

  Feng Ping laughed loudly, "indulgent, but at least if my daughter is missing when my house is on fire, I will find her back even if I have to search the whole world, not just pretend to look for her for a day or two and say she is dead."

  "How do you know I didn't try my best to find her?" Feng Jinyuan wondered how everyone knew about the ancestral home in Fengtong County, he had clearly placed a gag order on the Feng family, where in the end did the news get out?

  "Find a few days you know in your own heart. Feng Xiang, I advise you not to defend yourself in this matter, otherwise, if you annoy me, I will ask the emperor to give justice."

  He was not only afraid of the emperor, he was even more afraid of the truth of this matter being known by too many people. He is at least a prime minister, if someone pokes his backbone with this matter, it is not very good to suffer. The emperor is originally to Feng Yu Heng, no one mentioned okay, really someone to help pursue this starting piece, have his good only strange.

  The first thing you need to do is to think of this layer, Feng Jin Yuan closed his mouth on the ground, turned around and never wanted to care about Feng Ping.

  Unfortunately, he took the initiative to retreat from defeat, but it does not mean that everyone is no longer looking for him. Suddenly he felt a pain in his calf stomach, his legs went weak and he almost didn't kneel to the ground. It's a good thing that someone around him gave him a hand, so that he didn't lose face too much.

  The pain was from being kicked out, he could clearly feel a kick on his leg belly, it wasn't heavy, he was just unprepared and almost fell, but the person who dared to blatantly kick the prime minister made him afraid.

  He steadied himself and hurriedly thanked the people around him for helping him, before turning back to look at the culprit. But the head is turned, but did not see the person. I was surprised when I heard a milky but angry voice coming from below my sight - "I trusted you to keep my daughter-in-law in your Feng family for a while, but you don't know how to grow a heart! How can you treat my daughter-in-law like this?"

  The whole room was solemn.

  Feng Yu Heng was sitting next to Princess Wen Xuan, just put a piece of apple into her mouth, before chewing it, she heard such a voice, the apple slid down her throat, almost choking her to death.

  Xuan Feiyu, for goodness sake, what kind of wind is this child smoking?

  Feng Jin Yuan also saw Xuan Feiyu, emotionally devastated. The royal family itself is very bad, a Wen Xuan Wang against him is enough for him to drink, this young grandson is someone can afford to mess with? This kid is said to dare to go against Xuan Tian Med, or the only one who will not be scolded by the emperor. Who cares?

  Feng Jin Yuan asked the boy with a bitter face, "Little imperial grandson, what did you just say?" If he heard correctly, this child was talking about his daughter-in-law. How could a small child have a daughter-in-law? What does it have to do with his Feng family?