Chapter 218 - Even the prince gossips

  Sister Zhao never expected to see the old lady of the Bu family walking out of the palace and laughing with people, and being treated with courtesy by the palace maids in charge. (www.juyit.com君子聚义堂小说网) [Read the latest chapter of this book at 800].

  This step family …… is not almost ruined? The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into.

  She momentarily puzzled, watched as the old lady got into the carriage and left, and only then quickly walked towards Wanna Rong.

  The first time I saw the old lady, my heart was raised again.

  Xuan Tianhua is standing next to her with his arms folded, the cold day but not even a cloak, but also did not see him have a cold look. Sister Zhao came forward and first called out: "Third Miss." Then kneeled to the ground and rushed to Xuan Tianhua: "Old slave to meet His Highness King Chun, His Highness thousand years old."

  Xuan Tianhua lifted his hand and said, "Get up."

  Thinking that Rong went forward and helped Sister Zhao up, he asked, "Is grandmother in a hurry? Seventh Highness and I have been waiting here, but Second Sister has not come out."

  Sister Zhao sighed and said, "Old Madam didn't even eat dinner, so she's thinking about this side."

  Xuan Tianhua looked at the two, also helplessly said, "Why don't I take you into the palace, always waiting here ……," he said while looking at Xuan Rong's already frozen red hands, "freezing is also freezing. "

  "Can I go into the palace?" The old sisters have no reason for a burst of nervousness, she has followed the old lady into the palace in her life, but it was all to the banquet, today this nature is different ah.

  Xuan Tianhua nodded, "Follow me, naturally it is possible."

  The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers. Your Highness, it's cold outside, so you should not wait with Xurong. Now that Sister Zhao is here, we can just stay here."

  Xuan Tianhua didn't reply, but pointed towards the palace door - "No one needs to wait any longer, they are coming out."

  The two people looked in the direction of his finger and saw Feng Yu Heng pushing Xuan Tian Med to the outside. Two people, one in white and one in purple, walking in the snow, looking stunningly good.

  Thinking Rong looked at the two, subconsciously murmured: "It looks like there should be nothing wrong, right?"

  Xuan Tianhua once again lost his smile, "I told you to trust her." After saying that, he raised his step to welcome them.

  "Seventh brother." Feng Yu Heng called out from a distance, "Why are you here?" The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

  Xuan Tian Med sat on the wheelchair and explained to her, "It seems that it should be your third sister who went to Old Seven, and that Sister was sent by the Old Madam."

  Xuan Tian Hua had already reached the two of them and nodded to, "Hei'er guessed correctly."

  The two of them were busy saluting Xuan Tian Hei, and when they got up again, they gathered around them and asked, "Second Miss, are you okay? Second sister, did the emperor punish you?"

  Feng Yu Heng smiled, "I'm a small woman, I didn't break any court rules or family laws, what's there to punish?"

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. txt novel download/

  "The first thing you need to do is to get back to the old lady and report to her. The second young lady wants to go back with the old slave? What about the third young lady?"

  The first time I saw the carriage, I had a carriage to come, so Sister should go back first."

  "Good." Sister Zhao was about to leave, but Feng Yu Heng called out, "We are just going to Xian Ya Lou for dinner, Sister, why don't you come with us, I will ask the cook to make some dishes, you can bring them back to grandmother."

  When Sister Zhao heard that this was good, she nodded, "It's just as well that the old lady can't eat, so the food from outside will also give her a change of taste."

  The group got on the carriage, because Xuan Tian Med's carriage was big enough, everyone sat in one place, and even thought Rong and Zhao Sister and Huang Quan Qing Shuang also came up together. The rest of the empty carriage will follow in the back, to also have a few momentum.

  In the carriage, I do not know if it is deliberate or how, Xuan Tian Med actually took Feng Yu Heng's hand and told her: "Nothing, you do not take it to heart, the throne I did not want."

  This sentence, other people to no reaction, Zhao Sister listened to the heart of a sudden, but can not say what feeling, but just put down the heart raised a few points.

  The emperor's throne? It is not possible that the original emperor still has plans to pass the throne to the ninth prince? Now his leg can not be cured, only to completely abandon this idea? If this is the case, then the second young lady's sin is too big ah!

  She very much hoped that Xuan Tian Hei could say a few more words, so that she could analyze it with the old lady back. Unfortunately, Xuan Tian Hei did not say anything after that one sentence, several people actually sat in silence in the car, until the carriage near the lake outside the Xian Ya House, only to hear the carriage guard outside said: "Your Majesty, here we are."

  The people got off in turn, the lake immediately there are boats to pick up, small boats, two people one. The two of them were naturally together. Sister Zhao could only sullenly follow Mei Xiang, the maid that Xuan Tianhua brought with her, to sit in the last boat, which gave her the time to ask the maid: "When Third Miss went to Chun Wang's residence, did His Highness say anything?"

  The maid thought for a moment, "His Highness only said that Third Miss should trust Second Miss." The rest, she really can't understand ah.

  "Ugh." Sister Zhao let out another heavy sigh, "How is this to be believed!"

  The third prince Xuan Tianye was standing there talking with the shopkeeper, seeing Xuan Tianming and his group, the third prince couldn't help but laugh: "Your shopkeeper said there is no elegant room, the king was worried about a trip to waste, just in time to meet seventh brother and ninth brother, why not the king with you on a meal?"