Chapter 254 - Killed!

  That is a cloth bag, the inside bulging do not know what stuffed. Pro, Baidu search eye & fast, a large number of novels free to see.

  Pink Dai only cared about the gas sink fish, did not even look down to see.

  But Feng Shen Yu saw, Yi Lin also saw.

  In that instant, the two faces are white, especially Yilin, heart secretly screaming. She certainly knows what is wrapped in that cloth bag, the Shen family and the Feng family torn face, but with the Shen Yu has always had a close relationship. Especially the third master, Shen Wanliang, is always concerned about helping Shen Yu. The head of that cloth bag is a recent period of Shen Wanliang to sink fish side of the letter, she advised several times sink fish burned, but sink fish did not agree, but forced to stuffed into the vase to stay.

  Now the vase was broken by the fourth young lady, how can this be good.

  Feng Fan Dai broke the vase and waited for a while, but now the master and servant duo did not react with the excitement she imagined, but stared dead at the ground. That look was definitely not the look of a ground fragment, she was surprised, also lowered her head, and only then, it turned out that there was actually something hidden in the broken vase.

  "What is this?" The first surprise came to Pinkie's mind, what can be hidden in such a place must be a private thing, if she got it, it is equivalent to master Feng Shen Yu's lifeline ah!

  With this in mind, she immediately knelt down to pick up the cloth bag. But to my surprise, Feng Shen Yu suddenly rushed over and pushed her to the ground.

  The red porcelain shards were impartially scratched on her face and blood was instantly seen.

  When Peier saw that Fan Dai's face was injured, she immediately panicked and didn't care about grabbing things with Feng Shen Yu, the master and servant, she just squatted beside Fan Dai and kept asking her: "Fourth Miss, where else are you injured? Does it hurt? Quickly take your hand down, the wound can not cover ah!"

  At this time, Feng Shen Yu was making eyes at Yilin. Yilin immediately understood her meaning, picked up the cloth bag from the ground and ran outside.

  Fan Dai was almost frantic, pushing Peier away and shouting, "Leave me alone! Go chase her back to me! I must have that thing!"

  "But ……"

  "No buts! Go!"

  Peier was helpless, looked at Fan Dai, simply stomped her foot, turned around and went after Yilin.

  She then propped herself up and sat on the ground, staring fiercely at Feng Shen Yu and said loudly, "You want to kill me?"

  Shen Yu saw the wounds on Fan Dai's face but did not panic, she was happy in her heart, but her face was anxious and she kept asking, "What are you doing, fourth sister? You broke my vase, sister does not blame you, you do not have to look like this. Get up quickly, the ground is cold." She said she was going to help Fan Dai.

  Fan Dai suddenly shouted - "Get out!" Then she quickly stood up from the ground. There was still blood dripping from her cheeks, and her face looked very hideous. "Feng Shen Yu, you have hidden something untoward in the flower vase, and you still want to deny it after I found it? No way! I will tell grandmother today and let her deal with you fiercely!"

  "Fourth sister." Shen Yu was particularly anxious, "What's wrong with you? Did you fall and hurt your brain? Why are you talking nonsense? When did I hide something in my vase? Where is it?"

  "Don't pretend!" Fan Dai shouted, "Feng Shen Yu, you have been pretending since you were a child, others say you are a Bodhisattva, but I know you are a snake, a poisonous snake!"

  When she shouted like this, the maids in the courtyard could no longer pretend not to hear. Because usually Shen Yu has words, except for Yi Lin, the rest of the people do not have to wait close to her, let alone go out of her boudoir, so the servants only move around the courtyard, far away from the main house. But now, Shen Yu's room has become such a mess, they do not come in again is a bit unjustified, so a few maids ran in together, as soon as they came in to see Fan Dai face full of blood, is pointing at Feng Shen Yu cursing.

  And before a maid closer to the door was fortunate enough to see the vase deliberately broken by Fan Dai, when she was excited to run to gossip with other maids, and therefore did not see the scene behind. Now that her own young lady has obviously suffered a loss, she felt the need to show a little, so she raised her voice and said - "Fourth young lady you are too bullying! Not only did you break Missy's beloved red porcelain vase, but you also scolded Missy, she is your sister!"

  The other girls had heard about the red porcelain vase being broken by Fourth Miss, so they followed suit and said, "Yes, we all saw that you broke the vase."

  For the first time, Feng Shen Yu felt that the subordinates in her courtyard were so cute, so she said even more aggressively, "Fourth sister, so many pairs of eyes are watching, you broke my vase sister does not blame you, but you accidentally cut your face, you must hurry to find a doctor to treat ah!"

  Feng Fan Dai could see that she was alone and had fallen into the wolf's den, and could not reason clearly with this group of people, so she retreated towards the door, and while retreating, she went out to see if Peier had returned.

  When Shen Yu saw that she was leaving, she hurriedly took two steps after her and said: "Where is sister going? Big sister will get you a doctor! If you get a scar on your face, it's not good!"

  Fan Dai was frightened and pointed at Shen Yu: "Don't come over! Don't come any closer! Feng Shen-Yu, you are the murderer! If my face is ruined, I will strangle you alive!"

  If my face is ruined, I will strangle you alive!" She turned around and ran away, crying as she did so, shouting, "Murder! Big sister is a murderer!"

  Shen Yu looked at the person who ran away and a layer of indifference appeared on her face.

  The first thing you need to do is to get rid of your face. Even if that Feng Yu Heng has a wonderful way to cure the face, you do not have the money to seek treatment.

  "Miss." A maid spoke in a whisper, "What should we do now?"