Chapter 255: How disgraceful

  The old lady shivered, almost thought it was Shen's resurrection. yan()kuai

  The next thing you see is a person pouncing outside the door, accompanied by thunderous cries straight towards Fan Dai and jumped over.

  A few maids behind her shouted after her: "Aunt you slow down! Be careful of your stomach!"

  Only then did she realize that it was Han! But to her surprise, Han had originally intended to pounce on Fan Dai, but changed her course in the middle and grabbed at Shen Yu. The two hands curved into claws, sharp fingernails grabbed at the face of the sinker.

  The old lady was terrified, Shen Yu's face has always been the Feng family's most valued asset, although sometimes she also felt that this granddaughter was too beautiful for fear of becoming a scourge, but Feng Jin Yuan valued Shen Yu, she could not let something happen to her while Feng Jin Yuan was away from the capital.

  So she said sharply, "Stop her! We must not let her hurt Missy!"

  The maids and even Sister Zhao went to stop Han and dragged her down. As soon as Han's action failed, she gave up and turned to Fan Dai. But once she saw Fan Dai's bleeding face, she was so scared that she couldn't catch her breath and almost didn't pass away.

  "Quickly help her sit down!" The old lady was so anxious that she wanted to jump off the couch, "Give her a smooth breath and pat her back. Oh my! How can you be so impulsive when you're pregnant with your own body? Don't you think of yourself and not of the Feng family's heir in your belly?"

  Han, who has been very popular recently because she is pregnant, has lost much respect for the old madam, and as soon as her breath came up, she shouted: "Fourth young lady is also the heir of the Feng family, how can the old madam tolerate her suffering like this? How can you not know how to care for her?"

  "Where do I not feel sorry for her?" The old lady was so angry that she wanted to hit Han with a pillow, but when she thought about her stomach, she could only put it back. "If you hadn't barged in and shouted, I was about to call for a doctor!"

  "And you blame me for shouting?" Han pointed at Fan Dai and said, "Fourth Miss's face was hurt like that, why didn't you arrest the culprit?"

  At this moment, Yilin and Xing'er were standing in front of Shen Yu, to prevent Han from suddenly rushing up again.

  Shen Yu was behind the two maids and was so anxious that she stomped her feet. Seeing that there was an opening to interrupt, she hurriedly said, "Aunt Han misunderstood, I didn't want to harm fourth sister. It was Fourth Sister who accidentally broke a red porcelain vase in my house, and then accidentally stepped on the shard and fell down, which hurt her face!

  Hearing her mention the vase, Fan Dai immediately said, "I did accidentally break the vase, but that's exactly why you wanted to kill me!" She looked at the old lady and said sharply, "Grandmother, you don't know that there is something fishy in big sister's vase! She hid a strange cloth bag inside, and when I saw it and tried to pick it up, Big Sister came up to me and pushed me down at once. Then her maid took the bag and wanted to run away, so I got a wound on my face and had to let the maid go after her."

  The old lady was confused, "Didn't you just say that your face was cut by a knife?"

  "I ……" Pinkie almost did not bite her tongue, how just now the mouth quickly pulled up the knife? "Granddaughter is scared confused, not a knife, is a porcelain fragment."

  "What exactly is it?" The old lady's face instantly gloomy down, "You speak before and after, and also pull out your big sister to kill you, according to me, all is a school of lake words!"

  "Grandmother!" Fan Dai's eyes widened, "But the wound on my granddaughter's face is real! And don't you want to know what Big Sister has hidden in the bottle?"

  While she was talking, An arrived with Xirong, and when she saw Fan Dai's face, she was so scared that Xirong stepped back.

  Only then did Fan Dai realize that she was afraid her face was really badly injured, and her heart, which was originally bent on harming Shen Yu, began to loosen up, and she began to be afraid, shivering and feeling towards her face, but it hurt so much that she stirred.

  "Wow!" In the end, she was still a child and cried out in a moment, crying as she said, "My face! My face is ruined!"

  An reminded the old lady, "Send someone to get a doctor first!"

  The old lady nodded her head and ordered Sister Zhao, "Go quickly and invite the doctor into the house."

  Sister Zhao was also anxious and said, "If we send someone to invite the doctor now, what time will it be when the doctor comes back? Fourth young lady's face is seriously injured, can not wait. In my opinion, why don't …… go and ask the second young lady!"

  The old lady also reacted and said, "Then go and ask! Quickly!" Immediately, a little maid ran out to invite people.

  As soon as Fan Dai heard that she was going to invite Feng Yu Heng over, she was also slightly relieved. She was no longer worried about her face, so she thought about dealing with Feng Shen Yu, "Big sister hasn't said what's hidden in that bottle."

  Feng Shen Yu helplessly said: "Fourth sister, sister simply can not understand what you are talking about. Where is there any cloth bag in my bottle? And when did your maid go after Yilin?"

  When Yilin saw this, she hurriedly knelt down and said to the old lady, "Today, the servant girl's stomach was not feeling well, so she did run away.

  Xing'er also followed and kneeled down, also spoke: "Old Madam, slave servant was waiting in the courtyard, indeed I did not see the fourth young lady bring a maid."

  "You guys ……" Fan Dai was dumbfounded, is this not nonsense? She saw a ghost in broad daylight?

  Yilin but at this time opened his mouth again, said: "I do not know who the Fourth Miss said the maid is, last night when the servant girl went to the kitchen to get snacks for Miss, to see the Fourth Miss is punishing the maid called Peier, when Peier seems to talk back, the Fourth Miss also slapped her."