Chapter 301: You are really worse than a dog or a

  Kang Yi beside her was a bit shocked, she had heard that the second young lady of the Feng family was a formidable character, but did not expect to be so formidable that she could force Feng Jin Yuan to such an extent.

  "Father listen, if someone wants to kill Ah Heng, Ah Heng can not have to rely on the family to take action, and take revenge on their own. But if someone dares to harm Zi Rui, even if he is the king of the heavens, the Feng family must step in and rip his head off for me, this is your most basic conscience as a father. This is the most basic conscience you can have as a father. To let a criminal kill your own son and then ignore it because of profit is something that no tiger, wolf, pig or dog can do. Father, think twice."

  Feng Jin Yuan was angry and scared, Feng Yu Heng was blatantly saying that he was worse than a pig or a dog, but how could he tell? If he did, then he would have to trample the Shen family to death. If you don't, you're admitting that you don't even have the heart to stand up for your own son, and that you're really worse than a pig or a dog.

  For a moment, Feng Jin Yuan's forehead forced out two drops of sweat.

  But at this time, the arm suddenly tightened, a catkin with a little tenderness and with a lot of firm grip up.

  He tilted his head to see, it was Kang Yi.

  "Protecting your children is human nature, as parents, when your children are in danger, is to be reckless moth to flame, but also to save your children in danger. What's more, a mere relative, Lord Feng-" she shook her head slightly and said word by word: "I'm not afraid."

  With the word "not afraid", Feng Jin Yuan seemed to have received a promise, and hope suddenly rose in his heart.

  The Shen family, the family that he hated and could not completely cut off, has become insignificant compared to Kang Yi's promise at this moment.

  He nodded his head and said, "You are right." Turning to Feng Yu Heng, his back was also straightened and he spoke with more confidence - "As a parent, it is natural to protect your children. Whether it's you or Zirui, anyone who dares to harm is my Feng Jin Yuan's enemy."

  Feng Yu Heng looked at this father, who seemed to be filled with chicken blood by Kang Yi, and suddenly realized that this Kang Yi was even more difficult to deal with than he had imagined. A woman who could help her young brother ascend to the throne, I don't know what kind of fishy storm would be stirred up for the Feng family.

  "Good." She stared at Feng Jin Yuan and said fiercely, "May father remember what he said today, and in the future if the children of the Feng family are persecuted again, I hope that father will do as he said and seek justice for us."

  "This is natural." Feng Jin Yuan was no longer afraid, but he did not want to look at Shen Yu, and asked Xu Jing Yuan, "Lord Xu, the Minister will not tolerate those who are trying to harm the children of the Feng family! Regardless of whether they are foreign relatives or not, I ask Lord Xu to do justice! Severe punishment will be meted out!"

  Xu Jinyuan nodded, "Minister Feng is really cynical about evil, to be a son or daughter of the Feng family is really a blessing!" This statement is simply hitting the face, Feng Jin Yuan is a bit vain, but listen to that Xu Jing Yuan said: "so the case involves the dynasty's first-ranking officers, but also involves the county master of Ji'an, the official would not dare to neglect, once identified immediately into the palace reported to the emperor. Just yesterday night, the emperor has ordered to the Shen family issued a wanted beheading order, from now on, the Shen family nine families are already wanted criminals in Da Shun."

  "What do you mean?" Shen Yu finally sulked, stepped forward and grabbed Xu Jing Yuan's arm: "Say it again, what is the emperor going to do to the Shen family?"

  Feng Jin Yuan was angry - "How dare you! This is not decent, take your hands off!"

  Shen Yu was stunned and subconsciously moved her hand away, but still asked sharply, "Tell me quickly, what happened to the Shen family?"

  Xu Jinyuan's face was as normal, and he clearly told her again, "His Majesty has ordered that the Shen family murdered the Lord of Ji'an County, murdered His Majesty's senior brother, and injured the Prime Minister's eldest daughter, so the family will be copied and the nine clans will be exterminated."


  Shen Yu fell to the ground.

  Exterminate the nine clans! What she was thinking at the moment was, whether she was in the nine clans or not?

  Feng Yu Heng knows Shen Yu too well, look at her look of panic, where is the pity Shen family, is clearly calculating whether he is in the matter. So he opened his mouth and said in a cold voice: "Big sister, don't worry, you're in the Feng family tree, not a penny to do with the Shen family."

  When Shen Yu heard this, she was obviously relieved, and only then did she care to cry about the Shen family.

  Looking at her sitting on the ground crying, Xu Jinyuan is very puzzled, "Miss Feng, please forgive me for saying something that should not be said, even if the Shen family and you have relatives, but since the other side has been killed, Miss is no longer need to think about this family. The emperor has also said that once the Shen family is found, there is no need to escort them to the capital, they can be executed on the spot, just bring their heads to the capital to repeat their orders."

  Feng Jin Yuan's heart was appalled, the emperor was so angry, this ……

  He turned his head to Feng Yu Heng and understood in an instant that this was protecting Feng Yu Heng. Although the Shen family in the matter of removing Feng Yu Heng, many times to strike but not a single successful, but for the royal family is always a scourge. Now Feng Yu Heng is a national treasure, who is not happy with her, it is not happy with the whole Dasun. He must take a firm stand at this time, with or without Kang Yi's support, he can no longer protect the Shen family.

  With this in mind, Feng Jin Yuan immediately made his position clear: "Your Majesty is wise! The Shen family, should be executed!"