Chapter 319 - The Big Wedding is Coming

  84_84041 An ancient painting, the old lady took all her savings, but also the scene let the old man valued the acquisition of a few jade, which is enough to 120,000 taels to people take away.

  Watching the old man leave with a huge amount of silver tickets, the old lady really wanted to arrange for someone to rob people at the back. She had saved all her life's money, and it was taken away by a broken painting. It's really unhappy!

  She didn't think much of it, she started to get angry at Feng Yu Heng, staring straight at Feng Yu Heng, her heart kept growling and cursing. Don't think she doesn't know that the store is said to be Yao's, but it's still not run by Feng Yu Heng. As long as Feng Yu Heng says one word, the 120,000 taels can definitely be waived.

  Unfortunately, Feng Yu Heng spoke, but said the opposite every word. Without her words, the Feng family may still rely on a delay, but with these words, who is still good?

  You fucking marry a new daughter-in-law and ex-wife to ask for money, want to face not?

  The old lady gave a fierce stifled grunt, no longer wanting to sit down in this room, holding Sister Zhao's hand and stood up, "Let's go back!"

  Sister Zhao hurriedly helped people return to Shu Ya Yuan, leaving a room of concubines and young ladies.

  Looking at the house these gold and jade, the faces of the people are not very good, even Shen Yu heart is not happy. The old lady is like that, she wants to get more after she got the benefit, she was enjoined and no one showed anything, she sent so many good things and silver tickets, but she wants more today! She is really a wolf that can't be fed enough.

  Han's heart is even more unhappy when she looks at this house, thinking that she was so favored back then, but Feng Jin Yuan did not give half of the actual benefits, her house is very shabby.

  The people left with their own thoughts, walking back to the same life Xuan road Huang Quan can not stop laughing, "Miss, really enjoyable, you see the old lady Feng's face did not? The face is purple with anger."

  The first time I've seen such a shameless family, from top to bottom, they're all born in the same nest."

  "No." The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. But Miss you can really accurate, just find someone in front of the Feng phase said that the thousand weeks of the Princess like Fan Zhongtian's paintings, Feng phase really went to buy, really do not know how his brain is the left minister. I heard that the year of the examination or the Palace examination a, tsk, is really a miracle."

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. If he hadn't been in the first rank, he would have been promoted to a higher rank. This is enough to prove that he is not a bad brain, just in the handling of the family house on the matter of the yard is indeed a certain lack. The man, the heart of the fight is certainly not, plus these years there is no a decent mother to him to hold the home, and the spread of such a greedy money no position in the wind down the mother, not internal chaos is strange."

  Feng Jin Yuan returned to the house that night and was invited directly by He Zhong to the old lady's Shu Ya Yuan as soon as he entered the house. On the way, listening to He Zhong's rough account of what happened during the day, Feng Jin Yuan himself felt a big headache.

  He has never been in charge of the government's feed, spending money has always been nothing accurate, coupled with this period of time is really a lot of things, before and after taking how much silver he himself can not remember, how do you know that the last amount of 120,000 can not even come out!

  Once into the Shu Ya Garden, the atmosphere is not right, all the underlings although still to him bowed, but also do not know whether it is a psychological effect, he felt that these maids look at their own eyes are with contempt. The idea that it is all because of the Qibao Zhai is Yao's this just let him lose face again, Feng Jin Yuan secretly gritted his teeth are clucking to think, puffed up ready to go to the same life Xuan to make a fuss later.

  The old lady met him in her bed. Due to the heavy bleeding, the old lady was so angry that she fell down on the bed, with a hot cloth towel on her head, and was humming continuously.

  Feng Jin Yuan ran to the old lady in three steps, and before he could speak, he heard the old lady bellowing in her middle voice: "Rebel son! You kneel down!"

  He was stunned and looked at Sister Zhao standing next to him, but felt a bit ashamed and did not kneel.

  The old lady was so angry that she slapped the bed couch and cried out, "You don't want me as your mother even before your daughter-in-law enters the house. My life is so miserable! I'm a first-rate wife and I'm being abandoned by my own son, Sister Zhao! Tomorrow you will help me to kneel at the palace gate, I want to seek justice from the Emperor! No! Not tomorrow, now!"

  The old lady struggled to get up, so Sister Zhao hurriedly held her down and said sharply, "It's night now, the palace gate has already been keyed, so it's useless to kneel until dawn! This Sister Zhao is very able to see the height of the eyebrows, see Feng Jin Yuan stubborn, so know that because he is here, so said: "Old lady, you have something to say to the master, mother and son, there is no unbreakable knot, old slave to go outside the door to guard."

  Seeing that the old lady didn't make any more noise, Sister Zhao hurriedly left the door and brought it up from outside.

  Only then did Feng Jin Yuan stop caring and kneeled directly in front of the old lady's couch, "My son has caused trouble for my mother."