Chapter 320 - Why isn't Second Miss coming?

  84_84041 Feng Jin Yuan married Kang Yi this day, the sky is surprisingly cold, obviously the first month are to the end, but still a heavy snowfall.

  People have said that this is God's congratulations to the Princess of Qian Zhou, because Qian Zhou is a thousand years of ice and snow sealed soil, such heavy snow for Kang Yi is a happy event.

  The old lady was chanting incense at the Buddha Hall early in the morning, her right eyelid was beating non-stop from the moment she opened her eyes, and she was distracted by it. She only hopes that today's wedding will go smoothly and nothing will happen.

  Feng Jin Yuan rested last night in the bed of the Pine Garden, got up early today and began to wash and dress under the service of the servants, put on the wedding robe and wedding hat, and prepared to go to the palace to pick up people.

  Because Kang Yi's family is far away in Qian Zhou, Emperor Tian Wu allowed her to marry from the palace. The first princess of the country to Dasun can only do the ceremony according to the county system, but even so, for the country is already the highest honor.

  Feng Jinyuan is very refreshed, the feeling is simply more than when married Yao's spirit. The waiter is very good at talking: "After the great joy of the master is an even greater joy, I believe that the Princess will soon give you a big fat boy after the door, then our house will be more lively."

  Feng Jin Yuan laughed and knocked him on the head, "You're the only one who's smart."

  "That's right, Master." The boy told Feng Jin Yuan, "This morning, Missy came early in the morning, the master was not yet up, Missy was waiting in the hall.

  Feng Jin Yuan thought about it, "Let her come in."

  The boy went out and in a short while Feng Shen-Yu came in instead. Feng Jin Yuan was wearing a big red robe and sitting on a chair outside his bed, looking at Shen Yu with a smile, which made Shen Yu see some kindness.

  Feng Jin Yuan has not smiled at her like this for a long time, so she was lost in thought for a moment, thinking that this father is still the same father who put all his energy into her some years ago. But as her gaze turned, the big red wedding robe still reminded her that the times were different, and today, her father was marrying a foreign princess into the family, and she …… "Father." Shen Yu called out and went forward to salute, "My daughter congratulates my father on the joy of his wedding."

  Feng Jin Yuan laughed, "My father heard that you came over early in the morning, is there something wrong?"

  Shen Yu nodded and took a few steps forward to Feng Jin Yuan before handing him something in her hand, "My daughter knows that some days ago, in order to buy more household goods for the Princess, my father paid a lot of silver from the account, and today's wedding is another big expense.

  Feng Jin Yuan took the item from her hand and saw that it was four silver cheques. Five thousand taels each, a total of twenty thousand taels.

  He was very surprised: "You really have silver there?"

  Shen Yu said: "That's all that's left, but there are still some small amounts of more than 100 taels left. The other day, I took 10,000 taels for my grandmother, and after I gave this 20,000 to my father, my daughter really has nothing left."

  "Really?" Feng Jin Yuan seemed to be in disbelief.

  Shen Yu told him, "The Shen family had an accident in a hurry, so my daughter was not prepared at all, so this is already the limit."

  "En." Feng Jin Yuan nodded his head, the Shen family's incident did happen in a hurry, so it was normal that Shen Yu did not prepare in advance. "Recently the expenses are indeed a bit large, your thoughts for my father are in my heart, you do not worry, the eldest princess also long ago, the future will not bury your future."

  Shen Yu waited for his words and immediately fell to her knees: "My daughter is innocent, I hope my father and future mother will be sympathetic."

  She once again mentioned her clear and innocent body, and Xiangzhongyu made it clear to Feng Jin Yuan that she had been cured by Feng Yu Heng. Feng Jin Yuan was also a little excited at that moment, reaching out to press her shoulder and said, "It's hard for you, I know all about it for my father. ShenYu you are an understanding child, when your mother enters the house, this family still need you to be more involved."

  "This is what Shen Yu should do."

  The father and daughter exchanged words, the father got the silver, the daughter got the promise, the two smiled and went to the front yard together. At this time, the old lady was already sitting in the hall of the peony courtyard with all the people of the Feng family, waiting for Feng Jin Yuan to come over.

  After Feng Jin Yuan entered the house, he bowed to the old lady, and then gave some explanations to his concubines and daughters, before he left the house happily, mounted his high horse, took the palanquin and went to the palace to welcome the bride.

  After he left, the people of the Feng House immediately got busy, setting up banquets, hanging wedding flowers, and the housekeeper He Zhong with a group of eloquent servants and beautiful-looking maids stood in front of the house to welcome the visitors.

  The old lady sat in the peony courtyard with all the people and kept instructing, "When the master mother enters the house, the concubines do not have to go to the front courtyard to greet them, so you will all go to the Tim Heung courtyard and wait there later, so that you can go in and pay your respects to the master mother after the ceremony."

  Han's face is not happy, Jin Zhen is also aggrieved, the old lady white glance at them: "Be clear about your status, do you still want to be the mother-in-law in vain? Anyway, no one is allowed to give me a business trip today, even if you pretend, you have to pretend to pass this scene. Do you hear me?"