Chapter 321: To steal your thunder

  84_84041 The old lady's first reaction was that something was going to happen, seeing that Feng Jin Yuan and Kang Yi's footsteps had stopped to look over there, she couldn't sit still and raised her buttocks to get up, but was pressed back by Sister Zhao: "Old lady, you mustn't move, you must be stable today."

  The old lady sat back helplessly, but her heart was already tossing and turning. She stole a glance at the side of the bridegroom standing Xuan Tianqi, and saw that he did not see, as before, standing, eyes unblinking, with a festive smile on his face. She also consoled herself and kept saying to herself in her heart: learn more from others, learn more from others.

  At this time, the reaction of the crowd outside finally developed further, and I heard a young lady from an unknown family shout: "Is that the county princess of Ji'an? What is she wearing?"

  When the old lady heard that it was Feng Yu Heng who had arrived, she could not help but feel her heart seize up. This morning Feng Yu Heng has not appeared, she always felt it was a matter, and sure enough, this matter has come after all.

  The old lady's speculation and the people's discussion outside, a little girl in peach red arrived and stood down at the right door. Everyone stared at her dress, only to feel that the peachy red color is like the summer flower petals covering the clothes, realistic and eye-catching, but not too bright and blinding. The material has not a single crease, not only no crease, even if the snow falls, will not leave a trace, but also let people feel that there are always floating clouds on the clothes, such as smoke like fog, as if a fairyland.

  This eye-catching momentum, almost stole all the limelight of the bride, those originally focused on Kang Yi that square wide cold silk cover on the eyes instantly tilted to this side.

  People were dumbfounded, and after a while, I don't know who said: "This garment …… is water cloud forging? Gumo country's water cloud forging?"

  Someone who knows how to analyze to: "Not only, you see that material embroidered flowers, where is the embroidery, it is like real flowers blooming on the head, the more delicate under the snow hit. Can come out this effect, this is …… this is the wide cold silk to destroy, using the inside of the ice silk as embroidery thread embroidery up ah!"


  The people sucked in a breath of cold air, destroyed the wide cold silk as embroidery thread, such a big stroke, only afraid that the palace maiden also can not do it.

  "Did you see the small section of yarn around her waist? If I'm not mistaken, that should be the ancient Shu national treasure Ruoye yarn."

  "Water cloud forging for clothing, wide cold silk for embroidery, RuoYe yarn for ornamentation, so that only the good man brocade is missing?"

  "Silly, although Liangren brocade also has a variety of colors, but the most beautiful and valuable one is the big red, that is the material for the wedding dress. It is said that the red brocade, ancient Shu ten years rare to dye a horse, but all the finished product, made of wedding clothes, once the sunlight, will certainly appear a fire rebirth of the phoenix pattern, enough to make the world people scream."

  People are talking, all attention is focused on this robe, completely forgetting that they are here to watch the ceremony. Not to mention the women were amazed, even the men had to look sideways for such a great deal of money.

  The first thing you need to do is to look at the owner of the dress, his second daughter Feng Yu Heng, with a bitter and hateful look in his eyes, he did not expect Feng Yu Heng to wear such a dress out, where to put his face?

  The first time, the first prince Xuan Tian Qi suddenly shouted: "The auspicious time has arrived, please invite the new couple into the hall!"

  Only then did people realize the theme of the day, they all turned their eyes back from Feng Yu Heng and began to continue to make noise for Feng Jin Yuan.

  Feng Yu Heng also bowed to her father and watched as the two walked hand in hand into the front hall.

  Soon, the chanting of heaven and earth rose, and Feng Jin Yuan and Kang Yi finally tied the knot as husband and wife after three obeisances and nine kowtows, and the snow stopped after a "send in the cave sound".

  The snow stopped, the banquet was open, the Feng family's children came together in one place and stood in the courtyard, which was a charming sight.

  The fifth prince's gaze has not moved away from Fan Dai, because of the first day of the year, he has not been well this year, not to mention the Feng House to visit Fan Dai. He wanted to talk to Fan Dai, but the second prince around him kept pulling him to talk, so he could not leave even though he was in a hurry.

  In a short time, Feng Jin Yuan returned to the front yard to greet the guests. Today's visitors to the house are all distinguished guests, not only came five princes, there are several ministerial countries also sent a generous gift to, but only Gumo's ambassador personally to visit.

  The other countries are not counted because Kang Yi of Qian Zhou is the heroine, naturally, Li Kun of Zong Sui is a bit separated from Feng Jin Yuan and simply left the capital before the wedding. And the prince of ancient Shu because he had proposed to Kang Yi, to avoid suspicion, so also in the day before yesterday was sent away.

  The first thing you need to do is to get a good look at the clothes of Feng Yu Heng, so you can't help but come up and get close and look at them more closely. The first time I saw the girl, I was very happy. Why don't you wear it out?"

  The first time I saw it, I thought …… wanted to save it for later."

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

  The first time I thought about it, I laughed and said, "Then in the future, my sister will wear it often."