Chapter 322: Don't give up your face, looking for

  The two of them are very compatible in terms of appearance and status. (www.juyit.com君子聚义堂小说网) Feng Jin Yuan has a very good face, although he is nearly forty years old, but looks like he is only in his early thirties, coupled with the elegance of the literati and the noble aura brought by years of prime ministerial dignity, it is not too much to say that he is a beautiful man. But with Shen's appearance, how could she have given birth to such a beautiful daughter as Shen Yu.

  The four daughters came forward, and at this moment, it would be nonsense to say that Feng Jin Yuan was not proud. Although there is some disconnect with Feng Yu Heng, but that is only his family's business, and how many people outside are informed about it? For outsiders, the famous Ji'an County Head is his second daughter, and the most beautiful woman in the capital, Feng Shen Yu, is his eldest daughter, which is something to be proud of.

  What's more, just as the four children walked up, another person came up in the other direction, no other than Ru Jia, who followed Kang Yi through the house.

  The excitement in Feng Jin Yuan's heart increased a bit more. See! Now even the foreign princess will call him father, if you look at the whole Dasun, who can not be the main door of the horse county horse, but in turn can also marry the princess into the door?

  With such joy, he helped Kang Yi sit down, and was ready to receive the children's big gift.

  After the snow stopped and the sky began to clear, the moment the five girls knelt down in unison, a ray of light broke through the clouds and shone down. It was a coincidence that the light shone right on the golden hairpin that Feng Yu Heng had placed on top of her head.

  Kang Yi felt a little dazzled, subconsciously frowned, but at the moment when Feng Yu Heng's knees did not hit the ground, suddenly Feng Jin Yuan shouted: "Wait!"

  Everyone was stunned, including the guests at the banquet who were exchanging glasses and stopping to look at him. Kang Yi was puzzled and looked at Feng Jin Yuan in confusion, but he saw Feng Jin Yuan rise to his feet and then almost stumble forward, stopping Feng Yu Heng's tendency to kneel at the last moment.

  At this point, except for Feng Yu Heng, the other four had already knelt down. Rui Jia looked at Feng Jin Yuan to stop the people very puzzled, opened his mouth and asked: "Uncle Feng, what are you doing?"

  Kang Yi hurriedly reprimanded her, "Call your father."

  Ru Jia also knew that she had misspoken and apologized, "Ru Jia misspoke, I hope father will forgive me."

  But Feng Jin Yuan did not care about her, his attention was focused on the gold hairpin on Feng Yu Heng's head, the more he looked at it, the more shocked he felt, the more he felt.

  The phoenix head gold hairpin! She actually wore a phoenix head gold hairpin!

  Fortunately, the sun has just come out, fortunately, his eyes saw this thing, otherwise, let Feng Yu Heng wearing a phoenix head gold hairpin to kneel for him, he still want this life?

  The phoenix head gold hairpin recognized a lot of people, but by no means a lot, for example, among the guests present today, excluding several princes, princes, county masters, and important officials of the court, the other people are not recognized at all. People still do not understand what is wrong with this Lord Feng, how come they are staring at a gold hairpin on their own woman's head with such a shocked look?

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. She is three years older than Feng Yu Heng, and naturally taller, so she took a glance at the gold hairpin, and could not help but brighten up, and said: "What a beautiful gold hairpin! The first thing you need to do is to touch it.

  Feng Yu Heng cold eyes at her, the corners of the lips picked up a trace of evil smile, whispered: "Your Highness, you dare to touch this thing, believe it or not, your hand is enough to be chopped off."

  "What do you say?" Rui Jia is angry, "is just a broken hairpin, good-looking, but it is only gold, compared to jade, what is there to be proud of? The princess touched it, what's wrong?" She did not believe the evil, and put her claws over again.

  But at the other end, Kang Yi shouted, "Ru Jia! Stop!"

  Almost at the same time, Feng Shen Yu also shouted, "No!"

  Feng Jin Yuan, on the other hand, simply grabbed her wrist and held the hand in mid-air.

  Ru Jia was furious!

  "Let go! Father, although I'm not your own daughter, I'm still the Princess of Thousand Weeks, you can't treat me like this! In front of so many people to be so biased towards your own son, where are you going to put me and my mother?"

  While she was making a fuss, the old lady who had been sitting on the top seat also saw what was going on, but did not intervene. That Ru Jia said she was the princess of a thousand weeks, she has entered the door of the Feng House and still talks about the identity of her mother's family, this problem is not to be allowed. It is not possible that from now on the Feng House still have to provide for her?

  "Humph!" The old lady hummed lightly, and said to the sisters around her, "Ah Heng did a good job, although the princess of the Fan country is a first-class, but in Dasun is only similar to the second-class county lord, this is called the next horse, let her know that this is the Feng House, not their Qian Zhou."

  With Rujia's fuss, Kang Yi also went forward and took Rujia's hand from Feng Jin Yuan's, gently scolding her, "Don't talk nonsense, Dasun has many rules, where is your place to talk!"

  Ru Jia said defiantly, "Father is biased!"

  "When has your father ever been biased?" She was also furious, "He gave you everything you asked for, and he was obedient to you in every way!"

  Ru Jia stared, "What if I say I want this gold hairpin? Will father give it to me?"

  "That is your sister's thing, how can your father give it?" Kang Yi squeezed Ru Jia's wrist, "Today's matter must have a reason, so listen to your father's words!"