Chapter 338 - In-depth utilization of the pharmacy

  The team of four palace maids, each carrying a bamboo blue in their hands, footsteps hurriedly, as far as slipping the side of the palace road, each with their heads down, obviously do not want to attract attention. () [Read the latest chapter of this book, please search 800]

  But it is a pity that such a careful, but still into the eyes of Feng Yu Heng.

  The palace maid who sent her out of the palace saw Feng Yu Heng paying attention to that side, also followed a glance, and then took the initiative to solve the problem: "Those are the maidservants who are serving at the side of concubine An. I think, it must be His Highness King Xiang who has sent something to concubine An again."

  "En?" Feng Yu Heng was puzzled for a moment, "If I remember correctly, concubine An should be the fifth prince's birth mother, how come King Xiang is sending her something?"

  The palace maid said, "You don't know, after what happened to His Highness, His Majesty has never seen An concubine again. As a result, An became a bit crazy and resented His Highness as well. During the day, His Highness would often send something to the palace, but as soon as she heard that it was from His Highness, she would immediately smash it. On the contrary, Third Highness has been taking care of concubine An all these years, sending food, clothing and supplies from time to time."

  "Oh." Feng Yu Heng nodded, An concubine has a slight insanity this she knows, but did not expect that the third prince has this. The person Xuan Tian Ye would never be this kind-hearted, no profit is too small, what exactly is he taking care of concubine An for?

  She was not mistaken, there was one person she had seen in that team of palace maids. The red dress who had once taught Pinkie to dance that snowy plum dance was inside.

  "The concubine's maid is not bad looking." She said this seemingly unintentionally, and when she looked again, the team of palace maids had already gone far away.

  The palace maid beside her told her, "That's because in order to regain the emperor's favor, the concubine has kept some pretty good-looking maids in the palace, not only that, but also let those maids learn to dance the snow plum dance. Unfortunately, the emperor has not been to her palace once since that incident."

  "An concubine crazy, the emperor also did not send the eunuch doctor to treat?" She asked the palace maid, "How many years has it been, and no improvement?"

  The palace maid said, "Naturally, the eunuchs have been invited, but the emperor does not care about this matter, and the eunuchs are not willing to do their best, they are just going through the motions."

  "That's right." Feng Yu Heng pondered for a while, until she reached the palace gate, then she said, "Then another day when I enter the palace again, go over and give her a look!"

  The palace maid laughed and said, "The county princess is really compassionate."

  The first time I saw the woman, I felt that she had been suspicious of something that seemed to be starting to unfold in the direction of the water falling out.

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  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. ( W800BkNe provides Tx free download) The one who was serving the Empress was Sister Chun Lan, and as soon as she saw Feng Yu Heng stop, she hurriedly took a few steps forward and said with a smile, "Greetings, County Master! Old slave was ordered by the Empress to deliver the dowry to the Feng House."

  Only then did Feng Yu Heng remember that when the Cheng sisters married into the Feng Mansion, it was said that the dowry would be carried to the door today.

  She nodded, "Good, then, you will go with me."

  The Cheng sisters' dowry is not much, but it's definitely not bad either. The mahogany chests are sixteen in total, each one filled to the brim, following Feng Yu Heng's carriage, which is also very impressive.

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  In the Feng family's backyard, there is now a mother, two side chambers and three concubines. The main mother is considered to be married, but the dowry is still in Qian Zhou, not carried over, An's Han's and Jin Zhen can not talk about any grandeur. Even when Shen, that is also from the concubine raised into the main wife, not even a formality.

  So, for the Feng family, really enjoy the daughter-in-law to carry the dowry into the door of the house this thing, only Feng Jin Yuan married Yao Shi. Now the Cheng sisters' dowry was carried from the palace to the Feng house, which made old Mrs. Feng feel a bit emotional.

  Sister Chun Lan put the sixteen mahogany boxes Feng House front yard ground, to the old lady Feng said: "the empress said, the empress's brother died early, leaving these two sisters, if not heard that the new mother of the Feng family is really poor parenting, but really can not afford to send their own nieces. I hope that Feng Xiang will treat them well and also comfort the Queen's niece's loving heart."

  Feng Jin Yuan hurriedly said, "Please report back to Your Majesty, I will definitely treat the Cheng sisters well."

  The old lady also followed suit: "The Feng family will definitely not treat them badly."

  Sister Chun Lan nodded, and only then did she say that she could go back to the Empress with peace of mind and repeat her orders.

  After she left, Cheng Junman walked up and told the maids around her, "Pick out the tonic herbs in the dowry and send them to the Yulan courtyard for Han Niang." Then she turned back to Feng Jin Yuan and said, "Master, Sister Han is a person with a healthy body, so it's natural to have tonic for her. Of course, although the tonic is good, but exactly how to eat, we still need to ask the doctors to deliberate more."

  Feng Jin Yuan nodded and praised, "You are kind-hearted and a blessing to my Feng family."

  Jun Mei also moved two steps, to the old lady, bent down and said: "The tonic was given to sister Han, as for other things …… concubine yesterday heard the old lady say that the master spent a lot during the wedding, in order to add household goods to the first lady's courtyard, almost emptying the house's middle gift. The sisters have married into the Feng House, then this is our home, the family is in need of help naturally. Therefore, the other things in this box should be handed over to the old lady to be used for emergency relief.