Chapter 341 - She and Xuan Tian Hei are the same p

  Since she has dealt with Feng Yu Heng several times, Kang Yi has been paying more attention to her every word, which may be a trap, she must be careful to answer.

  Now hearing her ask about the bracelet, Kang Yi thought for a moment, yes there is nothing wrong with this bracelet, then smiled and said: "This jade bracelet is my sixteenth birthday when my father gave, jade outside the gold, means and beauty."

  "Oh." Feng Yu Heng nodded, "In that case, choosing this time to give the bracelet to Aunt Jun Man, to be considered timely and appropriate. Just ……" she wrinkled her brow and pondered for a while, "Mother got this jade bracelet meaning peace and beauty on her sixteenth birthday, and married the sidekick within three months, as far as I know, mother was wearing this jade bracelet on her wrist when she got married. "

  Kang Yi froze, did not expect Feng Yu Heng can actually plug the words to this tricky place, so she did not know how to do answer for a while.

  The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing. The last marriage of my mother was not related to the word harmony and beauty, but you gave such a bracelet to Aunt Junman, to put it nicely, you are jealous of the favor of the aunt, to put it badly, you are cursing the early death of my father?" Her voice grew harsher and harsher, until finally she was almost accusing Kang Yi - "Father treated you well, you did not want to marry far away from Ancient Shu, father did not say a word and begged the emperor to marry you over to the house, but unexpectedly, you used an inauspicious object to curse father. What is your intention, Princess?"

  No one in the Feng family expected Feng Yu Heng to be so sharp all of a sudden, pushing Kang Yi into a dead end with every word, and refusing to even pretend to maintain a calm performance.

  The first time I saw her, I thought of the fire at the Xiang Wang Mansion the night before.

  The bangles were given to her on her sixteenth birthday, and they were a gift from the emperor. If she denied that she didn't wear it during the wedding three months later, no one would believe her, right?

  Kang Yi was forced to no way, simply turned around and kneeled in front of the old lady, said remorsefully: "It's all because my daughter-in-law was not well thought out, my daughter-in-law just wanted to give my sister some gifts, but you know, mother, my daughter-in-law's dowry is still on the way to Dasun, there is really no better objects on hand, I did not think about it, so I gave that jade bracelet to my sister, I never wanted to curse I didn't mean to curse you!"

  The old lady is Feng Yu Heng to say a belly fire, and ignore why Feng Yu Heng to Kang Yi aggressive matter, on this bracelet, Feng Yu Heng is right ah, so inauspicious bracelet actually to take out, this Kang Yi in the end want?

  The old lady was so angry that her scepter thumped the ground and looked at Kang Yi and said: "You are the eldest princess, and the ruler of Qian Zhou is even more important, what else can I say? Only, Jin Yuan is my son, I will never allow anyone to intend to harm him." He said, and looked at Junman, his tone was a little more relaxed, but he said without refusal, "Take off that bracelet and give it back to her!"

  Cheng Junman has long been red-eyed, and forcefully took the bracelet off. But somehow, when Kang Yi gave her the bracelet, she put it on at once, but now she couldn't take it off even after a lot of effort.

  Cheng Junman some anxious, simply also do not care whether to suffer injuries, a gnash of teeth, at the cost of both sides of the palm of the hand to wear off a layer of skin finally took off the bracelet, and then hot hands general to the ground, people to Feng Jin Yuan stood next to go.

  Cheng Junmei, who was sitting on the side, finally couldn't sit still and hurriedly came forward to help her sister check the injury, and saw that both sides of the palm had fallen off the skin, and blood was seeping out of the originally white and silky hand. Cheng Junmei quit and looked at Feng Jin Yuan and said, "Master, you must do something for your sister!"

  When Feng Jin Yuan saw Jun Man's appearance, how could he not be distressed, he could not help but cast a resentful gaze at Kang Yi. But in the end, he couldn't say anything, after all, he had always felt that he owed Kang Yi in the matter of the new marriage, so if Kang Yi had resentment towards the Cheng sisters because of this, it was also a common feeling.

  When Kang Yi saw Feng Jin Yuan looking at himself like this, he suddenly understood Feng Yu Heng's purpose. The county head of Ji'an was desperately trying not to let her and Feng Jin Yuan consummate their marriage, trying every possible way to isolate them. As long as she didn't have a room with Feng Jin Yuan, it was impossible for her to get closer to Feng Jin Yuan, and the two of them didn't have a closer communication, so how was the next plan to proceed?

  The two of them are not close to each other, so how will the next plan be carried out? When Kang Yi stared at Feng Yu Heng, she felt that this girl was really bold and did not leave herself any room or back way. For Kang Yi, even if there is a very sure thing, you have to leave yourself a way back just in case, even if you have to deal with someone you hate to the bone, you have to be careful not to leave a handle.

  The company's main goal is to provide a solution to the problem of the problem.

  In fact, Kang Yi does not know that this style of Feng Yu Heng is not only beyond her perception, simply beyond the perception of all people. Of course, this everyone does not include Xuan Tian Med.