Chapter 353, touch my people, money, food, all des

  Mei Xiang was tied up by Huang Quan with rope and dragged to the Feng House. Forgetting Chuan stayed at Tong Sheng Xuan to look after Yao, Qing Yu, who had just rushed back to the house, followed Feng Yu Heng and went to the Feng House.

  Mei Xiang kept crying and shouting all the way to the Feng House, alerting all the people there.

  The first to hear the news was An and Xuerong, who were heading to Tong Sheng Xuan, but only halfway there they saw Feng Yu Heng and her team coming this way with a murderous aura, and they were so scared that their faces turned white.

  But Feng Yu Heng did not even look at them, hurried past, the goal is actually Feng Jin Yuan's Pine Garden.

  If you go by the twenty-first century, she was born on the twentieth of May, Taurus. With the typical Taurus traits, is full of absolute awareness of love and hate.

  Not to touch her person!

  Not to touch her money!

  Not even her good food!

  As long as she considers everything within her domain, even if it's just a chair, absolutely no one is allowed to sit on it without consent!

  Ru Jia scolded Xuan Tian Hei and was smacked to death by her. Now someone dares to put his hand on her mother's body, simply does not want to live!

  Although the wrongdoer has a right, but the hand poisoning Mei Xiang, death penalty! Everyone in the Feng family, who has always supported the Third Prince Xuan Tianyi, cannot be forgiven lightly!

  She walked in the forefront, followed by Qing Yu and Huang Quan, who was dragging Mei Xiang in his hand. Behind her, there were An, Xuan Rong, and the curious underlings of the Feng family who had followed her along the way.

  Gradually, Pinky also came, Jin Zhen, Cheng sisters, Kang Yi, and finally even the old lady arrived.

  Feng Jin Yuan was sitting in the study of the Pine Garden, but did not dare to leave the house, because the boy was telling him: "Second Miss found the plum fragrance, and asked someone to bang the feet, and is now hanging upside down at the entrance of the Pine Garden."

  Although Feng Jin Yuan did not know who was behind Mei Xiang, he had already been arrested, and Feng Yu Heng had naturally been tortured, but now he was hanging upside down at the entrance of the Pine Garden.

  But Feng Jinyuan could not guess how a small girl in the Feng House could be related to Xuan Tianyi.

  The boy asked him: "Master, do you want to go out and take a look? The First Lady and the Old Mistress are already here."

  Feng Jin Yuan waved his hand, "Tell the people of Pine Garden not to act rashly, no one is allowed to go to the door without my order."

  The boy answered and went away. Feng Jin Yuan stood up and went to the fire pit to add a few pieces of charcoal by himself. Why did he feel so cold?

  The girl was already in a mess, plus she had been whipped by Feng Yu Heng, and was dragged all the way over by Huang Quan, and her body was already covered in blood. It is said that so tossed long fainted, but Feng Yu Heng gave her a needle, the needle also does not know how, after the needle actually let Mei Xiang spirit a lot, a little to faint signs are no longer.

  The more awake you are, the more painful and uncomfortable it is, hanging upside down from a crooked tree, the blood flowing backwards throughout your body, rushing desperately to the top of your head. She felt that her head was about to explode, and her eyes were bulging outward, while the rope was still swaying, and there were so many fallen figures in front of her, including Wishing Rong, An's, and the old lady and the aunts.

  Mei Xiang is getting scared, she suddenly realized that falling into the hands of the second young lady is simply more terrible than falling into hell.

  At this time, Feng Yu Heng, holding a soft whip, is looking inside the Pine Garden gate. The Pine Garden was quiet, as if no one was there. But the Feng family all knew that Feng Jin Yuan was inside.

  The old lady shivered and asked, "Ah Heng, what is this about?"

  She turned around and pointed at Mei Xiang and said, "Can't you see, grandmother? The person was caught and sent here to seek justice with father."

  The old lady was puzzled, "Why do you want to seek justice from your father? It's just a servant, you could have killed her." Feng Jin Yuan had clearly told her that he didn't do it, nor did Shen Yu, so the old lady had a good idea. "Ah Heng, I know you're angry, but there's a reason for the wrongdoing, this has nothing to do with your father!"

  "Yes!" Feng Yu Heng raised her voice and said, "If it had anything to do with father, the person hanging here today should not be Mei Xiang, but him!" The last three words were almost shouted out, and Feng Yu Heng was already so angry that she waved a soft whip in her hand and fiercely whipped towards Mei Xiang's body.

  A snap!

  A whip sound, Mei Xiang's body is another skin flesh turned out.

  The old lady did not expect her to say hit, scared a shiver, and backed up.

  Mei Xiang's harsh screams made the heart tremble, but there was no one to sympathize with her. A maid, how dare she do that to Yao, really not enough to die.

  Feng Yu Heng even whipped three times, Mei Xiang's blood has been dripping down the hair to the ground, only a moment's work flowed all over the ground. But she is still awake, just watching her blood flowing from her body, that feeling is simply more horrible than death.

  Kang Yi had a few guesses in his heart, but he wasn't quite sure, so he asked stiffly, "Ah Heng, who is this girl instructed by?"