Chapter 375: She knows I'm not her daughter at all

  The Void Sky Cave is very large, Feng Yu Heng calculated, she pushed Xuan Tian Med in the inside has been around for at least two hours, but has not yet turned a third of this Void Sky Cave. ()

  There are countless canals on the mountain, each one leading to a new cave, she really can't walk, simply stop at a step and sit down.

  Xuan Tian Med laughed at her: "I don't know who vowed frankly to stroll through the Void Heaven Cave, but it took a while to get tired of it."

  She simply also conceded, "Who would have thought that this place is so big!" While saying this, she wiped her sweat, "In the middle of winter, and in the cool mountains, I actually walked a head of sweat. If this place can survive into the future, it can apply for World Heritage."

  "What?" He did not understand again, this girl said things he always do not understand.

  Feng Yu Heng casually explained, "That is to say that this place is spectacular and world-renowned." Not intending to dwell on this topic, Feng Yu Heng reached out to tug the corner of Xuan Tian Hei's robe, "There is something, about steel making, you help me with an idea."

  "You say." He also said with a straight face.

  "It's still about technical secrecy. Although it is possible to divide the assembly line operation, each link I personally to keep an eye on. But after all, I am not a professional smith, there are many places I do not understand, so there must be a smith around to follow the whole process. In other words, this set of steelmaking, in the end, still have to be passed on to a craftsman, so as to ensure the smooth progress of steelmaking. But such a person, where to find it?"

  Xuan Tian Hei was also calculating her words, "This person must not only be good at his craft, but also be absolutely loyal to Da Shun …… Do you think I can do it?"

  "You?" Feng Yu Heng was shocked, "You know how to beat iron?"

  Xuan Tian Med nodded, "When I was young, I was obsessed for a while, and the master blacksmith in the palace was pestered by me to teach me for a whole year. After a year, I made my own iron, my own weapon, the first sword made, the blacksmith master actually went to resign with the father, the reason is, a prince is better than his iron, he really do not have the face in the palace to mix food."

  Feng Yu Heng stroked his forehead, "People are right. If the master can do everything, what do you need a lackey for? You give people a way to live can not?" But …… "You know how to beat iron, that's great! Xuan Tian Hei, with you, I don't have to worry about anything!"

  Xuan Tian Med nodded, very proudly waiting for this girl to praise him two more sentences, the heart mulled over the next to throw out the lines is: Honest rest assured, with my husband in, nothing to fear.

  But his daughter-in-law did not follow, not only did not follow, people did not even look at her again, is lowering her head, holding a strange pen that she used to use, and a strange style of book in writing and drawing.

  Xuan Tian Hei twitched the corner of his mouth: "Where did you get these things from?"

  She rightfully said, "In the sleeve."

  The corners of his mouth twitched even more. Feng Yu Heng's sleeve! Hmph! One day sooner or later, the day she married him, she must have her sleeves properly inspected.

  The company is still writing, and in a short while it had written a large piece of paper, and then dug in its sleeves and pulled out several other pieces of paper, and then raised its voice and said: "Ban go!"

  With a flash of black shadow, Ban Gao stood in front of the two of them.

  She ripped off the page that was written all over the book, and then handed the other sheets of paper over to him together: "These things you personally pick up, remember, everything must be bought well." Said also did not forget to instruct: "Not that the expensive is good, you have to look at the quality."

  Ban went to look at the things written on a few sheets of paper, all are some smith's tools, professionalism is quite strong, he thought about it and told her, "It's best to bring a master blacksmith along."

  Feng Yu Heng nodded, "OK, you go to the furnace land and pick one, in short, buy the things back as soon as possible, must be complete."

  "Don't worry, master." Thinking again, he added, "I'll transfer two more secret guards to be by your side."

  "No no." Feng Yu Heng waved her hand repeatedly, "I'm not going anywhere these days, I'm just at the camp, I'm with your family's highness every moment. With tens of thousands of generals around, what else are you afraid of."

  The first time Ban went thought so, so no longer say anything more, dashed away.

  Feng Yu Heng said to Xuan Tian Hei: "When Ban Gao returned from the procurement of things, I think, the two of us first try once, from the beginning, step by step personally, to see through your technique, the degree of difficulty of this steelmaking in the end."

  Xuan Tian Hei is also a bit of anticipation, fist pumping ready to ask her again how to make steel in the end, he can do some preparation in advance. But before he could say anything, he saw a soldier rush over, and did not have time to salute, and said in an urgent voice: "General, county master, go and see, Mrs. Yao's illness again!"

  The two men hurried back, and when they reached the tent where Yao was, they heard Yao's piteous shout from inside: "I can't stand it! Dim Sum! Give me snacks!"

  She stopped in her tracks and her heart seized fiercely.

  Xuan Tian Med patted the back of her hand, "Go in and take a look, don't think too much."

  She also knows that now is not the time to think too much, push the wheelchair into the tent.

  At this time, forgetting the river Huangquan is working together to hold Yao, martial arts training people are strong, but even if they are strong, still tossed by the crazy Yao to sweat. The other maids simply can not get close, Qinglan can only dry anxiously wipe tears on the side, there is no way.