Chapter 398 - Shame on you!

  At this moment, Emperor Tian Wu can't help but smack himself twice in the mouth. He was pretending, but he was pretending to show the Queen's gang. The person he really wanted to conceal was so carelessly worn out by him, how should this be?

  He was so impatient that he stabbed Tian Wu and reminded him in a low voice, "Your Majesty, the Queen is going back, hurry up and catch up!

  Only then did Tian Wu react, then lifted his legs and ran outside, shouting as he went: "Flutter! You wait, listen to my explanation!"

  Unfortunately, when he got out of the hall, he could only see a piece of the corner of Consort Yun's coat that was far away.

  Tian Wu gritted his teeth, regardless of the shape or image, and regardless of the fact that he just claimed to be in a coma, pulling out steps to follow the chase.

  Yun Fei is sitting in a soft chair carried by four people, the palanquin bearer of light power in the body, a few steps is not touching the ground in the direction of the Moon Cold Palace floating.

  Tian Wu in his youth is also personally into the battlefield of the tough guy, a kung fu is very good, but the battlefield to fight the hard battle of how to be able to light body of Jianghu experts. He thought he had run extremely fast, but still by the front of the soft chair gradually fall far away.

  Tian Wu does not give up, a mind to chase forward, and behind him, that Zhang Yuan is also gasping for breath far to follow. Feng Yu Heng but stayed in the Qiankun Hall did not follow out, can help she has helped, the next can only see Tian Wu's own destiny. The first thing you need to do is to go to the front hall and look for Xuan Tian Med, while thinking in your heart, I hope Princess Yun doesn't blame her for helping Emperor Tian Wu this time!

  From Qiankun Hall to Yuehan Palace, Tian Wu chased for two pillars of time. When he saw the soft chair of Consort Yun carried into the gate of Yue Han Palace, he gritted his teeth, and with a strong kick, he rushed straight to the gate that was about to be closed.

  However, he was still a step behind.

  The door closed and caught his sleeve, so Tian Wu was uncomfortably shut out of the door, unable to enter or leave.

  He tried to tug the sleeve, but did not drag it out, Tian Wu was happy: "Flutter, if you want me to say, always so tug on my sleeve is not good. It's not a good idea to keep tugging on my sleeve. I'm old enough to make people laugh."

  No movement inside.

  Tian Wu is not discouraged, continued: "Flutter, I know you have me in your heart, otherwise it would not go to the Qiankun Hall, I lied to you, but also to see you ah! It is a lie of goodwill, goodwill."

  Still no movement inside.

  Tian Wu some sweat, "within what, Flutter, you open the door, let's go inside and talk, OK? I am at least the ruler of a country, so it is not appropriate to stay at the door."

  The moon cold palace is silent, can only hear the summer breeze blowing leaves rustling, a little bit of other noise is not.

  At this time, Zhang Yuan huffing and puffing also caught up, a look at Tian Wu this wretched look, a little unfair, so also shouted at the palace door: "Yun Fei Niang, the emperor today is indeed frightened, but you arrived at that moment just a little better. This person has arrived at the palace door, at least have to invite in a sip of tea ah! Your Highness! Did you hear that?"

  Tian Wu heard Zhang Yuan shouting is not a movement, but also with a sense of resentment, hurriedly pulled him a hand, reprimanded: "blindly shouting what things?"

  Zhang Yuan said angrily: "Too bullying." While saying this, he helped Tian Wu tug his sleeve, but the door of the Moon Cold Palace was too tightly closed, so he couldn't tug it out.

  Tian Wu reprimanded him: "What do you care? I am happy to be bullied, what?"

  Zhang Yuan said, "I'm afraid you'll suffer!"

  Tian Wu rolled his eyes, self-congratulatingly said: "Eat, eat, so many years have long been used to eat. By the way -" he looked behind him and asked Zhang Yuan, "Where is Ah Heng? Did not come along?"

  Zhang Yuan said: "Your Majesty, ah! The county master this end eye you called the father, the other end also have to with the Yun Fei niang mother consort is not. Just now have helped you a hand, let yourself to the performance, if this time again, then how can she later to the Yun Fei niangnian account?"

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

  Zhang Yuan stomped his feet: "Your Majesty, now, it is too late to remedy the situation, why don't you just take a hard line, minion to protect you through the gate to rush in! It's just a moon cold palace, it's not a tiger's den, it's been stagnant for more than ten years, why can't you get in?"

  Tian Wu was so angry that his nose was crooked, why didn't his eunuch grow a brain? If he wanted to break in, he would have done so more than ten years ago, why wait until today?

  Before she could scold Zhang Yuan, she heard footsteps coming from all directions, as if a large number of people were running around. In a short time, we saw a team of imperial troops moving around, looking a bit confused.

  Tian Wu touched a sweat and asked Zhang Yuan: "What's going on? It is not the palace change, right?"

  Zhang Yuan was helpless, "Your Majesty, can we think of something good?"

  So Tian Wu changed his words, "Is someone trying to take over the throne?"

  What's the difference?

  Zhang Yuan took a few steps down the path, called an imperial guard over and asked, "What's going on?"

  The imperial guard general caught a glimpse of Tian Wu's sleeve pinned in the palace door, the corners of his mouth twitched, and it took him a long time to answer, "Back to Your Majesty, Princess Ru Jia, who was originally recuperating in the palace, has disappeared, and the Ninth Palace has ordered a palace-wide search."