Chapter 439 - With me, the world will not be chaot

  A strong sun, as if people saw a purgatory-like picture.

  After the natural disaster, the epidemic will be born, Tian Wu stared at Feng Yu Heng and asked her: "Is there help?"

  The two eyebrows of Feng Yu Heng are tightly knitted together, and after thinking for a while, she said, "I have ordered people to move all the corpses outside the city to a distant place and concentrate them, in order to control the epidemic, first of all, the corpses must be burned, and the living people must always take precautions, any small wound on the body may be epidemic. The environment in which the refugees live must also be constantly disinfected to maximize the isolation of germs, eat clean things, such as fever and wind chill must be treated early and recover quickly, such conditions, a sneeze may kill people, I …… "she said a lot of words in one breath, and finally stopped when , but held Xuan Tian Med's hand tightly, then looked firmly at Tian Wu and said again, "I'm going out of town."

  "No!" Xuan Tian Hei had the first reaction, backhanded to hold her small hand in a deadly grip, and then seriously said, "Never."

  Tianwu Emperor also nodded along, "There are plenty of manpower to deploy, Ah Heng, you should not go."

  Feng Yu Heng helplessly shook his head, "No, only I can save them. If I don't go, sending out more doctors will be of no help."

  She urged Xuan Tian Hei, "You have to trust me, I am capable of protecting myself and will never catch the epidemic." Fearing that Xuan Tian Hei did not believe her, she tightened up again, "I can give myself an injection, and as long as I get that injection, I won't get sick."

  Xuan Tian Med did not know what her magical needle meant, but thinking about the previous times when Feng Yu Heng saved people and those strange items, he knew that since this girl was so sure, then she could definitely protect herself. So he nodded right, but said, "Then good, this king goes with you."

  This sentence pissed off Tian Wu, saw him slamming the table and said loudly, "No!"

  Zhang Yuan also advised, "Your Highness, think twice!"

  Perhaps, Feng Yu Heng's departure from the city Tian Wu emperor can still accept, but Xuan Tian Hei out of the city he absolutely can not accept, he can not let this son have a half-fault. So a big wave of the hand, the words sealed - "this matter, I will never give way!"

  Xuan Tian Hei stared at Tian Wu, did not speak for a long time, just when Feng Yu Heng felt that the atmosphere was too awkward, also wanted to persuade Xuan Tian Hei to give up the idea of leaving the city, Xuan Tian Hei suddenly spoke up, heard him say to Tian Wu: "I finally understand why mother consort does not want to see you."

  With just one sentence, Tian Wu's previous aura was gone. His hand was still waving, just frozen in mid-air, his face was still angry, but with a hint of death. He seems to have returned to many, many years ago, back to the days when he lived freely with Yun Flutter in the mountains. That girl fluttered a butterfly can make him happy half a day, catching fish fell into the water can make his seven-foot man fall to tears. But then, the plague spread, the tribe died so many so many people, the palace sent to pick up, so he must return to the palace. He gritted his teeth and took Yun Flutter away from the tribe that gave birth to her, to save her life alone, but the plague spread beyond control, and eventually, the entire tribe was destroyed in the long history, he concealed Yun Flutter for a few years, until the matter was revealed, Yun Flutter then put himself in the Moon Cold Palace, never saw him again.

  The whole of Tian Wu is lifeless, Zhang Yuan worriedly support him, and kept winking at Xuan Tian Med, just want him to say something good. But Tian Wu waved his hand, sighed heavily and said: "Go! Just come back alive. Save those refugees and consider it …… as a compensation for the Western Night clan."

  Feng Yu Heng did not understand what Tian Wu's words meant, nor did she understand what the Western Night clan was all about. But she did not have too much curiosity, the natural disaster has been to the immediate, who still have the heart to explore those lace gossip news.

  The night is late, when the two came out of the palace, the time has passed, but there are still many officials running around in the street, look at the heart panic.

  Feng Yu Heng said to Xuan Tian Hei, "Actually you don't need to go out of town with me, after all, the capital is not stable, people need to be pacified,"

  Xuan Tian Hei patted her shoulder and said comfortingly, "There is father in the capital and seventh brother. In this regard, seventh brother has always been better than me at appeasing people."

  The company's main goal is to provide a comprehensive range of products and services to the public. But you are different, Xuan Tian Med, I can see that the father does not want you to go out, if something happens to you, he can not afford."

  "You will let something happen to me?" Xuan Tian Hei asked her rhetorically, "If something will happen to me, then you must not be safe either. Honestly, if you are blessed together, if you are suffering together, it is nothing, I am a man."

  The first time I said I was a man, Feng Yu Heng could no longer say anything, she could understand Xuan Tian Hei's intention to bear the burden with her, this thing if she were in her shoes, would also do so.

  The first thing you need to do is to get a good night's sleep, and tomorrow morning, we'll leave town.

  The company said it would take a good sleep, but who could sleep. After Feng Yu Heng went back to the courtyard, she dove into the medicine room, then entered the space and found all the antibiotic injections in the space, picking out the ones she could use and putting them in the box. The company also found a large number of disinfectant, spray cans are out of many, there are many essential drugs, cold medicine hair money medicine diarrhea medicine, but all that can be thought of she prepared out in advance and brought out of space. So tossed countless times, the medicine room full of things she brought out, Feng Yu Heng sitting on the floor, looking around the pile of drugs, do not feel relaxed. Because she knows that medicine alone is not enough, I do not know how the rice and food preparation of Xuan Tian Ge's side, and clothing.

  The idea of clothing, Feng Yu Heng lamented, once again returned to the space to take the raincoat one by one outside. It's a good thing that this kind of non-consumable stuff in space will automatically replenish as soon as you take it out, otherwise she really has no way.