Chapter 448: Look who's here

  "According to the Qintian Supervisor, today is the last day of the rainstorm." Feng Yu Heng stood in front of the consultation tent, looking out with a worried face.

  Xuan Tian Med was standing beside him, also with a depressed face. They both still remembered the words of the supervisor of the Qintian Supervision, after the rainstorm is the hot sun, although the corpses have been burned, although each rain tent has been thoroughly disinfected, although all the wounds of the injured have been treated, but some hidden dangers have been planted, no one can guarantee that the epidemic will spread from anywhere. They saved only people, but the soil under their feet and the air they breathed could not completely exclude the crisis, not to mention the animals that were dying every moment.

  The two hands clasped, Xuan Tian Med could feel the coldness of her fingertips, they will cover the small hand in his palm, and kept rubbing.

  Not far away, the city gates suddenly opened, people heard the sound to turn their heads to see, see from the city out of a long caravan, each car is pulled by two tall horses, carriages covered tightly, horse drawn slightly heavy, obviously loaded with a lot of supplies.

  Feng Yu Heng counted, a total of forty carriages, but not the same, half are black horses pulling carriages, and half are white horses pulling carriages.

  A general ran over to report: "General, county master, it is the third and fourth highnesses who have brought supplies out from the city, there is food and clothing, said that they have reported to the emperor and come out to give to the refugees outside the city."

  Xuan Tian Hei gave a light hum, "The weasel worships the chicken."

  The general asked again, "Let them give out?"

  Xuan Tian Med nodded, "Send, since they have all been sent, of course they have to be sent, you guys go and assist."

  With the assistance of the garrison outside the city, the supplies were distributed smoothly. The third prince and the fourth prince did not go out of the city, but sent people to Xuan Tian Hei and Feng Yu Heng respectively to send food and clothing to the two.

  The two things that Feng Yu Heng looked at, could not help but shake his head, "go back and tell your master, to do good things you have to put your heart into it, not just do superficial work. The two of us are not the only ones outside the city, their sister, Lord Maoyang, is also there, so why don't you remember to prepare one more for your own sister?"

  The minions on both sides of the table had a big red face. They understood that the two copies were really just for show, no one had thought about the Maoyang County princess.

  In the work of Feng Yu Heng speak, Xuan Tian Ge also walked to this side, looking at the table something cold hum, said: "It seems I really have to take the time to communicate with Uncle Huang communication feelings, he said, I am the only flower of the old Xuan family this generation, although cousin, but all imperial sons have to treat me as if I were their own sister. How can it be that after only a few years, the third and fourth brothers want to rebel?"

  A word of rebellion frightened the minions of the two families and they hurried down and started to find all the excuses to help their masters.

  But Xuan Tian Ge only waved his hand and threw down a sentence: "If it's not your own, you can't do it." Then turned around and left the tent.

  Xuan Tian Med also dragged his daughter-in-law to sit over the consultation tent, leaving the subordinates of the two families to hang out over here. The two of them together, don't kneel, or go back to report to the masters, so again nimbly with the empty caravan back to the city.

  The tent, Feng Yu Heng asked Xuan Tian Hei: "What do you think about this?"

  Xuan Tian Med thought about it and said, "The third and fourth are never peaceful, but I did not expect that the third is injured into that kind of virtue, but still so coveted the throne, think, this matter and the northern world Duan Mu family is not unrelated."

  Feng Yu Heng also nodded and said: "The northern world will sooner or later become enemies with you and me, the third prince failed to have the fourth prince, and may even conspire with a thousand weeks. The Duanmu family has been stationed in the Northlands for so many years, their ambition is definitely not only here."

  "Do the math, Ban go they are also coming back soon." Xuantian Meditation said, "After the heavy rain, we will send mourning to Thousand Zhou, we can delay for one day."

  This day, to send things outside the city is not only the two princes, want to Rong a few people also raised more clothes to send out of town. This batch of clothes she did not distribute immediately, save for tomorrow when the rain stops and then change the dampness heavy clothes.

  Because they don't have to distribute clothes, they have some free time to stay outside the city for a while. The first time I saw a woman, I was in the middle of a conversation with her husband, and she told him, "I don't know why the general of the Bu family didn't agree to my withdrawal, but I sent back the gong sticker. Aunt An said that the old lady was furious but I was running around for the refugees outside the city recently, and General Pingnan had greeted the palace, so she didn't make things difficult for me. But I don't know what will happen to the Feng family after this natural disaster."

  The news she brought to Feng Yu Heng also had a few surprises, according to this marriage is only Feng Jin Yuan and the step family to do a deal, when Feng Jin Yuan is the prime minister, he has the capital of the deal, but now he has been demoted to the fifth grade, this marriage is normal, even if want to Rong not back, the step family is bound to take the initiative to fade, why again this twist and turn?

  The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the website. Now Dasun is in trouble, second sister is a person who wants to do great things, so you can't put your mind on this small matter of mine."