Chapter 449 - Unexpected Surprise

  Sixty-year-old man, gray clothes stained with mud, tired, but still hale and hearty.

  He stood with his hands in front of Feng Yu Heng, to Xuan Tian Med also not humble, kind face, but the gaze of endless wisdom.

  Feng Yu Heng almost dumbfounded at the first moment of seeing this man, in a trance, the original owner's memories and her own soul's memories quickly overlap, two figures keep colliding and alternating, the same appearance, the same stature, one in an ancient style gray robe, one in a Chinese tunic and vest, one holding the original owner as a child shuttling between ancient medical books and herbal medicines, one holding her in the afterlife from the age of six speaking of Chinese and Western medicine.

  The original owner's grandfather, Yao Xian; her own grandfather, Feng Yin.

  Feng Yu Heng half kneeling on the ground, some froze, a "grandfather" blocked to the throat, called also not, not called also not.

  The first thing you need to do is to get ready for the next day.

  The face now shows a burst of disappointment, she held the injection in her hand, stood up from the ground, looked at the person in front of her and calmly called out, "Grandfather."

  But there is still joy in the gaze, because the original owner's memory of this grandfather Yao Xian's part is too strong, it seems that the best memories of her early childhood are related to Yao Xian. And Yao Xian this person topped the number of divine doctor, even after she came to this world, but also more than once heard people mentioned. But the original owner always had a small pimple in her heart, that is, when the three of them were exiled to the northwest mountain village, the Yao family treated her so well, why not go to save her?

  The first one is the one that is the best. Why didn't they take her away too? Even to live together in the deserted state, she would be happy to do so.

  The first time Yao Xian was convicted and deported, he could not protect himself, so what could he do to find them? Even if you find it, take away, a guilty minister, in case something happens, is not the mother and daughter involved? Eventually the original owner did not get a good ending, but this account, not counted Yao Xian's head.

  The first time I saw him, I felt that he was a lot brighter than when he left the capital. The years had not left too many traces on his face, except for his hair, which was whiter.

  "Ninth Highness." Yao Xian clasped his fist and saluted, "Long time no see."

  Xuan Tian Hei nodded, "Mr. just in time, the rainstorm has just passed, the epidemic has been born, Heng Heng was just saying that one person is too busy, Mr. is a miracle doctor, with you, the king is at ease."

  Yao Xian was not polite with him, only nodded, and looked at Feng Yu Heng, as if he wanted to say something, but finally turned his attention to Song Kang who was lying on the ground.

  "Abhorring cold and strong heat, soon it will be but hot and not cold, headache and body pain." He said while bending down, hand pad a piece of handkerchief to pinch the mouth of Song Kang pinch open, "the coating white as cumulative powder, tongue red and vivid." Then to pinch the pulse, "the pulse number is uneven, too rapid, is the first symptoms of the epidemic bacteria." He said to Feng Yu Heng, "Clear the whole tent and isolate the people."

  Feng Yu Heng nodded and pushed Xiang Rong: "Quick, help me take everyone out, and order the soldiers to guard, no one is allowed to enter or leave."

  You also know the urgency of the matter, and hurried to do it.

  Feng Yu Heng looked at Xuan Tian Hei again, and before she could say anything, he took the initiative and said, "I'll help you."

  But Yao Xian took over and said, "Your Highness is better off going out, for one thing, you can't help much if you stay, and for another, there may be many people outside who have contracted the epidemic, Your Highness must be safe outside."

  Xuan Tian Med knew that he had a point, so he stopped arguing and just lifted Song Kang onto the marching bed with his own hands, and then said to Feng Yu Heng, "You be careful."

  Feng Yu Heng thought about it, reached into his sleeve, took a few masks out from space, "too late to prepare too much, this you keep one for yourself, and then give some to the people around you." While saying that while helping Xuan Tian Med to wear it, "Just wear it."

  Xuan Tian Hei nodded and took the mask and walked out of the clinic tent.

  When Feng Yu Heng looked back again, she saw that Yao Xian was staring at her hand. She coughed lightly and called out again, "Grandfather."

  Yao Xian did not say anything, but his eyes moved to the syringe she was holding in her left hand. After looking at it for a while, he then inclined his head to look at some of the instruments and medicines in this tent that had previously been transferred from space by Feng Yu Heng, especially when his gaze fell on the boxes of western medicine, a brilliant light shot out.

  Half a long time, he said: "The epidemic is divided into many kinds, each breeding of epidemic bacteria may be newborn, even the latter can not develop a method that can solve a hundred epidemics. Therefore, it is necessary to extract the germ progenitor from the patient, and then develop the most targeted vaccine according to the progenitor."

  A speech, Feng Yu Heng only feel the brain "buzz", for a long time can not come back to consciousness.

  She just looked at the original grandfather in front of her in a daze, the words he had just spoken over and over again in his head, the shock came in bursts, holding the hand of the syringe are shivering.

  Yao Xian shook his head and smiled bitterly, "Western medicine are there, what exactly did you bring over?"

  Without any warning, without any prelude, without any rehearsal, Feng Yu Heng "wow" cried! This kind of crying is like a child, a handful of snot and a handful of tears, completely disregarded the image, the hands of the syringe are thrown away, people directly to Yao Xian, a handful of his neck howled - "Grandpa!"