Chapter 472 - The unreliable old man

  Seeing Wang Zhuo's face stunned, Xuan Tian Hei said with a muffled grunt, "Not dreaming and not eating, it seems to be singing." After saying that, he reached out and pushed the door, and walked in on his own.

  Wang Zhuo also followed into the, only a few steps, and heard Tian Wu pull his broken gong voice is singing - "brother willow to send sister, sister weave baskets to pick mushrooms; brother catch fish to send sister, sister raised in the creek."

  Wang Zhuo is confused, what the hell is this? The outside world is in turmoil, the palace is drinking pigeon soup, there are singing opera, crazy, right?

  Of course, he only dared to chatter in his heart, did not dare to say out. The ninth prince did not have any special reaction, as if everything that happened in front of him was very ordinary, to stand still to half turn his head to him and said: "Since the palace is fine, you take the people outside to meet with Bu Cong and his heavily armored soldiers, can catch one is one, can not catch, then directly killed. Order Bai Ze to immediately send a letter from the flying eagle to the camp on the outskirts of the capital, and have Qian Li lead the men to surround the remnants of the northern boundary, don't leave any of them behind."

  Wang Zhuo finally breathed a sigh of relief, he now would rather go out of the palace to fight, rather than feel the weird atmosphere in this palace ah! So he hurriedly answered loudly, "My subordinates follow orders!"

  This voice was a bit too loud, directly startling Tian Wu, the song stopped, angry shouting followed - "Who's making noise there?"

  Wang Zhuo shivered and knelt down: "I, Wang Zhuo, the governor of the capital, kowtow to the emperor!"

  Tian Wu angrily came out from the inner hall of Zhaohe Hall, apparently some impatience, he did not ask Xuan Tianming and Wang Zhuo into the palace in the middle of the night for what, directly with Xuan Tianming discussion said: "You go to the Qiankun Hall over there can not? Qiankun Hall has a dragon chair, you sit there, how you want to command on how to command, want to give any order on what order, I let Xiaoyuanzi jade seal also give you the past, you want to feel oral enough strength, you let people draft the decree, finished their own bang a chapter, on the line. The first thing you need to do is to get a copy of the book. Don't make a fuss with here, I am busy."

  Wang Zhuo listened to several times collapse, but Xuan Tian Med has long been used to, but this time he is really angry, a gold mask can not cover the angry face, the whole body raging anger, actually forced Tian Wu Emperor involuntarily backward two steps.

  "Hei …… Hei'er." Tian Wu some heart weakness, "who provoked you? You speak! The father emperor give you the decision. Is not the old three? Old three or old four? Or the old three and the old four together? You will arrest them all, or call your daughter-in-law to go, and beat them both to death! Alas, last time your daughter-in-law smacked the old three I said lightly, in fact, do not have to give me face, that evil seed I have long since not wanted, she ……"

  "She is outside the city!" Xuan Tian Med suddenly raised his volume and shouted at Emperor Tian Wu: "Honest and seventh brother was tricked out of the city by Duan Mu Qing, until now have not returned!" He was so angry that he clenched his hands into fists and clucked his knuckles, although he knew that Feng Yu Heng had a Qiankun space to hide in, but what if it was too late to hide? What if you get hurt? What if that Qiankun space goes wrong at the critical moment? He did not dare to take a little risk with Feng Yu Heng's life, Tian Wu, as well as this palace does not care, really offended him.

  Tian Wu also froze, Feng Yu Heng went out of the city? Tricked by Duanmu Qing? Lao Qi also went out? He was stunned, and instantly a cold sweat rose on his back.

  "I …… me, I didn't expect them both to go out of the city." Tian Wu was very chagrined, originally he still felt that he was quite calm, and even this palace was quite calm, even though the sound of the crash at the end of the Duanmen was so loud that it spread to every corner of the palace, he still calmly asked Zhang Yuan to send messages to all the palace courtyards, saying that there was no need to be afraid, the Ninth Prince's army was already outside and captured the thieves. The people in the palace also really listen to him, he said nothing is really as nothing, the food to eat the sleep to sleep, and even heard that the queen who is not afraid of things big also pulled a few concubines to the theater to listen to the opera. But he never expected that Feng Yu Heng was trapped.

  What to do? Even the king of a country is also anxious, because he knows what Feng Yu Heng means to Xuan Tian Med, and even more so, what Feng Yu Heng means to Da Shun. The girl is a national treasure, who is not okay she can not be okay, otherwise that is definitely enough to make him regret his life.

  The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing. Besides, the Seventh Highness has also left the city, with the Seventh Highness's kung fu, he will be able to protect the county princess."

  Tian Wu stomped his foot: "What if there are more people in the northern sector?"

  "There is no eventuality." Zhang Yuan said categorically, "The two Highnesses will be able to handle this matter!" After saying that, he glanced at Xuan Tian Hei, "What do you think, Your Highness?"

  Xuan Tian Med sighed helplessly, what can he say? The fact that Tian Wu is calm is a good thing, trusting him is also a good thing, Feng Yu Heng was tricked out of the city this thing no one expected, can not blame anyone.

  "Right." He nodded at Tian Wu, broadening his heart, "With seventh brother in, nothing will happen to Heng Heng, but ……" his brow furrowed again, remembering that Wang Zhuo was still there, he hurriedly kicked Wang Zhuo - "You go out and do your business." Wang Zhuo did not say a word and ran away from the shadow of a smoke.

  Tian Wu looked at the leg still wounded people running like a rabbit, can not help but ask a question: "He that injury is fake, right?"