Chapter 488: The foundation of a lifetime of happi

  cpa300_4(); This shout if Feng Yu Heng heard, will definitely despise him is too unprofessional, this Feng Jin Yuan even "find the problem first do not move to observe" principle do not understand, a voice shouted out, listen to the garden there are footsteps panic and up, not waiting for him to react to go to investigate, inside and again The quiet has returned. ^ Pen Interesting Pavilion ^^^^

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

  He was a little unsure, and immediately called his men and ordered, "Search this garden carefully." Then he accelerated his steps towards the front yard and found the housekeeper He Zhong and asked, "Has anyone entered the house today?"

  He Zhong nodded his head without thinking, "Didn't the master say last time that there was no restriction on people coming to condole during the old lady's funeral? The people who came were not important people, so the concierge did not register their names one by one, but only left the funeral rites and let them go."

  During the mourning period people come and go, this Feng Jin Yuan is in mind, but just heard the words in the forest end always let him feel some not quite right, heart has been guilty of the combination, but can not think exactly.

  He Zhong saw that something was wrong and asked him, "Master, is there someone wrong?"

  Feng Jin Yuan waved his hand, "Nothing. Tomorrow the old lady will be mourning, so don't let anyone in after the evening meal and close the door."

  "I'll take note of it, but what if Second Miss comes this way at night? She just went back to the county …… er, back to the county lord's residence with the third young lady."

  Feng Jin Yuan was annoyed as soon as he heard Feng Yu Heng and the county lord's residence, he simply waved his hand, "If she wants to come over, let her go, what I said is that outsiders are not allowed to enter."

  He Zhong nodded and hurriedly went over to the concierge to give orders. Feng Jinyuan turned around and was about to go to the spiritual hall when he saw Han walking from the direction of the peony courtyard to the front yard. He frowned and raised his voice to ask: "What are you doing out here? Didn't you say you didn't need to come here when you were pregnant?"

  Han's face was not very good, a little white, but Feng Jin Yuan did not suspect anything, he thought that coming from the direction of the Peony Courtyard, it must be coming from the Hall of Souls. It was normal for a person who was pregnant with a heavy body to go to the spiritual hall and look bad. He now attaches great importance to the child in Han's belly, rushed forward to welcome a few steps, simply pulled off his own coat draped behind him and put it on Han, and complained: "Why do you go out without two maids?"

  Han was a bit panicked and forced herself to calm down before she spoke back: "I've been nursing in the house, but I was really thinking about the old lady, so I came to take a look. I'm going back now."

  Feng Jin Yuan patted her shoulder and said thoughtfully, "I'll see you off." When he finished, he personally helped Han to go back to the Yulan courtyard, but when he looked down again, he saw that Han's shoes were covered with a few weeds, he frowned and personally bent down to help her pat the weeds away. This series of considerate behavior straight to a Han was moved to red eyes, but the heart of the worry but also more up.

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. " She said while looking at Yao Xian: "Grandpa, you must have prepared for the Desolate State, right?"

  Yao Xian stood beside her with his hands folded, his eyes fixed on the map of Dasun's territory for a while, then nodded: "Don't worry, Desolate State is our own territory."

  Feng Yu Heng trusted her grandfather 100%, so she told Qing Yu: "Focus all your energy on Ping Gan Xu three states, just follow the same scale and procedure as the Hundred Herb Hall that was set up in Xiao Zhou, I believe you and Wang Lin have experience, so I won't worry much."

  Qing Yu nodded and said seriously, "Don't worry, Miss, we have trained many people over the past year, and each of them can hold their own in the opening and maintenance of the Hundred Herb Hall."

  The company's main goal is to provide a comprehensive range of products and services to the public. The good thing is that this Qing Yu is a business genius, Wang Lin is also a person with extremely flexible brain, the two of them together, to the capital and Xiaozhou both sides of the Hundred Herb Hall to take care of a sound. Of course, the focus is not on the Hundred Herb Hall, but on the cultivation of people and the transmission of information, and most importantly, the promotion and maintenance of her personal reputation and image, Feng Yu Heng.

  The world will be Xuan Tian Hei's in the future, and she will be the only one standing by Xuan Tian Hei's side. In such an era, the concept of one ruler and one queen is outside of everyone's ability to accept, and will inevitably encounter many obstacles and will hear many unpleasant voices. When Xuan Tian Hei becomes the emperor, he can no longer be so capricious as to say to those he does not like to fight and kill, he must learn to weigh the pros and cons, must try to accept something that was previously unacceptable. So, if she wants to calmly and smoothly the only person at his side, she must do her best to create more capital for herself when Xuan Tian Hei is not yet the emperor, to establish a better image for herself in the hearts of the people, so that when that day comes, there will be less opposition and more people to support.