Chapter 489 can not reach a tacit understanding, a

  The first time I saw a girl, I was a little surprised. she didn't understand this girl's mind, what's more, someone like Xuan Tianhua, a girl's heart would be moved, right! If she hadn't first met Xuan Tian Hei ……

  The first thing you need to do is to ask your sister if you can get married, and why did you say you wouldn't get married?

  The question has long been thought about, although when asked, her expression was still a bit dazed because she suddenly fell into a kind of thinking, but also quickly recovered, she told Feng Yu Heng: "Because I can neither do the tacit understanding between the second sister and the seventh highness, nor can I do the intimacy between the second sister and the ninth highness, I think and think, but I do not know how to get along with him, even if I think and think, I do not know how to get along with him, even if it is hard to rub together, I still just think he is a god."

  In the end, she was a child, and the advice she gave Xuan Tianhua was that he was a god. In fact, not only think Rong, even Feng Yu Heng, sometimes do not know exactly what concept should be defined Xuan Tianhua that one. Thinking about it, there is only one sentence of immortality.

  She rubbed the head of the want to rong: "eleven years old, should still go to school age, really do not know this era of man-made are what sins, but to an eleven-year-old child to assume the fate of the family, so early to think about their lives. If you believe in your second sister, if you want to live a good life, forget about all this, this should not be something you think about, at least until after maturity."

  There is also a sentence she did not say, in fact, fifteen years old are early, fifteen years old can have ignorant first love, but to ask her to accept fifteen years old to marry someone, is also enough bullshit. The reason why she herself does not have too much resistance to Xuan Tian Med, it is because she is originally the soul of a twenty-something year old, but this era has educated children like Wanna Rong into monsters, so she has to follow the worry. "If I have a daughter in the future, I will not let her fall into it at a young age." She subconsciously said the thought in her mind, and immediately saw a burst of surprise on the face of Wanyong.

  "Second sister, Xirong is eleven years old, and not too young."

  She lost her smile, knowing that this concept can not be changed back overnight, can only give up this topic, only to tell think Rong: "believe me, do not think, no one can predict the future, you can not, I can not, seven brother also can not. Relax, grow up little by little, there is no hurry."

  Finally came the day of the mourning of old Mrs. Feng, because the old home in Fengtong County has been destroyed by floods, the old lady can only choose to be buried in a cemetery 20 miles west of the capital.

  On this day, except for the pregnant Han, all the rest of the Feng family were in heavy mourning, with the only son, Feng Jin Yuan, at the front, carrying the streamers, the first grandson, Feng Zi Rui, and the first granddaughter, Feng Yu Heng, at the top, supporting the spirits, followed by Xiang Rong and Fan Dai. After that, there are the Cheng sisters, An Zhen and Jin Zhen.

  There are two coffins together, one for the old lady, and one for Jin Zhen. Jin Zhen externally claimed to have died of grief due to the death of the old lady, but internally the reason was very straightforward - to bury the old lady.

  As for how Jin Zhen died, no one will ask, Feng Jin Yuan wants to kill Jin Zhen, there are at least a hundred ways, and Jin Zhen deserved to die, this is also undoubtedly a matter of fact. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do. You are bad to me, I must make you painful to live. In front of this principle, regardless of affinity, no one can touch, can not change.

  The old lady's funeral ceremony was decent, although not compared to the days when he was a prime minister, but certainly more than a fifth-ranking official's family rituals to be much more elaborate, even the coffin is the best gold nan.

  A funeral ceremony was held from early morning to noon, finally the puja was over and the Feng family collectively kowtowed three heads in front of the old lady's grave, which was considered a success.

  On the way back to the house, people are a little heavy. In the past year, the Feng family has lost many people one after another, from Shen to Feng Zihao, and then Feng Shen Yu, the old lady, and then counted a Jin Zhen, perhaps also have to include the Feng family daughter-in-law and daughter of Kang Yi and Ru Jia, originally a famous family, but in a short period of time to wither into such a state.

  Feng Yu Heng sat in the carriage of the Feng family, listening to the hustle and bustle of the streets outside the curtain, the sound of hawking, bargaining, the occasional fist fight coming from the restaurants, and the sound of children's cries, the atmosphere of the marketplace and folklore filled the air, she felt, this is the earth.

  This is how life should be, not in a big mansion like the Feng House where one feels sorry for oneself or where one's concubines and sisters fight to the death. She actually did not want so many people to take the road to death, but not everyone can be as content as she would like. The first thing you need to do is to get more, and the second thing you need is to get better, from Shen to Jinzhen, one by one, but Feng Jin Yuan always wants to put the blame on her.

  She asked the Huang Quan forgetfulness around her: "Have you heard when the Feng family is planning to move out?"

  The two shook their heads, forgetting Chuan said: "I only know that the Fifth Highness gave Lord Feng a sum of silver to exchange the land deed from the young lady, and I heard that the Fifth Highness gave the Feng family a mansion as a bride price for the fourth young lady. Think, the Feng family should move to that mansion, and the emperor after the allocation over that one, not heard how to deal with."

  Huang Quan took the words over: "How else can we deal with it, it is not guaranteed to be sold for silver, and then within a few days it will be squandered again."

  But Feng Yu Heng shook his head: "The residence allocated to officials by the court cannot be sold, but can be mortgaged. But the Feng family should not be very short of money at the moment, he is not so bad as to hit that mansion right away."