Chapter 520: Finally entering Xiaozhou

  The remaining nine bodies were found ten miles ahead, and the same method of digging a pit to bury them, erecting a sign, and bowing.

  When Xuan Tian Hei's team advanced again, Feng Yu Heng faced the wind, tears were soaring out of her eyes.

  Xuan Tian He drove his horse alongside him, reached out and wiped a hand on her eyes, and said loudly: "Do not cry! Remember the hatred, those who offend me, will be doubly returned!"

  Another day and night, through a village and a town, the horses were still all cleared. Xuan Tian Med was so angry and happy, sitting in front of the teepee by the official road while chewing cakes and said, "I thought it was so powerful, it's just slowing us down."

  Feng Yu Heng sunken face, after eating the last bite of cake, began to polish her bow. The bow has been placed in space, not Hou Yi bow, but also in the camp when Xuan Tian Med gave her, toughness and good, the weight is also moderate.

  Zi Rui was captured this matter has been in her heart blocked, blocked her occasionally will not come to the gas. The hand that rubs the bow one by one is completely subconsciously moving, the last scene before the death of those secret guards repeatedly appeared in front of her eyes. Although she did not see it with her own eyes, but she knows too much about tracking arrows, she knows that, in addition to the pain caused by death, the kind of fear and despair when being tracked is the most deadly. Those men obviously have the best behind the best lightning skills, but the arrows behind them are getting closer and closer how to shake off can not be shaken off, she can empathize, because she received the relevant psychological training when she was learning tracking archery.

  Feng Yu Heng stared straight at the horses that were eating grass, some horses' paws were falling off, some horses' feet were limping, but they didn't have other horses to change, so they had to grit their teeth and continue to ride on their backs until the horses fell down and couldn't walk again. She only ruthlessly did not know in advance that there is crossing this thing, otherwise she must drive a cross-country car to the dispensary to prepare.

  Unfortunately, there is no such thing as "knowing in advance"! She poured Xuan Tian Med some more tea, sighed lightly and whispered: "I always feel that this matter is not so simple, why did Qian Zhou kidnap Zi Rui? Is it to deal with me? To delay the progress of steelmaking? But the new steel no longer needs me to keep an eye on it every day to refine it, even without me, Dasun can already have steel weapons by now."

  Xuan Tian Hei wrinkled his brow and said, "National hatred is one aspect, family hatred is also included in it. The account of Ru Jia, and the account of those thousands of Zhou people, they are determined to settle with us. But the other side has such a precise grasp of Zirui's whereabouts, and can clear this way the horse so clean, should not only a group of divine shooting can do, there must be helpers to cooperate."

  She thought about it and said, "Feng Jin Yuan has a thousand Zhou's secret guards around him, but the number should be small, now it seems that there must be many thousand Zhou people hiding in Da Shun territory."

  Xuan Tian Hei coldly snorted and said, "There is also a possibility that they are not Thousand Zhou people, after all, Dasun's border has been quite closely guarded for nearly a hundred years, it is not easy for them to mix into the country's borders."

  "En?" She froze, then reacted, "You mean …… the northern border? It's the Duanmu family?"

  Xuan Tian Med nodded and was about to go on, when he saw a fast horse suddenly coming straight this way on the side of the official road extending northward, the horse's hooves flying when it rolled up a burst of dust and sand, startling the birds in the woods on both sides to flutter up and away.

  Huang Quan sharp-eyed, a glance at the identity of the person riding the horse recognized, could not help but point to that person sharply said: "is the official! That man is the official of the post!"

  When she called out, Ben went without saying a word, his body flashed straight forward and directly stopped the man and the horse.

  The official on the horse was startled and said, "How dare you! I am the court messenger officer, 800 miles to the capital, no one can stop!" This person to also have some courage, class walking kung fu good, to be able to gently stop the 800-mile express with their own strength, replaced by ordinary people will be frightened, but he still have the sense to report his name, and also turned his head, to Xuan Tian Hei and others where the teahouse this place to see.

  The couple running the teahouse had been scared to the side, the man's gaze swept around, and soon swept back, finally landing on Xuan Tian Hei.

  "You are ……" he was obviously stunned, then said in surprise: "Ninth Highness?"

  "Yo!" Huang Quan asked him, "You recognize our highness?"

  The official struggled to break away from Ban Gao's hand, but unfortunately it didn't work, he said helplessly: "Since you are with the Ninth Highness, there is no need to hold on to me, I am really a messenger officer appointed by the court, I have never seen the Ninth Highness, but that mask and the purple lotus on my brow, I know it in my heart."

  Xuan Tian Med waved his hand at Ban Gao, signaling him to let go of the person, and only then did Ban Gao let go of his hand. He just let go of his hand, the official immediately jumped in front of Xuan Tian Hei, without saying a word first kneeling, and then stared straight at Xuan Tian Hei's face carefully.

  The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do. She thought of this, then opened her mouth and said to the official: "Do not worry, the person in front of you is indeed the ninth prince of Dasun, his highness is beside the county princess Ji'an."

  When she mentioned Princess Ji'an, the man immediately "ah", then turned his head to look at Feng Yu Heng, this look can not help but be very happy: "Yes, yes! The mask of the ninth highness and the purple lotus on the eyebrow are known from a long time ago, but they are only legends, the official has not seen them with his own eyes. But the county princess in the next acquaintance, when the county princess is still the county princess, the capital of the winter disaster when you give warm tea at the door of the Hundred Herb Hall, the official also asked for a bowl."