Chapter 521 - Big Dog

  The sudden question, the crowd's vigilance instantly increased again, and even Ban go and another few secret guards all at once leapt to Feng Yu Heng body protection.

  The horse farmer was taken aback by their attitude, and took half a step back and waved his hands: "No, no, don't misunderstand, someone entrusted me to bring a message to a girl named Feng, and also left something."

  Huang Quan asked in a cold voice: "How do you know that my lady's surname is Feng?"

  The man looked at Xuan Tian Hei and said, "Two days ago a group of people came to me to buy horses, one of the masters threw ten taels of silver to me, saying that in a few days there will be a group of people coming to Xiao Zhou, led by a man and a woman, the woman is twelve or thirteen years old, the man wears a mask, it is gold." He said while calling the underlings of the stable: "Hurry up, bring the things left by that master!"

  Not long after, a young fellow ran over, holding a bundle in his hand and handed it to Feng Yu Heng. The horse farm owner added: "This is the bundle left behind by that master two days ago, I didn't dare to open it, but it's soft to the touch, it should be fabric."

  The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the bag and then open it.

  The child was wearing this one when he left, and there were several bamboo leaves on the sleeves that she had embroidered with her own hands, the embroidery was quite ugly, and Zirui had laughed at her. But no matter how to joke, still happily put on the clothes.

  Xuan Tian Hei reached out to lightly press Feng Yu Heng's shoulder as a sign of comfort, and then asked the horse farm owner: "Are those people staying in Xiaozhou?"

  The owner of the horse farm shook his head: "I don't know, they only bought horses from me, and then left the silver and this package, as for whether they stayed in Xiaozhou, master, you see Xiaozhou is so big, if they went elsewhere to join the store, I don't know ah!

  This person is telling the truth, Xuan Tian Med nodded and did not ask, but the horse farm owner thought about it, but took the initiative to ask: "Listen to your accent, is the people from the capital, right? Two days ago that group of people is not from the capital, speaking with a hard accent, should be the people of the north." The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

  Feng Yu Heng urgently asked: "Have you seen that group of people with a small child?" The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.

  The horse farmer thought about it and shook his head, "Never seen it. No small children, all men, strong." Reaching out to take the silver, nodding his head in thanks.

  But the little fellow who brought the package to the side tilted his head and said suspiciously, "They seem to have brought a big dog!"

  "Big dog?" This question was Feng Yu Heng Xuan Tian Med and a group of underlings asked in unison, so that the little fellow was startled, his face was white and did not dare to say further.

  The owner of the horse farm kicked him: "afraid of what! I told you to speak, you say! That group of people is not a good person, these are the rightful owners!" In fact, he did not care what serious master, just think Feng Yu Heng gave him more silver than the group in front of him, and it seems that although they are a little distressed, but all of them are extraordinary, wearing clothes material is also the best. Such customers are well served, the silver is a lot of money.

  He was a slippery look by Xuan Tian Hei a glance through, but he wants this kind of people, as long as the money, you can get the words out of his mouth. He intended to go to the camp this time, bring out the silver to really not much, but before they had a lot of gold and silver and silver tickets are put into Feng Yu Heng's space, the space of the storage room put a whole five big boxes, full of gold and silver, just the silver tickets also have nearly ten million taels, just how to spend.

  So, Xuan Tian Hei stared at that horse farm owner and spoke: "As long as you tell the truth, the benefits will naturally be less."

  The young man was also kicked awake by the owner of the horse farm, and received the silver yuan treasure handed over by Feng Yu Heng, happy smile, hurriedly replied: "Those people carry a large cage, covered with black cloth, inside the occasional sound of collision, I once heard a bark. Those people said it was a big dog, but the barking sound is not like a dog, to …… people."

  Feng Yu Heng legs a weak, almost planted, Xuan Tian Med a hand to hold people, tightly in the arms.

  They no longer ask questions, the dark guards focused on picking the horse decided to depart immediately. Forgetting the river Huangquan followed the class to go to the nearby store to buy a lot of food, again on the road, Feng Yu Heng thought, this Xiaozhou city she intended to come many times, she also opened a hundred herbal halls here, but also trained a dozen small nurses, especially here there is Yunlu Academy, she has always wanted to visit Ye Shanchang.

  Unfortunately, the plan could not catch up with the change, when she finally arrived in Xiaozhou, but did not have the opportunity to greet with any party forces, and hurriedly had to go further north.

  The other side was obviously going to lead them all the way north, they just didn't know where the end would be. Unless they catch up halfway, if not, it is likely that they will have to dive into the Thousand Weeks, then they will be caught in a jar.

  Feng Yu Heng is riding the same horse with Xuan Tian Hei, the stable horses are very tall, not too suitable for her small size, not to mention, two days and nights without sleep, Xuan Tian Hei is not comfortable with her riding alone again. She shrank right in front of him and whispered, "Must find a way to stop people before entering the northern boundary, otherwise …… it's too dangerous."