Chapter 522 - Mysterious Wooden Box

  There is water on the deck, the little girl climbed twice without getting up, the bearded man in the hand of the whip and again swung, looking at the child to draw.

  Suddenly, the man only felt a blur before his eyes, as if something flashed, came and went. His whip fell short and hit the deck hard, while the little slave who was lying on the ground disappeared.

  The sound of the whip on the deck was very loud, "pop", directly to the owner of the boat to come. Hear the old man shouted, cursing: "Dying you? This boat line on the river, if you break it, I'll be the first to send you to feed the fish and shrimp!"

  The bearded man is also a ruthless master, once heard the boat boss speak so ungraciously, he did not say anything, raised the whip is going to whip the boat boss.

  So a row, the boat workers also quit, have rushed up and he tore, plus there are watching the boat passengers are also accusing the bearded man, to also not much time to let the bearded man to stop. He also knows how stupid it is to destroy the deck on board, but he quickly remembered the reason he accidentally drew the deck, so he hurried to look around, and finally fell in a place to look. He saw a little girl of twelve or thirteen years old asking questions about his little slave, and beside her there was a man standing with a bucket hat on his head, and for some reason he felt that the man under the bucket hat was staring at him with a deadly stare, which immediately sent a chill up and down his body.

  "Humph!" He settled down, grunted angrily to embolden himself, and took a few steps forward before he said loudly, "How dare you! Are there any robbers on this ship? That's my slave, why did you take it away?" He wanted to curse, but he couldn't say any of the unpleasant words that came to his lips, a sense of danger invaded his nerves, and he intuitively believed that if he made a dirty speech, he would be killed by the other side without mercy. But the slave was his, and there was nothing wrong for him to ask for it back, so he shouted again - "Bitch! Come back to me now!"

  The little girl was frightened by him, but still could not control to go to the bearded side. She is a slave, the deed of sale in the hands of others, what else can you do if you do not go back?

  But the little leg just took less than two steps, Feng Yu Heng took her hand but pulled back again, a moment to drag the child back again.

  The bearded man saw clearly and asked, "What the hell do you want?"

  Feng Yu Heng winked at the forgetful river, who immediately raised his voice and said, "No eyes? We are inspecting the goods!"


  "Nonsense!" Huang Quan scolded, "Aren't you a slave seller? We want to buy this girl, so naturally we have to inspect the goods first to see if she is well behaved."

  As soon as the man heard that the other party was a slave buyer, he immediately changed his smile and took a few more steps forward and began to keep selling his slaves. Feng Yu Heng listened to the annoyance, pulling the girl back to the elegant box, Xuan Tian Med ordered: "Buy." Then also followed in, leaving Huang Quan forgetting the two to deal with the bearded man.

  Only once the three entered the compartment, Xuan Tian Hei immediately back to close the door, listen to Feng Yu Heng pulled the girl asked urgently: "quickly tell sister, your wrist this red rope is where it came from?"

  The little girl on the wrist bang a red rope, looks ordinary, even the bearded slave owner did not care, thought it was a general string rope, the little girl wear also wear. But Feng Yu Heng recognized that the red rope is she took out from the space, Zi Rui look good to be worn on the wrist, that rope is not this era of things, she believes that in this era can not have such craft, but because it has been very dirty, so do not look carefully can not really see.

  The little girl was a little scared, timidly hiding straight, at this time, forgetting Chuan's voice came from outside: "Master, the purchase is ready."

  Xuan Tian Med opened the door and took a deed of sale. After closing the door again he raised at the maid: "We have bought you, from now on, we are your master. The master asks questions, you still do not answer truthfully!"

  Once the little girl heard that she had been bought, she looked at Feng Yu Heng again and suddenly realized that she must be much better off following this sister than being in the hands of the bearded man. But still, she asked uneasily, "Will you beat me? Will not give me food?"

  Feng Yu Heng shook her head, "No. As long as you know what to say, you will be just like an ordinary maid in the future, just serve with all your heart."

  The girl breathed a sigh of relief, and only then did she tell the story of the red rope: "The bearded man locked us up at the pier for three days, and the next day, two days ago, a group of people came to the pier to wait for the boat, and one of them was carrying a large cage covered with black cloth. When the cage passed me, the black cloth was blown away by the river breeze at a small corner, and I saw a little brother inside there. He also saw me, but soon the black cloth closed again, I could not see him, but the cage fell out of this red rope." The girl said while pointing to the red rope on her wrist, "I looked good, I picked it up and put it on. The bearded man came to see once, found that is a broken rope, it did not care about me, as I put on."

  The little girl is talking about others, but when it comes to the boy in the cage, the little face has some intolerant expression, she said: "That little brother is so poor, the cage space is very small, he must be very difficult to shrink inside."

  The more Feng Yu Heng listened, the more his heart hurt, hearing that the space in the cage is very small, almost to collapse. Xuan Tian Hei pressed her shoulder at the side and kept saying, "Calm down, calm down." Then asked the girl: "Did that group of people on board? Can you see?"

  The girl nodded, "Yes, they also got on the boat and left two days ago."