Chapter 535: Hua'er and Heng Heng are a good match

  Feng Yu Heng chattered with the little palace maid for a while, waiting for that palace maid to gently step out of the hall where the moon observation platform is located. www*xshuotxt/comtxt全集下载/

  The most important thing to avoid in listening to a story is to wander off, Ah Heng, tell me what that story was about just now?"

  Feng Yu Heng hurriedly sat up straighter and said seriously, "My daughter-in-law was listening carefully. When they reached the entrance of the puppy hole in the north, the guard took the lead and dragged the concubine out from the outside. The concubine was so fat that she got stuck halfway through the hole and was caught by the imperial guard who came after her."

  Consort Yun nodded, "En, really listened to understand."

  In Xuan Tian Med and Xuan Tian Hua two snickers, Feng Yu Heng in order to show their enthusiasm for this story, very cooperatively with the extremely gossipy tone asked the supervisor: "And then what?"

  The supervisor said, "The battle died."

  Feng Yu Heng nodded his head, "Good death!" Then began to talk about feelings: "So I said, men should not have too many women, both too busy to work, but also can not control, in the end, the joke is their own."

  Yun Fei agrees with this, Xuan Tian Med and Xuan Tian Hua two also think, several people in this view, a high degree of unity of thought.

  The first time I saw the story of the concubine, I saw the fire-like enthusiasm for the gossip story still in her eyes, I could not help but sigh in my heart, but still maintain the same level of enthusiasm on the surface, then she took the initiative to speak again, and said to the supervisor: "The concubine's story is finished, you can tell another one!

  The supervisor took a look at Feng Yu Heng, and his heart shuddered again. The first time he saw her was this feeling, until today, although it is not strange to see more, but the heart of that trembling has never been reduced.

  The supervisor has been learning astrology since childhood, and the things he has accounted for have never gone astray. He saw at a glance that Feng Yu Heng was the main ruler of the astrological palace, but only later did he learn that she was the future daughter-in-law of the ninth prince of the dynasty, the one everyone praised as the county princess of Ji'an.

  He has a number, this girl has held up the five hundred years of the Phoenix Star again, but it is very strange, such a vision is usually in the woman's birth when the sky will show, why this Phoenix Star is more than a year ago to view it? Really puzzled. Read the latest chapter of this book, please search 800]

  Of course, let him more puzzled is …… Phoenix Star! That is the phoenix star ah! The master once said, the main executive phoenix star woman, the fate of the peculiar, endless dignity, must be graceful atmosphere, have the degree of tolerance. But how could this …… woman be so gossipy?

  He helplessly shook his head, think he tang Qintian Supervisor, even the emperor have to give him three points of face, but always will not have a little defense will fall into the Yun Fei niang gossip paragraph hand, this is really …… a great shame! This family loves to gossip, not only when the mother likes, even everyone called nine Yan Wang's nine princes also love to hear, everyone called the seven gods of the seven princes also love to hear! He really x the dog.

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  Feng Yu Heng wiped the cold sweat that was not even on his forehead, thinking that this supervisor is also a talent ah! The Queen did not say, and now to pick on the Prince, and then give him a moment to say, is not even Tian Wu to start picking on?

  But Princess Yun felt very tasty, hurriedly nodded: "Good, just say the prince, this palace loves to hear."

  Supervisor Zheng owed, continued: "We have a total of nine imperial sons of Dasun, we do not mention the other, today we will talk about the fourth prince who was confined."

  Feng Yu Heng's eyes lit up, the old fourth?

  The story begins: "The fourth prince, for plotting with the third prince to usurp power, was sentenced to life imprisonment. But in addition to this heavy sentence, there is another interesting sentence, you all, can you remember what it is?"

  Yun Fei knew that Xuan Tian Yi was imprisoned, but did not know what else there was, and shook her head, indicating that she did not know.

  Xuan Tian Medi who has the heart to remember this matter, also shook his head did not speak.

  Although Feng Yu Heng thought of a little, but I do not know if the supervisor is about to speak of that.

  The first thing that happened was that Xuan Tian Hei opened his mouth leisurely and said, "He was also sentenced to embroider flowers for the third young lady of the Feng family, Feng Xiangrong."

  "Your Highness is right!" The supervisor nodded, "It was this interesting sentence that led to our story today. It is said that the fourth prince was punished to embroider flowers for Miss Feng, but initially was very reluctant. The first thing that happened was that he was not happy about it, but he didn't have the ability to resist anymore. I heard that the first thing Miss Feng asked him to embroider was a mandarin duck. The fourth prince, even if he was reluctant, had no choice but to pick up the needle and thread and pick a few stitches to make a look, without even outlining it, and then threw it to the subordinates to send to Miss Feng."