Chapter 538: Picking soft persimmons

  This sound almost did not put a Xuan Tianhua scared to death, originally sitting on his knees in the seat almost did not directly planted, a cold brain on the spot down.

  This voice is …… Yun Fei?

  "Hua'er ……" Xuan Tianhua was thinking, calling for life like the movement of the soul came again.

  He shivered, hurriedly from the seat up and down, and then squatted to look under the seat. Well, always considered elegant and elegant Yun Fei maiden, is lying flat under the seat, with a bitter face to look at him sadly.

  Xuan Tianhua was terrified and hurriedly helped Princess Yun out from under the seat. The carriage space is already small, do not know how this Yun Consort got in, this came out to hold him and began to pant heavily, said repeatedly: "suffocating my palace, really suffocating my palace!"

  The attendant of the carriage outside heard the movement of a woman talking in the carriage and hurriedly turned around and asked, "Your Highness? Is there something wrong?"

  Xuan Tianhua immediately raised his voice and said, "Nothing, catch your carriage." Then help Consort Yun sit down, only then helplessly said: "Mother Consort, how did you leave the palace?"

  Yun Fei waved her hand, "This you do not care, anyway, I have come out, you also do not bite a mother consort, outside, we should keep a low profile."

  Xuan Tianhua shook his head with a bitter smile, "I really can't help you. But this matter is not negotiable at all, mother, my son will send you back now. Stop……"

  He said "stop" did not wait to say, Yun Fei a hand to cover his mouth to death, cover when the force is too strong, Xuan Tianhua's head also hit the carriage. Yun Fei is very distressed, while lifting the other hand to rub the back of his head, while using a threatening tone with him, "If you dare to send me back to the palace, I will tell the story of your love for Ah Heng."

  Xuan Tianhua was so shocked by these words that he almost didn't bite her finger off! Yun Fei pulled back her hand, shook it off a few times, then sat down on the seat where Xuan Tian Hua was sitting, took out a piece of snack from her sleeve pocket, and ate it beautifully.

  Xuan Tianhua exiled immortal-like person, even by a cloud of consort to a word can not say, an immortal overflowing face full of dismay, the face expression that can really be a thousand changes wonderful extraordinary.

  After about a column of time, finally, Xuan Tianhua's ability to speak regained, and his expression was normal, but he asked her in confusion: "Mother, Heier and I are both going to the battlefield, why did you choose me?"

  Yun Fei replied rightfully: "Because you are better to talk."

  Xuan Tian Hua: "……" Dare to say that this is picking soft persimmons to pinch ah!

  Yun Fei smilingly stuffed half of the leftover snacks directly into Xuan Tian Hua's mouth, before saying, "Hua'er, you do not know your ninth brother's temper, if I chose to go with him, I would have been on my way back to the capital by now. You said he and his daughter-in-law, which is the oil lamp ah! Besides, since I was a child, my mother has always loved you the most! I haven't even stayed in his royal residence, but I have stayed in yours.

  Xuan Tian Hua stroked his forehead, that's not how he said it. Reaching out to take out the snacks, to also take a bite, while eating, he asked, "Mother just ran out, how should Father be there." He could already foresee what kind of fuss Emperor Tianwu would make after he found out that Consort Yun was missing. I think, the palace will not have a few days of peace.

  Who knows Yun Fei but does not care at all, "Do not worry, I am not completely unprepared. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. Even if he knows in the future, the old man will definitely think that I ran away with Heier, and will definitely not guess that it was you."

  "So …… this is the real reason why you chose me!" Xuan Tianhua felt that his life was also too bitter.

  Yun Fei cheerfully nodded her head, to not deny it at all, before waving at him again, "Come here, sit over some."

  Xuan Tianhua got up and sat next to her, Yun Fei immediately fell to his shoulder, and then adjusted a comfortable angle, pillowed his shoulder and fell asleep. Before she fell asleep, she said once more like a warning, "If you dare to send me back to the palace, I'll tell everyone that you like Ah Heng."

  "No matter." Xuan Tianhua resigned to his fate, "It's just, follow it, but let's say that after going out, everything is at my disposal."

  "I know, I know, nagging."

  Just like that, two princes, two cars, each with two unexpected people, flew off in two directions outside the capital.

  Meanwhile, in the Feng family's new residence, Feng Jin Yuan was half lying in a soft chair, with a thin blanket around his waist, his left hand wrapped in bandages, all in a mess, yet with a serious face staring at Fan Dai who was sitting under him.

  Fan Dai was originally the child in this family who was most looking forward to climbing to the first daughter's position and who took this father most seriously, but even she now looks at Feng Jin Yuan with a trace of contempt and dislike in her gaze.

  She has never been a person who can conceal, her happiness and sadness are all written on her face, how can Feng Jin Yuan not understand? Even though he is not a human being now, he is still her father, not only her father, he has to tell this daughter, only by this father, she can have a better way out.