Chapter 544 - Lending an identity

  To ask for peace for Queen Yun?

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. The latest chapter of the full text of the reading of the latest chapter of the mother, the mother, you capricious out of the palace, but never thought that the ninth highness and Ji'an county princess to the moon cold palace sent a child, right? The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. The child was sent here by the Ninth Highness himself. Not only that, but he was also told not to leave until they returned from the Thousand Weeks.

  God! The palace maid looked at the sky and sighed, coming back from the Thousand Weeks, that must be counted by the year, right? This is not just waiting for the help?

  Feng Zirui looked at this palace maid's face changing expressions, very puzzled, "You do not take me to see the Yun Fei Niang, standing here why are you standing here in a daze ah?"

  Sakura grass is also quite puzzled, "Isn't it said that people in the palace are particularly disciplined? Why do they all seem to be lazy and strange?" That eunuch already didn't look like a eunuch, how come this palace maid doesn't look like a palace maid now? The slave master had told them that once she was bought, the person who bought her was her heaven, and if her master was in danger, she would have to fight for her life to block the sword for him. The relationship between master and servant that Sakura grass had easily established began to crumble after entering the palace.

  How should a subordinate be? She was still young, and she had never come into contact with anyone other than the slave master who scolded her.

  For a while, the three stood there looking at each other with big eyes, the atmosphere was really strange.

  In the end, the palace maid was the first to react, but told Feng Zirui: "Your Majesty is resting now, let's go tomorrow to pay our respects, slave maid first arrange a guest bed for young master to stay, okay?"

  Feng Zirui raised his head to look at the sky, and a trace of doubt covered his heart. He was smuggled out of the camp after noon, and it was said that the secret guard had given them the sleeping point, and it was already dark when he woke up. After rushing all night, finally in the Qingli time into the capital, it is not yet lunch time, the Yun Fei niang niang this rest is what sleep? Is it a nap or a nap?

  "Let's go!" The palace maid also does not want to explain more, following the example of Zhang Yuan one side of the two children pulled in the hands, all the way to the guest bed.

  Finally, Feng Zirui and Sakura were sent into the guest bedroom, and the court lady who met them there told them, "The warm pavilion inside is for the young master to sleep, and the guarded kang outside is for the maids to live, so you can stay there first." Then with a bang, the door was closed. [more good-looking novels]

  Sakura shivered with fear and asked Zirui carefully, "Young master, we are not being locked up, are we?"

  Zi Rui shook his head: "Impossible, they only closed the door, but did not insert the bolt from the outside, we just need to reach out and push the door will open. What's more, do you know who the Yun Fei Niang is?" Seeing Sakura shake her head, he added: "It's my own brother-in-law's mother consort, yes, you've seen it, the ninth prince who wears a mask. So we are here with her, personal safety is absolutely guaranteed, just ……"

  "Just what?" Sakura grass is still a little nervous, after all, the first time into the palace, although from that eunuch to this moon cold palace palace maid, seems not too much like a subordinate, but the head of the palace natural emanation of the kind of majesty is still there, as the heavenly power like oppression of her small mind, let Sakura grass feel as if back to the days when in the hands of the slave master.

  Zi Rui turned around twice in the guest bedroom before saying, "It's just that it's a little difficult for us to get out."

  Sakura ran to him and asked in a small voice, "Young master still wants to run?"

  Zi Rui nodded, "En! Sister, they didn't keep their word, they said they would take me to the Northern Realm, but they ended up sending me back in this way. I am not a child anymore, how can I endure such a great shame? I have to find a way to get out of the palace, and if they don't take me to the Northern Realm, I'll go by myself!"

  "How is it that you are on your own? Young master don't want cherry grass?" She was a little anxious, "I don't care, anyway, Sakura grass is definitely to follow little brother, although I think stay in the palace is certainly very safe, but if little brother wants to escape, then Sakura grass will accompany you to escape together! Sakura grass will also block the knife for little brother!"

  Zi Rui looked at Sakura grass, and instantly understood a bit why his sister brother-in-law must send him back, because he now developed a belief that he wanted to get rid of Sakura grass, he thought, this girl must be dragging his feet.

  The two children sat in the guest bed, you look at me, I look at you, finally it was Zi Rui made a decision: "Dinner!"

  "Miss, let's eat!" Huang Quan received the buns from the boatmen outside, and threw them aside after a glance, saying disgustedly, "Eat what we brought ourselves."

  Feng Yu Heng nodded, and suddenly remembered something, hurriedly took the snacks Huang Quan had already taken out of the bag, and then stood up: "Let's send them to the young master and young lady, this is what the servant girl should do. The show should be sufficient, do not let people see the flaw." As he spoke, he was already heading out.

  The two of them, as soon as they left the cabin door, just like a subordinate look.

  The two of them are in the same position as the other two. The aroma of the snacks was blown out some distance, instantly overshadowing the unpalatable smell of buns.