Chapter 560: Preparing for marriage

  "Bring the man up!" That Dahu's eyes were staring straight at Feng Yu Heng, as if she was looking at a piece of goods, with an unkind light in her eyes.

  And at this time, Feng Yu Heng has long since returned to that weak, pitiful and timid appearance. In the bearded man's opinion, this is just a young girl, although it looks clean and smart, but ultimately can not escape her fate.

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

  The bearded man glanced at the shopkeeper beside him, and the shopkeeper hurriedly said, "Yes, that room is where the Lu family lives, and Lord Lu said when he left that we should keep an eye on this girl and not let her leave the room."

  The bearded man nodded, "En, that's it." After saying that, he raised his chin at the woman, "Go on, there is only one night left to work, you have to be well-trained."

  "Don't worry, General." That granny smiled, a confident face, obviously already familiar with such things.

  She walked towards Feng Yu Heng step by step, people did not know which play this sings, is strangely looking this way, but heard the bearded man suddenly shouted again: "Hurry up, get your birthday gifts ready, this general will now start to collect!"

  At that end, people helplessly handed in their birthday gifts one by one, crying one after another. At the other end, Feng Yu Heng looked at the woman coming towards her and sneered in her heart, but her face showed fear and she started to step back.

  The woman entered the room and closed the door behind her, revealing a mouthful of yellow teeth with a smile, and said to Feng Yu Heng with a strong voice: "Don't be afraid, I'm just here to teach you the rules, after tonight, if you can get the favor of Lord Duanmu, then I'll have to kowtow and call you master when I see you again."

  Feng Yu Heng narrowed her eyes, thinking that she had indeed guessed that the Lu couple was going to send her to the Dudu Mansion for the sake of their own future. This is very good, this is really a great opportunity for her.

  The woman's spirits were also high, and she talked all night about how women should serve men. But who is Feng Yu Heng, who has lived two lives, it is too easy for her to get something out of this silly old woman.

  The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers. I will listen to my mother-in-law and learn well, and if I become successful in the future, I will not forget the kindness of my mother-in-law in giving me this gift."

  The mother-in-law was happy to see how understanding she was, but in her heart she was thinking disdainfully, "Want to be successful? Want to be favored? Dream on! The most that the Grand Duke can do for any woman is only two or three months, and there will be new people after a while. The first thing you need to know is that there are twelve concubines in the capital's house, and you are the thirteenth, but you don't know that there are no less than a hundred maids in the common room who have no name.

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. The two of them have their own duties, so she will naturally ask herself what she wants to know - "Granny, Qianxi wants to ask what the Grand Duke's preferences are on a regular basis, so that she can serve him well and save herself from accidentally breaking the taboo."

  The woman thought it was only natural, so she really talked about Duanmu Anguo's preferences and so on. In addition to what Duanmu Anguo likes to eat and drink, Feng Yu Heng also asked some more valuable words - "The Grand Duke often goes to Qian Zhou in recent months, the day there is much colder than this northern boundary, the twelfth lady of the house is more understanding, she can cook a warm tea, every time the Grand Duke Out or home, she will cook a warm tea to bring over, and therefore got a lot of favor. So, Chien Hsi, if you want to win a man's heart, you have to see what he needs most."

  Feng Yu Heng leaned down and sincerely said, "Thank you for your mother-in-law's advice, but I don't know, besides warm tea, what else does the Grand Duke need?"

  "Well ……" the woman thought about it, then waved her hand and said: "It's okay to tell you about it, you should know about it after you enter the house. In our capital's house, in addition to the twelve concubines, there is a first lady. Although not the original wife of the president, but also decades ago into the door of the proper step-room, but also a thousand weeks of the county princess, the identity is noble. But she is now old after all, plus she does not go out of the house for years, shut up the whole day to grieve, tossing herself to look older than the Grand Duke. Now this first lady a psychological Buddha, days are hitched in the Buddha Hall, on the Grand Duke's affairs is not to ask. But she does not ask, but the Grand Duke can not be neglected her, but also have to be well nourished, after all, there are a thousand Zhou's identity is laid out there. The young ladies in the government have been instructed by the Grand Duke many times to let them go to the First Lady to do their filial duty when they have nothing to do, but the young ladies in the government are one by one high-minded, where they are willing to do that serving. The first thing you can do is to serve the first lady well, and then your position in the capital will be different from others. Now it is the time for the Lord Commander to defect to Qian Zhou, if you can help the Lord in the house to get more smiles from the First Lady, this is a great achievement."

  Feng Yu Heng's eyes lit up and she hurriedly bowed again to the woman with a happy face: "Don't worry, Grandma, Chien Hsi has remembered everything and will serve the Lord Commander and the First Lady well after she joins the government.

  "You're a sweet-talking girl." The mother-in-law covered her mouth and laughed, praising her constantly.

  Feng Yu Heng also said: "To be the concubine of Lord Dudu, no matter what, is better than to be a maid for others, Qianxi will from now on be good to Lord Dudu and First Lady with all her heart and soul, there is just one thing …… I hope mother-in-law can fulfill."