Chapter 594 - The Two Hybrid Demons

  When Xuan Tianhua saw Feng Zirui appear in front of him with a little girl, his heart couldn't have been more devastated. From the capital to Fuzhou, the same level of fright Yun Fei had already given him once, how come now Zi Rui came again?

  On the contrary, the moment Yun Fei saw Zi Rui, her heart was thrilled to no end! The wind like pouncing up, a handful of the child to embrace, snapped on the face to kiss ah!

  Zi Rui saw a veiled beauty pounced on him, originally thought it would be a beautiful thing, after all, although this woman can not see the whole face, but those eyes are really good-looking ah! But this beauty is a little too enthusiastic, right! Through the veil, he could faintly feel the passionate saliva, Zi Rui embarrassed, wanted to hide, but did not hide away.

  Xuan Tianhua waved his hand and said to the attendant, "Indeed, she is here to see me, so you can go down first." Only after the attendant left and closed the door, did he pull Yun Fei and Zi Rui away from each other, then stared at Zi Rui and asked, "Who did you come with?"

  Zi Rui with a bitter face wiped a handful of saliva stained by Consort Yun, then lowered his head and said pitifully into his fingers, "No one, I came by myself." Then pulled another handful of cherry grass: "She is following me."

  Xuan Tianhua's head buzzed, even if he was like a god, at this moment, there is no way to calm down, he really can't imagine how these two small children from the capital city all the way to the eastern boundary of Fuzhou, this journey is not as dangerous as to the northern boundary, but for children, the difficulty is also really big.

  "Hua'er." Yun Fei pulled his sleeve, "the child has come, how also have to eat the meal and say."

  Xuan Tianhua felt that he was redundant in this dining room, a mother he could not serve, and now there are two ancestors, this is really his life ah!

  "It's just that." He did not know what to say, scolding? He could not scold. Beat? He also can not hit. He could only go along with Yun Fei's words, "Let's eat first!"

  With his permission, Consort Yun hurriedly pulled the two children to wash their hands and wipe their faces, Zi Rui was a bit baffled, glancing at Consort Yun from time to time, wondering in his heart, "Who is this woman? The woman is called Hua'er, so intimate with the seventh highness, can not be Chun Wangfei? No, his Highness does not look like he will marry a princess. But who is it if not the royal concubine?

  This question went around in Zi Rui's head until the meal was finished, but he still couldn't figure it out. Xuan Tianhua saw that the two children had finally eaten enough, then said: "You rest for a couple of days, later I will ask the guards to send you back."

  Zi Rui was stunned and hurriedly waved his hands: "No, no, no! Seventh brother, I'm here to help you, I can't go back."

  "Help me?" Xuan Tianhua lost his smile and reached out to gather Zi Rui to his side, following Feng Yu Heng's usual pattern to pinch his little cheeks. This child from the capital to Fuzhou, such a long and bumpy road, but actually small face is still round, it can be seen that this must have brought a lot of silver from home, this journey eaten well. "What does Zirui want to help seventh brother?"

  From the initial surprise, to the subsequent slight anger, and now have to accept the truth, Xuan Tianhua has adjusted his mind, and when he speaks again, he is back to the kind of dusty and elegant. Zi Rui is accustomed to see, but Sakura grass never knew there is actually such a person under the sky, she looked at Xuan Tianhua, astonished mouth wide open, half a day can not close.

  For what he can help, Zirui told Xuan Tianhua seriously: "Help seventh brother to read military books, analysis of military law. When I was in Xiaozhou, I read a lot of military books, and the mountain chief said that I have a great talent in this area, seventh brother, you should be happy that I came to help you, at least in the two armies against each other."

  Xuan Tianhua cried and laughed, "The Eastern Realm is not at war."

  "En?" Zi Rui was stunned, "No war? Why are you here if there is no war?" No, when he was in the camp on the outskirts of the capital, he heard that the situation in the east was also very tense, and a war was about to start.

  Yun Fei looked at the two of them and laughed from ear to ear, reaching out from time to time to rub Zi Rui's face, "This little guy is too funny, simply too funny."

  Zi Rui was about to cry, clutching Xuan Tianhua's arm and asking him with a sobbing face, "Who is this girl? Seventh brother can you talk to her and ask her to behave herself."

  Consort Yun laughed even more arrogantly, pointing at Zi Rui and saying, "You said I'm a girl? Hahahahaha! Did Hua'er hear that, my mother still has some quotes outside."

  Xuan Tian Hei stroked his forehead, "Mother, it's okay to say that you wear your identity, but what's with the sentence after that?"

  This a mother export, Zi Rui instantly reacted, the original he did not figure out where in the end went to the Yun Fei, in front of the eyes ah!

  The child hurriedly from the chair down, pulled the cherry grass a hand is going to kneel down to the cloud consort kowtowing salute. After all, this is the elders, but also the consort, the big salute always have to do.