Chapter 595 - Dead City

  Xuan Tian Hei said, "Since we can't get in from the outside, let's open up an opening from the inside. Songzhou City is difficult to enter, but that was once upon a time, hon, now there is your Qiankun space, I take you to demolish Duanmu An Guo that winter palace, okay?"

  The first time I heard that I was going to demolish the winter palace, the little fire in my heart started to beat again, and it fluttered, making my face red.

  She grabbed Xuan Tian Hei's hand and said happily: "Yes, yes, I know the way, I can take you there."

  Xuan Tian Hei smiled at once, to have a wife like this, what more could a man ask for. With this girl in, he has never shown a smile in front of people in the past two years are gradually more and more, home can fight, battlefield can martial arts, he Xuan Tian Hei in his last life is what virtue, God actually let him pick up such a treasure.

  The two of them got the idea to enter the city, is not willing to waste a moment, that night called all the lieutenants into the marshal's tent to discuss, Xuan Tian He will spread the map of the northern boundary, for the area of Songzhou, the most rigorous deployment.

  And at the same time, Feng Yu Heng also gathered the celestial crew to start setting up a wide range of unidirectional trap formation. The battle with Songzhou will be kicked off sooner or later, when the boundary, the army rushed into the city is one side, the opponent's vanguard army will also kill outside the city to chase. The task of the Heavenly Crew is to use these unidirectional trap formations to make those enemies who rush out have no way to return.

  This deployment lasted from dark until dawn, until the east was white, when Xuan Tian Med lifted the curtain of Feng Yu Heng's side of the main tent and called out to her, "Hon."

  The general of Tianji Divine Archery bowed and excused himself, Feng Yu Heng went up to him and asked, "Have you made all the arrangements on your side?"

  Xuan Tian Hei nodded, "It's all done, the army is staying put for now, waiting for our news. You take a rest first, after noon before leaving."

  But where she rested well, half a day, a large number of chocolate from the space, although far from a piece of manpower is still too far, but at least to ensure that a part of the people need. She took out as much strength-boosting food as possible from the space until the main tent was piled high, then she called for Song Kang and handed it all over to him, ordering him to cooperate with Qianli to distribute it at the appropriate time.

  In addition, there was a large amount of western medicine left behind, also placed in Songkang, just in case.

  She and Xuan Tian Hei both left without a sound, and except for a few people close to her who knew, no one else knew how the Lord Commander had left. The distance of ten miles is not very far, and the two of them did not deliberately choose a remote place to march, in such a snowstorm, unless a large march, otherwise one or two people walking under the city, the people above really can not see clearly.

  But even if people can't see, want to climb the walls of this pine week is also impossible, Feng Yu Heng pulled Xuan Tian Hei again from the space when the flash, the two just close to the edge of the wall stood, and the eye is a chain put down from the wall, each with a long nail in the snow and ice layer below.

  That is not ordinary chains, chains wrapped in a thick layer of ice outside. These chains are densely packed all over the wall, it seems that this situation is not only the southern wall, this Songzhou City should be surrounded by such ice chains, to prevent the enemy climbing. This is the advantage of the northern sector!

  Feng Yu Heng said from memory: "This Songzhou city wall is not only high, but also extremely thick, I calculate that the pharmacy space can not be penetrated, but can go through the city gate."

  Xuan Tian Hei frowned slightly and said, "Thousand Zhou is the best at blocking the city gates with ice equal to the thickness of the walls in case of enemy attack, this Songzhou city has people from Thousand Zhou to help guard it, so I think this tradition has been used. But if my guess is right, the ice should not be laid as thick as the wall, after all, the northern sector is not as cold as the heart of the Thousand Zhou belly, can not find so many large pieces of ice. And from the thousand weeks to transport over the long way, it is impossible, so through the city gate, this plan should work."

  Feng Shuheng nodded, can not also no way, now has reached the city, can only risk a try, but hopefully do not appear directly in the ice, that can really be called bad luck.

  This time, Feng Yu Heng kept her right hand over her left wrist to ensure that if Yi Fan squeezed into the ice, she could also be the first to go back into the pharmacy again.

  The two of them had a betting mindset for this walk, but I don't know if it was God's blessing or ancestral virtue, although the calculation of the thickness of the ice is a bit wrong, but when he and the two of them came out, just stuck in the gap between two pieces of ice, the gap is not small, just enough for the two of them to squeeze down.

  Feng Yu Heng did not say a word, a thought, and hurriedly pulled Xuan Tian Med again into the space, until the two reappeared in the real world, is already smoothly through the Songzhou city gates, standing in the city at the street entrance.

  The snowstorm caused all the people in the city to close their doors, even the street stores are closed. The two of them ran in the direction of the Winter Palace, sometimes hidden, even if the occasional patrol of the general saw a shadow, but also feel that they are into the eyes of the snow flakes, see the blurred to go.

  Finally, in the winter palace but fifty paces away from the time, the two did not directly from the space out, but in the lounge to sleep hard, to raise the spirit. Until they reappeared, it was already early the next morning.

  Today, there was still a Daishun official to be executed by Duanmu Anguo at the entrance of the market, and after the execution, he was hung by a hook and put outside the city walls.