Chapter 596: The King of the Thousand Weeks Can't

  The change in the city walls made Feng Yu Heng's scalp tingle, including Xuan Tian Med, who also realized at this moment that he had made a serious mistake.

  The walls of Songzhou City, is hollow.

  The number of flaps moving from the ground, one after another, there are soldiers probing out, but not rushing forward, but hand raised bow and arrow straight towards where the two of them are shooting.

  Although Feng Yu Heng had seen that it was not tracking arrows, but the other side won in the number of people and arrows and the clever use of the city wall mechanism, arrow rain on the snow and wind, instantly she and Xuan Tian Hei to scatter.

  Both of them pulled out their long whips and kept waving to isolate the arrows, while also desperately trying to get together, Xuan Tian Med even danced his cloak behind him, and the arrows rolled up in bundles and bundles, but still came in a steady stream.

  Finally, the two were closer, Feng Yu Heng heard Xuan Tian Hei shouting: "Find a way to jump to the city." After saying that, he himself fiercely used his light energy and flew to jump below the city wall. The direction he chose was the city, and as he flew, his body spun and twisted strangely, cleverly avoiding all the arrows that were shot at him.

  Feng Yu Heng understood that the reason why he chose to jump first was because he didn't want to hold her back, because Xuan Tian Med knew that if the two of them were spread out, she wouldn't be able to take him with her to hide in space. And let Feng Yu Heng regardless of his own hide in, and she absolutely refused. So he jumped first, and Feng Yu Heng could then use the space to follow later.

  She also did so, as soon as Xuantiandi jumped up, she immediately left hand over her right wrist, the idea of a move into space, and then use the space distance, appear again and again, and finally shortly after Xuantiandi landed, also followed and landed beside him.

  As soon as the two met, they immediately clasped hands, with such force that they seemed to rub each other into their palms, never willing to let go.

  Xuan Tian Hei led her back quickly, rushing towards the city street in order to stay out of range of the archers on the wall.

  But after running for a while they found that the other side did not come out of the flap to continue the pursuit, just a blink of an eye, the city walls were quiet again.

  However, the silence was only temporary, and soon, the ice ground flaps raised again, and countless soldiers came like evil spirits from hell, carrying swords, and surrounded them both in almost the blink of an eye. At the same time, there is no telling where the sound of drums is coming from, followed by the sound of horns, the army with the rhythm of drums and horns constantly changing formation, in a bizarre way arranged, layer after layer, like a moving human wall.

  Feng Yu Heng and Xuan Tian Hei back to back, vigilantly watching the changes, half a long time, heard Xuan Tian Hei said: "is a thousand Zhou's thousand wall formation."

  She did not understand, "What is the Thousand Wall Formation?"

  He said, "A formation of at least five thousand people, using drums and wolf bone horns as a rhythm to complete the formation change."

  As she spoke, the drums became louder, and Feng Yu Heng watched as a group of generals, under that kind of drumming, suddenly thrust their long knives straight forward, dozens of knife tips aimed at her, and even though she dodged deftly, one of them scraped a slit in her robe.

  Xuan Tian He shielded the person and said in a deep voice: "Be careful, if you can't, go into space."

  Feng Yu Heng shook his head, "No, it's too obvious, not to mention we can't stay inside and not come out. Do you know much about this thousand wall formation? Do you know the way to break it?"

  This time, the second and third rows of soldiers took advantage of the half-bent position of the front row of people to probe their weapons forward, the second row of stabbing, the third row of tugging the second row of feet, regardless of whether the stabbing did not hit, just a moment and dragged people back.

  The sound of trumpets rose again, and the team turned again.

  Feng Yu Heng was annoyed: "It's giving me a headache."

  "This is also one of the means of the thousand wall formation." Xuan Tian Med said while looking around, "These soldiers are not scary, the most important thing is to find the person who controls the formation, the drummer and the trumpeter are the key." That's what I said, but the person in control of the formation has always been hidden in the most hidden places, want to look through such a snowstorm, how easy it is.

  The formation kept changing, attack after attack came, under the impact, Xuan Tian Huan had to temporarily give up looking for the person who controls the formation, and fully engaged in the battle.

  The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing.

  She retreated to the side of Xuan Tian Hei, through its cover their own body, Xuan Tian Hei see this immediately to protect people, quickly saw Feng Yu Heng from the sleeve pulled out a strange thing to wear on the eyes. He did not know what it was, but after seeing Feng Yu Heng put it on, she began to look around, and knew that it must be more conducive to finding the control of the array of people where the object.

  In fact, he guessed right, Feng Yu Heng wears a kind of scouting glasses, not only better penetration, and telescope function, can see the scene ten miles away. Those for Xuan Tian Hei eye out of reach, she wears this glasses, not to say see clearly, at least is also a shadow.

  Soon, a nine-story tower in the northeast caught her attention, that is the highest building in Songzhou City, at this moment, each floor of the nine-story tower is full of people, surrounded by drums, drums from that place, accompanied by wolf bone horn, sound into the ears, directly control the heart.