Chapter 600: The Bitter Journey of Ten Thousand Mi

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

  One person crawled forward on his knees, wiping his tears and said: "I am the governor of Haizhou, and I am afraid that my name will stain the ears of Your Highness, so I will not mention it. This time I came to the northern border with the intention of befriending Duanmu Anguo, so that I could take another step forward in my lifetime. But I did not expect that Duanmu Anguo wolf ambition, actually defected to a thousand weeks, we bribe for this instantly turned into collaboration with the enemy and treason. This twist and turn is really our own fault, can not live. I thought I could not escape from my fate, but I did not expect that Your Highness would do his best to rescue us and dig us out of the ground.

  Led by him, a group of officials took a stand, all willing to serve Da Shun.

  Xuan Tian Med nodded, did not answer these ministers, but faced the people of Songzhou and said loudly: "The king said a fair word, in fact, who is in charge of the people, the three provinces of the Northern Realm belong to the Thousand Zhou or Dasun, there is no practical significance to the people. If it belongs to Qian Zhou, you are still living here, if it belongs to Da Shun, you still can't see His Majesty every day. The division of the country into political jurisdictions is a matter for the court, but what really matters to you is whether you can live a better life. Whoever can make your life better, that is the king you should support most."

  His words caused the people to think deeply, people instantly quieted down, did not talk to each other, all the energy was focused on Xuan Tian Med, and their minds kept recalling what he said.

  But Xuan Tian Med's words did not end, he continued: "For more than a hundred years, the greatest mistake of the Dasun court was to trust the Duanmu family's rule over the Northern Realm, especially Duanmu Anguo, who instilled with you all the thought that Thousand Zhou is the root, making you think that Thousand Zhou is good, making you feel that your roots are in Thousand Zhou. But in fact, your roots are here, in this piece of land. This land has not moved or relocated, you have lived here for generations, and what has changed from before? On the contrary, Duanmu Anguo, with the benefit of tax relief, forced you to send your daughters to the winter palace, or to die, or to live in disgrace. But you do not know that for more than a hundred years, your taxation, Dasun originally is completely exempt!"

  These words immediately caused another uproar, and the Dasun officials in the crowd, including Zhao Tianqi, began to help Xuan Tianming tell the people about the good policies that Dasun had originally given to the northern sector. Only now did it dawn on the people of Songzhou that they had all been deceived by Duanmu Anguo, and that deception had lasted for several generations.

  Among the people, an old man was the first to react, but he came forward, trembled and knelt to the ground, saying loudly, "Please do something for the people of the Northern Realm, please give us the peaceful life we deserve, Your Highness!"

  To set the country in peace, the soldiers used ten thousand miles of hard journey to exchange the hearts of the people of the world, at this moment, even Feng Yu Heng was also excited.

  She half tilted her head but looked at Xuan Tian Hei, but saw that the side face outlined by the golden mask was so proud, resolute, eyes like stars, through the wind and snow, giving people infinite confidence.

  Xuan Tian Med said, "Da Shun will not give up any of its people, whether they are rich or poor, beautiful or miserable, as long as their hearts are directed to Da Shun, Da Shun will not let them fall into deep water and fire." At this point, he swept around the crowd, and finally, his eyes rested on Zhao Tianqi, the governor of Guanzhou, and then said aloud, "Zhao Tianqi, come forward and listen to the seal!"

  Zhao Tianqi's spirit was lifted and he took a few steps forward, kneeling to the ground with a "thud", "Zhao Tianqi, I am!"

  Xuan Tian Ming said, "Zhao Tian Qi, the king was ordered by the emperor to conquer the Northern Realm for a thousand weeks, so he has absolute authority to lead and take charge of things here, and the appointment and removal of officials in the Northern Realm is also within the scope of the king's duties. Duanmu Anguo collaborated with the enemy and rebelled against the country, and his position as the capital of the Northern Realm is officially removed from now on. From now on, the king has appointed you as the new northern border capital, hope you can take the people as the main, petition for the people, protect the people and love the people, in order to live up to the king's love of talent. When Thousand Weeks is pacified, the king will return to the capital and personally ask for a royal decree for you to be enthroned, so that your name can be corrected."

  Zhao Tianqi tears, a head knocked to the ground, also ignored the status, whimpered and cried.

  For more than ten years, he had seen the northern sector in the pandemonium under the rule of Duanmu Anguo, and saw that the policies given by the Dasun court to the northern sector were not implemented here by Duanmu Anguo, which was a fatal blow to Zhao Tianqi, who had a vested interest in doing something in Guanzhou.

  For more than ten years, he has more than once to the court to pass the folders, but all were robbed by the people of Duanmu An Guo, slowly he also stopped passing, but secretly for Duanmu An Guo to make an account, to the northern border of the Dasun officials are recorded.

  This day, finally, Zhao Tianqi waited, and he assured Xuan Tianming, and all the people present in the Northern Realm - "I will dedicate my life to the Northern Realm, and this life will not be a failure."

  Xuan Tian Hei's army stayed in Songzhou City for another five days. The soldiers were scattered in and out of the city, helping the people to build houses damaged by the war and restore their operations, and at the same time, all the gold and silver excavated from the Winter Palace was sent to the governor's residence, which had been changed to the capital, and Zhao Tian Qi led people to keep records and started to distribute it to the people.

  Xuan Tian Med and Feng Yu Heng used these days to learn about the huge underground palace in Songzhou that was dug out by Duan Mu An Guo with the help of Qian Zhou's financial resources, and to repair the city's defenses.