Chapter 601 cover quilt pure chat without pregnanc

  For Fu Ya, Feng Yu Heng has always had doubts and reservations, if there is a resemblance in the world, it is certainly there, but can be like them, but is also unlikely. This Fu Ya went to the Phantom Museum to apply for the registration of the age of thirteen, and she just fourteen this year, the age difference recorded on the pen is one year, from the appearance is not to see what.

  Feng Yu Heng intentionally took Fu Ya's nails, this matter even if not done now, the future back to the capital is also to implement a little.

  Three days later, Xuan Tian Med raised his troops to go to Jiangzhou, leaving 10,000 large countries stationed in Songzhou city, Huang Quan forgetting Chuan was Feng Yu Heng left to take care of Fu Ya.

  From Songzhou to Jiangzhou, the army walked for six days, these six days, but a great difference than when from Guanzhou to Songzhou.

  According to the people of the northern sector, Guanzhou and Songzhou still belong to the slightly cold zone, although the four seasons of the year, all winter, but at least there are sunny days, there is also a bright sun shining in the middle of the year so that the street snow melted away, revealing the surface of the earth.

  But a moment after the pine state, the way to Jiangzhou, but to pass through a pine forest, the pine forest by the northern world people called the ghost world, because once the pine forest, the temperature will suddenly drop, no more bright sun, all year round snow, although not as thick as the center of the land of a thousand weeks, the ground ice several feet, but also the two states of Guan Song can not reach.

  Xuan Tian Med from the ghost world, dragged Feng Yu Heng to his horse, and also ordered the three soldiers to take out the winter clothes in reserve and put them on. But even so, Bai Ze said, "Everyone is still cold."

  Xuan Tian Hei ordered the whole army to march, the soldiers trotted all the way, finally resisted the sudden onslaught of cold.

  Feng Yu Heng was wrapped in Xuan Tian Hei's cloak in front of her, she figured that the pine forest should be on a latitude line in the north, which caused such a big temperature difference between the two sides. But I don't know how cold it can be in the colder Thousand Weeks, which is known as colder.

  Duanmu Anguo sank the winter palace and then fled, no one knows where he fled to, said I do not know what kind of people escaped with him. The people dug out of the winter palace were identified, but none of Duanmu Anguo's clansmen were there, and his children and grandchildren who lived in Songzhou were nowhere to be found. Feng Yu Heng had thought that they would run to Jiangzhou, for example, to use Jiangzhou as the last defense, but unfortunately, once they arrived outside Jiangzhou, people immediately denied this idea.

  The city of Jiangzhou is much smaller than Songzhou, and one would have thought it would be the same as Guanzhou and Songzhou, with its gates tightly closed and requiring a lot of trouble to break through. However, the gates of Jiangzhou are now wide open, and people are coming and going as usual, carrying flat stretches of game, buying vegetables with blues, crying children, and men arguing. Everything was so normal, people were going about their lives, as if the chaos in the northern world had nothing to do with them.

  Feng Yu Heng was surprised at this scene, but listened to Xuan Tian Hei said: "Jiangzhou's governor is a smart man he must still be in the city, did not go to Duanmu An Guo's birthday banquet, and was not buried in the winter underground. And the people of Jiangzhou, because there is a ghost world, also do not know the chaos of the two cities."

  She nodded and added, "In that case, it means that Duanmu Anguo didn't run to Jiangzhou either."

  "It should be." Xuan Tian Med raised his hand, causing the army to stop in their tracks, then said to Bai Ze, "You go into the city first and ask that governor of Jiangzhou to come out to see me."

  Bai Ze answered and went away. Half an hour later, several fast horses rushed out of the city gate at the same time and came galloping towards the army's location.

  The governor of Jiangzhou was a half-aged man in his fifties, Xuan Tian Med said, an old man who had gone to war with Emperor Tian Wu, and because of this, he dared to ignore Duan Mu An Guo's birthday banquet and still guarded his own territory and lived his own life.

  Very quickly, Bai Ze brought people close, and as soon as the horses stopped, the old governor immediately turned over and dismounted, went to Xuan Tian Hei's mount and knelt down on one knee, and said aloud, "I, Lu Shang, have met Your Majesty the Royal King."

  Feng Yu Heng hurriedly dismounted from the horse, Xuan Tian Hei also dismounted and personally helped Lu Shang up, and said, "Uncle Lu, I haven't seen you for many years, how is your health?"

  Lu Shang looked a little excited, hands holding Xuan Tian Hei's small arms, some slight trembling, "Good, all good." But a good, but no matter how can not hide the fact that the sorrow and suffering. He helplessly let out a long sigh, patted Xuan Tian Hei's shoulder, "You came good, came good ah! If not, I'm really afraid that this Jiangzhou can not defend, let down the emperor's trust ah!"

  Xuantian Meditation also said, "Uncle Lu went on the expedition with the father in the early years, is a meritorious minister for Dasun to lay down ten thousand miles of rivers and mountains, the father does not believe in anyone but you ah!"

  Lu Shang waved his hand, "Do not mention the year, do not mention the year! Go, let's go into the city." While talking and pulling Xuan Tian Med to the city, side, a glance at Feng Yu Heng, immediately stand still to take a closer look.

  Xuan Tian Med introduced for him: "This is the Jie An county princess, who was appointed by father, and this king also has a long marriage contract."

  "Oops!" Lu Shang's eyes lit up and asked with a stamp of his foot, "But that old man Yao's granddaughter? The powerful girl who helped Dasun practice the new steel?"