Chapter 607 - Meeting the Lotus King Again

  Heart disease also needs heart medicine to cure, this point Wu City Lord understand, but his status of a city lord and the gap between the royal family king wait is too big, once let him feel that is a dream, Li Sheng is afraid that this life will have to spend in this self-hypnosis.

  But now, there is a glimmer of hope in his heart climbed open. Before this Ji'an county princess unapologetically said he knew with the lotus king, and in his opinion, this county princess is very defensive to Lisheng, although dare not say close, but also have some good feelings. So he had the courage to plead again: "County Lord have pity on my daughter, help her!"

  Feng Yu Heng took a deep breath and said: "The county lord does feel that Lisheng is quite friendly, although this matter does not dare to take nine, but can promise to see the lotus king again to talk to him, see if we can come up with a million spring solutions to. Just before this ……" she gazed at the city lord and said: "I don't ask about the family matters, but since I have taken up this matter of Lisheng, I don't want her to be aggrieved like that again. Her birth mother should also be in this house, right? I don't know how many rules you have for the division of wives and concubines, but since Lisheng is sick, it's better to let her spend more time with her birth mother."

  Lord Wu naturally agreed to all of them.

  When they left the city lord's residence and headed for the post house, Xuan Tian He asked Feng Yu Heng, "I thought you didn't have a good impression of the people of Qian Zhou. Why are you so interested in them again?"

  She spread her hands, "I just have a grudge against the Qian Zhou royal family, but I don't want to wipe out our future people. Li Sheng and Lian Wang that woman …… is not right, that man's matter, I really have a few interest. Hey! Xuantian meditation, do you think I'm too gossipy?"

  Xuan Tian Med also spent a long time with Feng Yu Heng, only to know what she would occasionally hang on the mouth of gossip actually means, so nodded and admitted, "is a little."

  "Oh, you can't always think about the war! You don't want me to lose all my girlishness and think about the blood-stained sands, do you?"

  "Naturally, I don't want that." He took the girl's hand and put it into his broad sleeve, "I do hope the war will be over soon, so I can take you around the world, see the scenery and eat something good, it's better than having a tense mind all day."

  "I would love to." She glanced expectantly, "The north has come, and still want to think of the south, the west, and the east. Seventh brother is in the east, there is a chance we also go over to see."

  "Good." Xuan Tian He grasped the small hand more tightly, "As long as you want to, travel all over the world and no harm."

  That night, Feng Yu Heng moved Bai Furong out of the space and put her in a guest room. The aging rate of Bai Furong stalled in the space, but once she returned to reality, she was afraid that it would soon begin to intensify again.

  The company's main goal is to provide a solution to the problem of aging. And ……

  She double gaze, the medicine is a thousand Zhou people, the person who gave the medicine is instructed by the master, and that master is the king of a thousand Zhou. The royal family's medicine naturally requires the royal family to solve, she may be able to ask with that lotus king, or in the future when the army attacked the city of Kyoto, to go and talk to the king of the thousand weeks.

  The last injection of medicine finished, Feng Yu Heng threw the syringe back into the space can automatically clean the trash can. When she got up again to change a candle, Bai Furong on the bed woke up quietly.

  She had gotten used to waking up at this time every day, and the first person she saw was definitely Feng Yu Heng, and her first question was always, "How many days until my big day?"

  Feng Yu Heng told her, "Long after your big day, I said, with me, will not let you die."

  Bai Furong shook her head, "Impossible, I can feel the aging is still intensifying, although it is much slower than before, but it has not stopped, one day I am going to die of old age, Ah Heng, you should not waste your energy, forget it."

  Feng Yu Heng helplessly said to her: "Every person will get old and die, people in this life, from the day they were born is a road to death. What, it is difficult to know that you will die sooner or later, give up to continue to live? You'll give up on your wonderful birthday and spend your days feeling sorry for yourself? Furong, you were not like this before, where is your style?"

  Style? Bai Furong froze, style? It sounded like a lifetime ago.

  She smiled bitterly and let out a soft sigh, wanting to close her eyes, but at that moment, there was a knock on the door of the room.

  Feng Yu Heng didn't move, but just asked Bai Furong: "Bai Ze knocks on the door outside every day at this time, but you haven't seen it once."

  Bai Furong said, "I don't see it, I'm afraid I'll scare him."

  "You're really scaring him if you don't see it." She walked helplessly toward the door and said firmly, "Today you can't help it, you have to see it even if you don't see it. Furong, the chance of life is in your own hands, and Bai Ze, is the one who can bring you the chance of life."

  As she spoke, the door had already opened, and Bai Ze stared at her, saying wordlessly: Thank you.

  Feng Yu Heng did not know what the two of them had said, but saw that when Bai Ze left, his face was no longer as gloomy as it used to be, and Bai Furong's face was also vaguely alive before she went to sleep.