Chapter 623 - What do you think of a mere lady of

  The first thing that Feng Yu Heng asked Yao Xian for help with was Bai Furong's poison. She and Yao Xian both hurriedly returned to their own courtyard, instructed Huang Quan to forget that no guests would be seen for a while, and then dove into the medicine room.

  Inside the medicine room space, Yao Xian saw Bai Furong, who had fallen into a lifelong coma, and was also surprised: "Aging disease?"

  Feng Yu Heng nodded his head, "Surprised, isn't it? I never thought that someone in this era could actually research this kind of medicine that can cause people to age faster. Grandpa, do you think there is a cure for this disease?"

  Yao Xian thought about it and said cautiously, "This disease is included in the medical problems in the future, the world's top medical research institutions are helpless to do anything about it. However, I once attended a medical seminar, at which a medical expert from Sulan said he proposed the idea of 'injection of vitality', the extracted germs to reverse the test, and then use the reverse results to develop a vitality-based pharmaceuticals, re-injected back into the patient's body. At that time, his proposal was only a prototype, and was not recognized by the General Assembly, and I did not take over the patients suffering from senility. But when I saw her today, I remembered this matter."

  Feng Yu Heng also pondered for a long time, Yao Xian is an expert in cytopathology, unlike her, she majored in surgery, and this is the first time she heard of such a medical concept. But it is not completely unacceptable, anyway, Bai Furong also no other way to treat, might as well try, better than watching people die of old age day by day.

  "Then grandfather estimate and try it!" She said to Yao Xian, "After this matter is resolved, there is still one thing that needs to be confirmed."

  Yao Xian cast a questioning glance at her, but Feng Yu Heng did not go any further and changed the subject to ask him, "How is Yao?" After so many things, in front of her own grandfather, she could no longer call that woman her mother, finally that was not her mother.

  Yao Xian also felt Feng Yu Heng's psychological changes, secretly sighed and said: "bought her a small mansion outside, not far from the Yao House. The company's main goal is to provide a comprehensive range of products and services to the public.

  The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers. The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers. The good thing is that the eunuch Zhang in the palace found out and asked the secret guards to follow the protection all the way until they saw Zi Rui come back to the seventh brother."

  Yao Xian is also helpless, for Zirui, his affection always comes not as sweet as Feng Yu Heng, after all, this is his own granddaughter in the previous life, that is only the original owner's grandson.

  The two spoke for a while longer, Feng Yu Heng left Yao Xian in space and went out of the door of the medicine room himself.

  Huangquan forgetfulness is still waiting outside, as soon as he saw her come out forgetfulness immediately asked: "Miss is not going to the Feng family today?"

  The first thing you need to do is to go to the house. You should prepare some silver tickets, and buy some things to take with you on the way, so that you can at least look like you are visiting."

  The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers. Fu Ya avoided him all the way back to the house, but could not hide anymore, the two talked for half a night."

  Feng Yu Heng is also helpless, brought back these people have to find a way to disperse out as soon as possible, always live in the county master's residence can not. She asked Huang Quan: "Where is Lisheng?"

  Huang Quan said: "That one is really enough to do the role of the king's concubine, King Lian and Fu Ya chat, she is on the side to accompany, from time to time to give King Lian pinch shoulder or something, is very virtuous."

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

  The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.

  Huang Quan skimmed, "No, now the Feng family want to eat a mouthful of fruit is not easy."

  As we speak, several people got into the palace car to go to the Feng family. On the way to buy gifts delayed for a while, to the Feng House door, the carriage driver outside the chatter: "Feng family today why so busy, this is not all waiting to pick up the young lady, right?" He said while slowing down the car, then turned back and lifted the curtain, and said to the people in the car, "Miss, there are a lot of people gathered at the entrance of the Feng House."

  Feng Yu Heng got up and took a few steps forward, and soon saw the situation in front of the Feng Mansion, where a group of people were pointing and pointing, and didn't know what they were saying. She thought about it and asked the coachman to stop the car, then took forgetfulness Huangquan out of the car and walked over, the palace car found a fork and stopped.

  Before they got close to the crowd, the chatter of the people on the periphery had already entered their ears, and an older woman said, "I didn't expect the second young lady of the left minister's house to be so free of arrogance, and actually came to apologize personally, what a good girl!"

  A young woman on the side said, "Speaking of which, this matter should have been the Feng family's third young lady to apologize, after all, she embroidered someone's wedding dress, people's maids scolded a few sentences out of anger is not much, but on the contrary, such a noble lady of the ministerial house personally came to the door to make amends, this Feng family's third young lady is also a little too big frame."