Chapter 695: All for you to write down in the book

  The crowd kneeling to worship the princess, such a serious moment suddenly someone sneezed, this is really not a good impact. What's more, this sneeze seemed to come out of nowhere, so much so that the lady didn't even bother to cover her mouth, let alone try to keep her voice down, the sneeze just came out in such a grand manner that the noise was so loud that half of the imperial garden could hear it.

  Xuan Tian Ge was startled by this movement and subconsciously asked, "Who is this?"

  Among the crowd, a woman replied with trepidation: "It's me." Her voice was tinged with tears, obviously frightened.

  The maid beside her hurriedly kowtowed for her master: "Forgive me, Princess! My young lady is only allergic to pollen, and the fragrance of the imperial garden is a bit too heavy today, so she couldn't bear it for a while.

  People looked at the woman who sneezed, she was the daughter of a provincial official, she was very new, not many people knew her, but some people remembered that just now when they were together in twos and threes, the woman was hiding far away and kept covering her nose.

  Xuan Tiange also did not feel how, only said: "Since there is a reason for the incident, get up, just a small matter, do not need to put in mind. Today's Moon Festival, let's have a good time."

  With her words, the lady finally breathed a sigh of relief and hurriedly thanked her for her kindness. But Xuan Tian Ge muttered again, "But the smell is a little heavy today."

  People all stood up and resumed their own little groups. The women of the capital are naturally familiar with each other, there are also a lot of foreign provinces in the capital also have acquaintances, we gathered together you say a word and I say a word, chatting a lot of lively. There were also many people who came forward to greet Xuan Tiange and Feng Yu Heng, the surface is extremely flattering, the intention of flattery is obvious.

  For such people, Xuan Tiange Feng Yu Heng two also do not hit the face, not to refuse, which one can follow the chat hot, so that those ladies and ladies feel that they are with the princess and county princess to climb a friendship. But when they look back and think about it again, they really can't imagine what substance was talked about in the previous conversation, as if the two masters from beginning to end even they are which family have not asked. They are really just being polite and courteous, doing their part of the home field, that's all.

  The women were also very happy with the fact that they were not able to get the attention of those who did not come forward. The presence of Feng Zhaolian made them almost crazy, the bright red was blinding enough, plus the face that was so beautiful that the sun lost its color, these ladies are now wishing they were men, if they were men, they would have incorporated this woman into the house, and would have agreed to any condition.

  At the other end, a large number of people surrounded Feng Zhaolian asking questions. Although Feng Zhaolian usually speaks a little bit to block people, but as long as he wants, there is still no occasion that he can't be convinced. The company's main goal is to provide a good service to its customers, and the company's customers will be able to get rid of the crowd, Xuan Tiange pulled Feng Yu Heng to find a relatively quiet place to sit down, and only then said: "Today the garden is really fragrant.

  The first time I saw a lot of flowers moved to the garden, I think the Empress had moved a lot of flowers and trees to this side in order to hold the banquet, that's why the fragrance is strong, right?"

  But Feng Yu Heng shook her head, "The flowers and trees have a fixed fragrance, but not to this extent."

  Xuan Tian Ge also said, "That's right, this is not a flower fragrance, just that smell sneezing lady, guess it's not all because of pollen allergy, right?"

  This Feng Yu Heng is more authoritative, she explained to the two: "Allergens are not only pollen, aroma is also one of them, the reason why she sneezed is mostly because her respiratory tract is more sensitive to the smell, too strong aroma will naturally make her feel uncomfortable."

  But Feng Yu Heng knew that, excluding the lady with the sensitive nose, other people did not feel how to such an aroma to. Even if someone also thought that the fragrance does not only come from the flowers and trees, but today so many ladies gathered to one place, everyone will more or less rub some fragrance powder, mixed together, the smell is naturally stronger, it is nothing. What's more, it doesn't smell bad.

  She looked around up, Xuan Tiange puzzled: "What are you looking at? Is it looking at the fourth young lady of the Feng family? I just saw her talking with one of the daughters of the Lu family in one place."

  As soon as the daughter of the Lu family was mentioned, Feng Yu Heng immediately answered, "I am looking for a daughter of the Lu family, but it should not be the one you are talking about. Didn't you say that there are a total of three young ladies in their family?"

  Xuan Tiange nodded, "Yes, because Minister Lu had two wives, so there are two first ladies, one is that Lu Yao, who married into the Yao family. Another one seems to be called Lu Yan, waiting for the word. And as for the other one, I don't know, rarely shows up."

  Feng Yu Heng said, "I am looking for that last one who has not shown her face." The strong fragrance in the imperial garden reminded her of what she encountered in front of the jewelry store that day. At that time, there was also a strong scent emanating from a woman, and she recognized that the maid accompanying the woman was from the Lv Mansion. The maid of the Lv House naturally could not have accompanied the lady of another house, and Lv Yao she recognized, then the one beside that maid could only be the other two ladies of the Lv family. The Lv family's Lv Yan, even if she does not know, but also not at home all day long, not out of the gate people, it is impossible to go out on the street also cover the veil, but also make a bad powder smell, so think, that day to meet, 80% is the Lv family's daughter who lives in seclusion.

  "What are you looking for her?" Although Xuan Tian Ge does not understand, but also help together with the open look, think Rong is also how. But then looked for a while but said: "How to find ah, people have not seen, face to face also can not recognize it."