Chapter 709, a bottle of Dior to open your eyes

  The Princess of Gushu was said to have no face, but she just does not understand, the hundred perfumes of Gushu sent to Dasun that are the best products of tribute, I heard that the concubines of the harem of Dasun everyone competed for, how is it that this thousand perfumes are now being so ostracized? It is not ……

  "You are deliberate, right?" The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. This is really in line with what you Da Shun people always say - you have to destroy what you can't get! Right?"

  The civil and military officials were stunned, they didn't expect this Princess of Gu Shu to speak so indiscriminately, was this an accusation against the emperor? Immediately, they heard Right Minister Feng Qing shout, "How dare you!"

  Who knows, Tian Wu waved his hand, "Hey! It's not a problem, I can't be normal with a little girl. Moreover, the people of the small countries have never seen good things, we say their things are not good, they naturally do not believe. But ……" he then looked at Princess Gushu, "girl ah, I said is the truth. Do not believe you ask my old nine, her mother consort with the kind of perfume, is not much better than this smell?"

  Xuantian meditation immediately agreed, "that is simply a heaven and a ground, the mother consort with the perfume is Ah Heng personally blended, the aroma is moderate, lasting fragrance, the color is pure and transparent, will not stain the clothes."

  Tian Wu added: "And ah! People that also do not need to mix water, not to mention this ordinary glazed bottle. You say you want to use this is not to take something to dip ah? The kind of Lao Jiu his mother consort is directly sprayed, a transparent, do not know what is made of the bottle, a small organ on the top, a press can spray perfume, is very convenient."

  Princess Gu Shu was said to be straight confused, let him two how to describe, are no concept. That latter-day thing all but unable to form a semblance of substance in her mind, but there was a thought that instantly came out: "Never!"

  Tian Wu was a little angry, "I am the ruler of a country, can still lie to you? You think it is your small country, the king said a word, turn the head and it does not count. So, Xiao Yuanzi, you go to the back and borrow the bottle of perfume from Princess Yun, take it out for the young princess of Gu Shu to open her eyes."

  Zhang Yuan some difficulties, whispered: "the Queen has long said, that thing never lend, no one borrow. Your Majesty you forget, last time you owe, picked up a moment to look at, was found by the Queen also kicked you. How can you forget the pain when you have a scar?"

  The Emperor was a little embarrassed, and then thought about it, yes, Princess Yun's things are not lent, not to mention Zhang Yuan, even he personally went, it is also not lent out ah! For a while, he was at a loss.

  Princess Gu Shu watched the upper two muttering, but did not see the eunuch to fetch the so-called better than Gu Shu perfume, she could not help but sneer out: "So it is a big talker, Dasun simply can not have such good things! Your Majesty! If you really want the perfume, just say so, why do you have to go through all this trouble? The first thing you can do is to ask for it.

  "What do I need that crap for?" Tian Wu heart is not happy, but that thing in the hands of Princess Yun, a time let him also do not know what to do.

  The Princess of Gu Shu is not relenting: "Since we are broken things, your Majesty will bring out the really good things, so that my daughter also open eyes! Save Dasun people are saying that we ancient Shu people have not seen knowledge."

  "I ……" Tian Wu stuttered.

  But at this time, suddenly heard the lower head side of Feng Yu Heng's voice came - "want to see the real perfume is not simple? The county princess carries it with her, why bother going to the harem to get it." She said, stood up, took a few steps forward, then reached into her sleeve, a bottle of Dior perfume directly from the space out. After taking out the stuff, to the palm of the palm, rushed to the Princess Gu Shu a faint smile, "Princess, regardless of the quality of the perfume, you single look at the device perfume vessels, can recognize?"

  Princess Gu Shu looked dumbfounded, glass this kind of thing but today's world absolutely no, that is the invention of later generations, Feng Yu Heng out of the perfume with a glass bottle, directly let that Princess Gu Shu extinguished the flame.

  She had never seen, she simply had never seen this kind of permeable to such an extent, thought and thought, in the end is to hold out a sentence: "Is it white crystal?" Indeed, white crystal can achieve the same effect as glass, but she shook her head immediately after she spoke and denied her own statement: "No, no, white crystal is not transparent to this extent, what is this?"

  Feng Yu Heng smiled at her and took two more steps forward, Princess Gushu asked again reluctantly, "What exactly is this bottle made of?"

  But she saw Feng Yu Heng shook her head, "Dasun secret."


  Tian Wu took the lead and laughed first, then Xuan Tian Med, and then the whole room laughed along.

  Immediately, someone coaxed: "You Gu Shu for so many years even a hundred perfume secret method to keep secret, and now still want to ask us the bottle?"

  The princess of Gu Shu's eyes lit up and hurriedly followed up with, "If we in Gu Shu are willing to tell the method of making the hundred perfumes, then, can the county princess of Ji'an use the method of making the bottle as an exchange?"

  When this statement was made, all the officials present froze, a bottle only, how can make Princess Gu Shu have such a reaction?