Chapter 744 - Something Happened to the Little Roy

  The first thing she thought was that the Lv family had run out of gas, plus she had heard about the previous dynasty, the emperor had been lukewarm to the Lv family, although he was the left minister, but Lv Song did not have much success in the dynasty, plus he had been in office for less than a year, so his status and power in the dynasty was far less than that of Feng Jin Yuan, who had held the position of left minister for many years. She originally wanted to give up the Lv family as a pawn, but never thought this strange thing would happen.

  The last time I sent a letter and portrait from the south side of the border, did you send them as I instructed?"

  The first time Yuexiu heard this, she got anxious and knelt down to the ground: "Your Majesty, you are very clear! The person who sent the letter is also the one we absolutely trust, it is the one His Highness sent down from the previous letter, there is no mistake in this matter."

  Yuan Guiren reached out to help her and said, "Get up and talk, there are many people here, let's walk and talk. Don't call me "Mother" anymore, I'm not a mother anymore."

  The first time I saw you, I had to change my name back to "Little Lord".

  The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing.

  The two of them nodded, "Yes, you are right to think so, as long as the eighth highness does not fall, we still have hope."

  The two of them walked back to the tent while talking, but they still couldn't figure out what to do with the letter that had reached the eighth prince, so they had to stop for now.

  The two of them are not going back to their own tent, she took a detour halfway and went to the tent of Emperor Tianwu with two maids. The two have just performed a play in the hunting ground, now the curtain is closed, she should show her face, and then with the plan of some.

  The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're getting into.

  Zhang Yuan glared at him, then smiled at Feng Yu Heng and said, "You've arrived, Your Majesty has been talking about you for half a day."

  "Ah Heng also misses Father, no, I just fetched some good tea, so I'm busy bringing it over to Father." Feng Yu Heng smilingly bowed to Tian Wu, then was given a seat and served tea by the palace staff, only to see Zhang Yuan dismiss all the extra people in the tent, so she reached into her sleeve and took a jar of Bi Luo Chun from the space: "The tea sent to the palace last time for Father has almost been drunk, Ah Heng brought another jar, Father will try it later. "

  Zhang Yuan went forward to take the tea jar, looking at the strange words on the top, said: "This word is different from the last one sent to the palace, the minion can also read a few, the three words in the middle are pronounced Bi Luo Chun, right?" The three words in traditional and simplified Chinese are the same, Zhang Yuan naturally recognizes it, he followed Tian Wu from Feng Yu Heng to understand some of this right to left lateral sorting method, now read it is not too rusty. But there are some words that have been simplified he can not recognize, but can also guess a seven out of ten. "It seems that this Persian script is not too different from our Dasun." He chanted to himself, while saying that he showed the tea jar to Tian Wu.

  Feng Yu Heng hurriedly explained to Zhang Yuan as well as Tian Wu: "This kind of writing is my sifu's own creation, he lived in Dasun for many years, so he combined with the Dasun script to create a set of simple characters out, not the real Persian. The real Persian language is still very different from ours, and we can't understand their speech." She said while sighing in her heart, indeed, a lie to use ten lies to round, she was a Persian master, now when things have to be pulled up, is also a brain work.

  Speaking of which, Dasun also has tea, but most of the tea is fried, too advanced method of making and drying tea this era did not master, so that the fried tea to cook, and cooking out of the tea and on the rich side, so that the original flavor of tea has been seriously damaged, after the mouth smell very poor, most of them have not been called to enjoy.

  Of course, this is also for Feng Yu Heng this kind of people who are used to drinking good tea in the latter days, and for the people of this era, the royal noblemen can drink the tea, is already very high quality, they do not feel a torture. But since Feng Yu Heng could not stand the taste of Dasun's tea, and began to take good tea out of space to improve the taste for Emperor Tian Wu and those she was close to, Emperor Tian Wu also began to accept the original kind of fried tea.

  "It's different from the last one." Tian Wu said as she studied it, "Ah Heng, you're still thoughtful! Last time that jar of tea was left with a bottom, Xiao Yuanzi said at most two more brews, so he did not bother to bring over. But that tea is very useful to me, no more? How about this Bigelow Spring? With the last kind of what is called …… Longjing, yes, Longjing, which is a little better?"

  Feng Yu Heng smiled and told him: "Both are excellent tea, the method of preparation is very different from the Dasun side, the same does not need to cook, just brewed with not too hot water can be. As for the taste and aroma, the last time the father drank Longjing, its aroma is similar to orchid bean fragrance, while the aroma of Biluochun is closer to tea fruit fragrance. Of course, there is a kind of Biluochun tea will be close to the chestnut aroma, but that kind of Ah Heng on hand is really not. As for which one is better to drink, that depends on your taste, Father, or you like both, then it is good to change the drink during the week."