Chapter 762 - Feng Yu Heng's Bai Cao Hospital

  Feng Zhaolian's words made Fan Dai realize that the other party knew Feng Jin Yuan's whereabouts, so she asked urgently, "What do you know? Tell me quickly, where is my father?"

  Feng Zhaolian glanced at her, shrugged his shoulders and smiled, thinking that this little girl was small, and that she had encouraged her to turn her back on the Seventh Prince, but the heat was not over yet, and today she had turned her back on him first. If it wasn't for Feng Yu Heng's instructions, he really didn't bother to talk to this girl, but since he's here, he'll give Feng Fan Dai some more trouble, and it's almost New Year's Eve, so consider it a gift to her.

  "Miss Feng returned to the capital before I did, so how come you don't know this matter as well as I do?" Feng Zhaolian asked Fan Dai while fiddling with her fingernails, "During a winter siege, Feng Jin Yuan is not the only one who disappeared in the capital, do you know who the other one is?"

  Feng Fan Dai frowned, "You mean Yao's?" She had heard of this, but didn't take it too seriously, "What does her disappearance have to do with my father?"

  "Yo!" Feng Zhaolin was happy, "That's a big deal! Feng Jin Yuan and Yao were once husband and wife, and they even had children. Now Yao claims to have found her real daughter, and treats the impostor as a proper lady every day. As far as I know, not only Feng Jin Yuan and Yao disappeared, even the impostor Feng family second young lady also disappeared. Think about it, this is a family of three, where is the disappearance, is clearly to enjoy the happiness of family."

  "You nonsense!" Fan Dai screamed, "How could the three of them get together? How can the three of them get together? How can they enjoy a family life?"

  "Miss Feng, don't be in a hurry!" Feng Zhaolian said slowly, "Let me tell you this, about the three missing ah, I have heard a little news, of course, Feng Jin Yuan and Yao's where I do not know, but the fake lady really went to the southern border, and all this is also Yuan Gui Ren arrangements. Yuan Guijin you know, right? The former Yuan Shufei, the birth mother of the eighth prince. The eighth prince is stationed in the south, Yuan Guijin intends to take their own son and the false Miss into a hundred years of good, happily sent to the false Miss to the south. And at this juncture, as the father of Feng Jin Yuan and as the mother of Yao also followed the disappearance, Miss Feng, you should think with your toes to understand this in the end, right? In the end, the fake lady intends to make the fake real, but also has the ambition to climb the dragon to the phoenix. The Yao family is naturally supporting her daughter, as for your father Feng Jinyuan, at this time you still do not see it? Naturally, he chose the eighth prince as a backer, willing to play a family of three happy and harmonious drama."

  He said while looking at Feng Fan Dai, although some words have not been said, but Feng Fan Dai is not so stupid as to think that his father has climbed to the eighth prince in her benefit, can always think of the person they want to marry is ultimately the fifth prince, Feng Jin Yuan so do, that tossed to the end will be what the end?

  "Ah!" Suddenly, Wu Lisheng reacted, "then does it mean that in the future, that Fu Ya will really become the Feng family second lady? And also the first lady?"

  Feng Zhaolian nodded, "Naturally."

  Feng Fan Dai finally collapsed, the whole person was confused on the spot, neither standing nor sitting, just walking around in the middle of the hall for a while and then jumping, just like a crazy person, even Feng Zhaolian and the two of them left when she did not know. At this moment she has only one thought in her head: she can't fight Feng Yu Heng! Whether it's the real Feng Yu Heng or the fake Feng Yu Heng, she can't fight!

  But how could this happen? She was supporting the family with her own strength, paying the family's underlings, giving the family silver to buy food and meat, but Feng Jin Yuan was not only ungrateful to her, he even pretended to be a couple again with Yao for a fake daughter, and abandoned her, the real daughter. You know, her real daughter may be the prince! It's also the Prince's concubine! What in the world is that old bastard Feng Jin Yuan thinking? The first time he helped the third prince, and now he has joined the eighth prince, she Feng Fan Dai has never been looked at once by that father since she was a child, even if she is now soaring, in that father's eyes, she is just a concubine daughter who is not worthy of the stage.

  Fan Dai was so angry that she sat down on the ground, no matter how He Zhong persuaded her, she did not get up until a maid came and said, "Miss, the young master was taken away by the secret guards, saying that from now on he would not report back."

  Feng Fan Dai finally coldly laughed out, but that laugh sounded trembling, seeping to death. "It's good that they are gone, from now on the house will be quiet." She told He Zhong, "Go prepare the horses, I want to go out."

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