Chapter 842 - Temple of the Medicine King County

  To say that the eighth prince Xuan Tianmo, this person has always been a take it or leave it, never like the former third prince Xuan Tianyi as angry again and again, can block themselves to a dead end. This Xuan Tianmo is very good at maneuvering, like now, his heart quickly calculate the account: since kneeling, can not kneel in vain, can not lose face and not get good, at least in the hearts of the people to bring back the image.

  So, he put down his face, a snotty handful of tears to write himself off, admit fault in a very good manner, but also put the blame on the Persians, said the people to also be helpless. Then went to the capital to receive a hundred big board, was beaten is a bloody flesh, and finally even the people can not look down, have left, said no longer pursue. The beheading of the Persian will also be carried out in three days, which is considered to give the people an explanation.

  But after this incident, the people of the capital miss Feng Yu Heng even more, especially whenever someone in the family has a sickness, it is more nostalgic for the time when the Hundred Herb Hall was still in place. The reason is that Feng Yu Heng's Hundred Herb Hall not only sells pills and pills for the rich, but also has certain benefits for the common people. The first is to send the silver money within a limited date, the second is to use hard labor, and the work is to help the Hundred Herb Hall or Feng Yu Heng's other industries to do what they can.

  Most of the people will choose to do hard labor, many people were sent to the outskirts of the capital on the farm, to help open up the land, planting medicine garden. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing. And to work for Feng Yu Heng, whether in the farm or in other stores, the wages will never be short, every year and festivals can also get some fish, meat and eggs and other festive gifts. These things are nothing for the wealthy family, but for these families who can only earn loose silver by doing work, it is a great help. What's more, all the workers in the industry of the county head of Ji'an will have a bigger discount in the Hundred Herb Hall, and their family members will benefit from it.

  In addition, those herbal scraps will also be prepared into ordinary tonic medicine, there are to strengthen the body, there is to relieve the wind chill fever, in winter there is to drive away the cold, in summer there is to relieve the summer heat. Because they are all made of crumbs, they are not costly and are distributed free of charge to those in need. Everyone knows that the herbs of Bai Cao Tang are good, the crumbs are poor image, the medicinal effect is the same. So, more people who can't afford the medicine will come to receive these free, but also to relieve a lot of conditions.

  Whenever people think of this, they will feel that Princess Ji'an is the reincarnation of the Bodhisattva of Medicine, and when they think that the Bodhisattva of Medicine was actually driven away by those dog officials and the eight princes, people will start to wipe their eyes. Later, I don't know who proposed that the people raise money to build a statue of Lord Ji'an and send it to the temple to worship.

  This news was heard by some noble families and they were very supportive, because they had also been benefited by Lord Ji'an, and there were even many second- and third-ranking officials whose families had been cured by the miraculous medical skill of Bai Cao Tang, and without that medical skill of Bai Cao Tang, it was impossible for their families to come back to life. So, the noble people in the capital put up the silver, and those who were poor put up the effort, not only carved the idol of Lord Ji'an, but also built a temple of the Medicine King in the northern suburbs of the capital, dedicated to it.

  This move was soon spread to the court by the officials, no matter which party people dare not raise any objections to this matter, because people know that the emperor favored Lord Ji'an, people have been successfully squeezed out of the capital, this point of the people's spontaneous act of spiritual support, so do not follow the anti-talk.

  Sure enough, Emperor Tian Wu approved of this and even took out 500 taels from his own private silver for the further construction and maintenance of the Medicine King County Lord's temple. The emperor took the lead, the ministers below which dare not obey, so all of them took some symbolic, but not much, a hundred taels, two hundred taels, three hundred taels, in short, no one exceeded Emperor Tianwu's five hundred taels, also considered a small fight, not too much.

  Finally, this task was taken by the Grand Prince, he sent the silver to the temple, and then personally led people to supervise the construction of the Medicine King Temple. Since then, the northern suburbs of that Medicine King County Temple has become a royal recognition of the place, not only built very grand, people worshiped more peace of mind.

  Of course, this is all an afterthought, right now, the eighth prince received a hundred big board, although the transport of internal force to protect the body, but in order to make the play look more real, his ass was also beaten a broken. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into.

  Xuan Tianmo hated Xu Jinyuan to the bone, if not that Xu Jinyuan posted the big list everywhere, those people's daughters back home this thing is over, but by chance everyone knows the situation. Whether it is true or not, but in the end there is this statement, people can not not be combined in their hearts, so they are looking for the capital, want to discuss a statement here.